Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Call for Votes: Who wants to spend more money on failed government programs?


Andrew Coulson at Cato asks a very important question. Should we keep on funding government programs that have failed at their founding mission, or silently terminate these fiascos in the dead of night? A congressman challenged his assumption that there should be any positive correlation between improved results and increased spending, leading to this comment.

I know that Democrats support higher government spending than libertarians and conservatives, but it’s always been my understanding that they do this because they imagine the extra spending will actually accomplish something. I have never before heard anyone suggest that we should spend more taxpayer money without any expectation that spending is correlated with outcomes. I can’t believe that Rep. Miller’s view is widely shared by American voters—even by those who voted for him.

Good question. All those who vote we continue to fund government programs that have failed and produced either no results or destructive results please say “Aye.” All those opposed say “Nay.”

Buy more trash or not? That is the question.



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