Violent Revolution? Updated Situation Analysis


This is a subject I have to talk about every once in awhile, only because it is the elephant in the room when we consider the Left’s intentions and how far they are willing to go to achieve them.

And every time I do, I have to briefly address the eyes-rolling-back-in-the- head crowd. It would amaze you the number of professing conservatives who simply refuse to draw out and extend the “logic” of what the Left has been doing these many years, as if the USSR, the Third Reich, Mao’s China were all tales from the Brothers Grimm. They won’t let themselves process some things in much the same way most young lefties have no idea just how deep the water is that they are wading in….about which I’ll touch on here.

There are really very simple answers as to why no one (deep down) wants to understand the “logic of revolution”, but over the next pre-campaign year we’ll delve into it from various angles…but not to find, as my title suggests, a definitive answer to the question, but to insure that always a “worser”-case scenario is part of our thinking…for histories prove that the “Komarovsky’s” of Russia guessed wrong that they could deal with the Communists after the Revolution, or that millions of Jews, with the chance to flee Europe, guessed wrong when they didn’t, or that the German people just never saw it coming.

I wrote a year ago that the Left has gone all-in, which means they see the brass ring just outside their grasp, and that close, they are not about to back away and wait another generation to win. Why I know this is because this is my generation we’re talking about, the original I want it all and I want it now, Brat-Brood from Hell generation. Ask David Horowitz, he knows. Hell, ask me, I was in their enviro-legions in those days.

Violent Revolution chatter is up.

People are in the streets all over the world, more often than not being applauded by the MSM. Revolt is in the air, and we still need a program to know who are the good guys…if there are any. Public labor unions are in the streets in America, and this is likely to widen this year, for as we’ve already seen, the media loves the crude and piggish behavior of the public sector unions…while the people generally don’t care much about them, putting it mildly. It’s a clash made in media heaven.

A prelude? Maybe, for last week our old friends Jesse Jackson and Ralph Nader issued a joint communique of sorts at some small college in New Jersey, in answer to a student cub reporter’s question, that yes, violent revolution would be a good thing.

Coming from an aging Marxist who hasn’t smiled since third grade and an old race-baiting profiteer, neither one able to really get it up for a hard game of ping pong, let along donning camos and charging barricades, they are what they are; blowhards. And talking to a very small audience, college kids, I doubt there was a bomb thrower in the room, but rather plenty more X-Box warriors.

So it’s an iffy thing even for the most experienced cadre leader, creating good corn cakes from such poorly ground, unsifted meal.  Just how many would show up if they threw a revolution? Who can say? And it sure as hell better not be before 10 AM. A kegger would be easier to plan for.

Riot Creation 101.

But they don’t call them “cannon fodder” for nothing. They don’t call them “useful idiots” for nothing.

This is where my peculiar knowledge and experiences come in, and which removes this analysis from the realm of mere conspiracy ramblings. I know how easy this can be done It’s been done before in America.  If you give me 1000 kids in a single place, I can easily place among them no more than 50 goons and thugs, with real mayhem aforethought, and then move them forward, until all hell breaks loose. No one will see or know who threw the first brickbat, or fired the first shot. My 50 goons will insure that any retreat, as Skippy the Cub Reporter will want to do right away, can be met with even greater pain than the risk of the original march forward…Don’t go that way, Skippy, go that way…cattle drovers know this is easy….so Skippy won’t know, nor will the media reveal, just who it was, or whose side he was on, that clocked him with the ball bat. Kruschchev proved this at Stalingrad, where advance against the enemy meant only potential death, while retreat, sure death. And the media proved their part as recently as Tahrir Square. It’s the melee that matters.  And the pictures. Chicago in ’68 was more along this order than many of you know, and many a communist basement bomb builder was born from a broken arm or ten stitches across the scalp by an unidentified provocateur de foule from his own side.

(This is real old, folks, and it works most anytime, especially if the cameras are friendly. Even more so if the cops are too. In America it goes back at least to Hooverville. History will never record how many Red Army soldiers were killed by their own side…not exactly “friendly fire” either…but even in the various Communist-led riots of the Great Depression, all the way into ’68 in Chicago, several limbs were broken, heads cracked, and yes, the occasional fatality all by a commie goon just denying Skippy an easy retreat. This is standard street fare in Greece, France, and soon to be the rest of Europe, today.)

What are the odds?

I speculated last summer that it might get violent before the Nov ’10 elections. Thankfully, it didn’t, and I’ve reflected as to why it didn’t. “There are of course several possible reasons, Jethro”, as Duckie would say.

But it all leads up to the potential for an even larger conflagration before the 2012 election, of a pffffft, fizzle, which we already know, the safe (and insulated) consultants are betting on. I hope they are right. Indeed, I pray for it…but because I know these people, the core radicals, I cannot discount the alternative.

Who’s on Top; Who’s Mounted, and Who’s Afoot.

A man without a horse is afoot.

The key, of course, is that now, and up to the January 2013 inauguration, it will be their side riding the horses. They intend to keep it that way with “their man” in the White House the next four years, for their revised plans after the 2010 debacle has shifted from the Congress to the ability of the executive to write and execute law on its own volition. So far, they’ve done a pretty good job of it, don’t you think?

But they also do their own polling and know that keeping “their man” in the White House is problematic. (Ignore polls to the contrary until this time next year, at least. This will not be a conventional election.)

Barack Obama is still an enigmatic figure, in that, regardless of his deep socialist leanings, no one can really tell how committed he is to this Leftist “takeover” or even how “in charge” he is. It is clearly the power of his office “they” want to hold onto, even more then him. If they see that slipping away, and some analysis suggests he couldn’t get elected vice principal next year, especially if the grass roots continue their march forward, they may have to play the revolution card earlier not later…for it is very important to their revolution that they be the guys up on the horses, picking and choosing which mobs they’ll break up, which mobs they’ll ride down, and which mobs they’ll let go on their merry way. Or has anyone asked why Wisconsin/Madison police haven’t cleared the Capitol yet?

A Revolution is Inevitable

Some would even say we’re in the midst of one now, and have you noticed the manner in which our side has carried it out. The winners, of course, write the histories, so it remains to be seen whether we will be viewed as patriots or insurgents and wascally wadicals.

Our race to the White House and the Senate is a race to get back up on that saddled mount, for then, then the tyranny part will be over…for awhile. If we do win, they will go underground, and while their revolution will be violent, it will be shorn of its legitimacy, and quite frankly, its striking power…especially if we decide to win big, and begin taking back the public highway alongside the legislatures.

If they can hold onto control, then eventually this creeping socialism will turn into a form of tyranny, which will force an unwilling and non-complaint citizenry into one of many forms of civil disobedience. They will stay mounted, and we will remain afoot.

So, between now and November 2012, we need to consider how they see their chances, and not how Gallup sees it…for if they think their chances are slim, they will want to pour hundreds of thousands into the streets while they still ride the horses.

Then, Riot Creation 101 rules will apply.



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March 6, 2011 10:27 am

Outstanding, as always, VB. These are things we need to consider, and folks need to realize that not all “wahrs” are won with bullets…the insidious creep of Socialism of the last century, combined with the stars aligning in their universe, must make us alert. What’s at stake is more than “throw the bums out” it is get rid of the internal rot, or like untreated gangrene, it will kill the body.

I’m betting on the American People….

March 6, 2011 11:14 am

Watching the Left rachet up the rhetoric and the violence in these past few weeks has been most instructive. Turn on the news and you can’t, some days, tell whether you’re looking at Madison, WI, or some hellhole in the Middle East. All you know is that it’s bad to watch and that it won’t end well for large groups of people.

Which just strengthens our determination to not let it be OUR group of people who loses.

March 6, 2011 11:27 am

Vassar, this is one ‘conspiracy theory’ we can’t afford to disregard. Giving this possibility careful consideration should be viewed as a common sense insurance policy. Like car insurance, I don’t have it because I’m sure to have an accident, but because if I DO have an accident without insurance I am ruined.

March 6, 2011 12:25 pm

Valuable analysis, VB. I get the mental image, sometimes, of bunches of the “eyes-rolling-back-in-the-head crowd” sitting around with their fingers in their ears, saying “Lah-lah-lah, I am not hearing this.”

March 6, 2011 1:39 pm

As an example, recalling from the testimony of Patriots before the Civil Rights Commission that DOJ corruption was extant the ascent of BO, what is the difficulty of the task in recruiting people to ‘saddle up’ once Michelle is no longer in charge of our diets? Those volunteering to clean up Dodge will be harassed, humiliated, vilified as malicious blacklisters and everything else, since, as you point out, the Red Guard is now all-in.

March 7, 2011 6:18 am

Thanks for this Vassar.