Sunday, September 19, 2021
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How to Deal with a “Pro-Choice” Sociology Professor

Or any pro-choicer for that matter. From TownHall:

1. Morally speaking, is having an abortion really just like picking a scab?

2. If abortion is not murder because the fetus is not a person then why make it “safe, legal, and rare”?

3. Do you have a similar desire to make scab-picking “safe, legal, and rare”?

4. If a woman were raped and got pregnant, which one would you kill a) The baby, b) the rapist, or c) both?

5. Are you comfortable with the fact that “a” is the only answer you may choose according to (the present interpretation of) the Constitution?

6. Abortion advocates frequently focus on the size of the fetus. Why is that relevant?

7. Do tall people have more rights than short people?

There’s 35 in all, and it gets better. Sure to have any “pro-choicer” squirming before long. For some, the first three or four may be enough.

Oh, and bring popcorn…

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