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Your Conservatism Can Be Directly Linked To Your Paycheck

It does appear that Conservatives who move into print, Kathleen Parker, and cablenews (too many to count) on a regular basis that does not include the FOX News station suddenly have less Conservative views. They start to parrot the “liberals” on those shows and they start to denigrate other Conservatives. When they have made the first attack, the lefties now know those “Conservatives” are one of them David Brooks Is No Conservative.

The March 7 Newsweek (NewsBeast) features an article titled “David Brooks Wants to Be Friends,” but there’s more bridge-burning than friend-making in this interview with James Atlas. Of course, he came up in Washington through conservative opinion journalism from the National Review, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, and The Weekly Standard, but “something has changed.” Conservatives are now more uncivil. Well, either that — or his paychecks are now signed by PBS, NPR, and The New York Times:

It is obvious who has changed based on their paycheck, why it can be something as simple as parroting the media contrived “Palin cannot win” or “The TEA Party House Members are extreme” or one of my favorites “Americans want comity” umm no, Americans do not want comity. Americans want a smaller government, the Democrats want a larger government, that means that Republicans had better stop working with Democrats to enlarge the government, or Americans will just elect the Democrats because they know they will enlarge the government, but they tell them so up front. Americans are prepared to send backup troops to the TEA Party members elected last November, including sending John Boehner home if he doesn’t stop the onslaught of spending in DC. This is not an either or proposition any longer, this is the serious financial health of our Country. This is about placing debt on our children and their children for today’s politician’s desires, it is unacceptable. There were no if, ands, nor buts associated with November’s election. It quite simply was a vote to STOP the spending and the first person who steps up and makes the argument that the insanity will stop, will be the Republican nominee for President and I guarantee that person will beat Barack Hussein Obama.

I definitely digressed there, the point of my writing was the sickness that infects Conservatives that run with the liberals that infest the Media Wing of the Democrat Party and join the Conservative bashfest. Good gracious, Conservatives make up 42% of the population, liberals are only 18% why would you stake your career on a minority of the population? why would you destroy your credibility? I would say the biggest question would be, did you ever have any principles? at all? did you ever believe in Conservatism?

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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