Media Wing Of The Democrat Party


What can one really say about a Politico piece that literally excuses Barack Hussein Obama for not giving “journolists” access? Why Should He?. This problem that America has with the media wing of the Democrat Party, has been long and torturous. The media has the ability and they use it to frame the news to make Republicans look like the Party of the rich, white, racist mans club. The ability of the media wing to ignore is equally as powerful and sickening, as shown at yesterdays “presser” ROTFLMAO, NFL? Really?.

Why should you care? It goes to accountability. It’s not enough for leaders to emote about policy. They should explain, defend and answer questions, as well. Grappling with the unscripted news media encounter is a good skill for politicians.

Oh my Politico, you see we do care, you all have allowed this hack to treat you like the High School Newspaper that you all have acted like since 2007. Why should anyone in that White House treat you any worse than the way we Conservatives treat you (because you lie) and that is to say, using the New York Times and Washington Post as bird cage liner!

Why there is a whole website that is devoted to showing how they do what they do to Americans and to the news Newsbusters. I say “to America” because a free and unfettered press is as absolute to We The People as our free speech is. When over 90% of the so called media are rooting for and donating to Democrats you have criminal actions. Yes, I said criminal, because the journolisters worked to take down Sarah Palin and were proud to do so, while building up this supposed Messiah that would save our Country. What they have done instead, is left America open to attack because the person now occupying the White House and his minions are weak, ideological pacifists. The media wing did this with Jimmy Carter and look what happened, kidnapped diplomats (they didn’t fear us), malaise (Americans depressed across the land), limited gas (opposite days at the pump).

When liberal elites in the media decide that liberalism/socialism/statism is more to their liking and then push their agenda through their “news” stories, it is America that suffers the pain. I have watched the media wing manipulate news every night, I have been able to go back with my set opinions from growing up, to find they were manipulating the news then. The unions across the Country have treated people on the ground like animals they do so because they too know the Media Wing Of The Democrat Party has their back. Once again, shameful!

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March 4, 2011 9:32 am

Great opinion piece, Jaded!

March 4, 2011 10:20 am

what amazing is liberals are so far left of even the MSM that they think the MSM is run by right-wingers


March 4, 2011 10:26 am

@ Specialist. I’ve noticed that too. At first I wondered to myself, how can they keep a straight face when they say that. Now I realize they are serious.

Mike gamecock DeVine
March 4, 2011 11:52 pm

We must have columns comparing the latest Labor Dept unemployment number with reality/Gallup.