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Breaking News: Far Left Protester/Bomber Arrested In Wisconsin

Gateway Pundit reports that a man was arrested this afternoon for calling in a bomb threat Wednesday.

Released on $3000 signature bond.

An investigation continues into a bomb threat made this week at an aviation business in Eau Claire, just hours after Governor Scott Walker held a news conference there.

Authorities said a 43-year-old Eau Claire man allegedly called in a threat to Heartland Aviation on Wednesday evening. The facility is next to the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport in Eau Claire. The man is free on a signature bond. No charges have been filed yet, but the man is due back in Chippewa County Circuit Court on April 19th.

Investigators said the man took part in public demonstrations at the airport on Monday and Wednesday. His home was searched yesterday, and police are checking phone records and interviewing people. Eau Claire Police have asked for tips with more information.

The rest of the Missing In Action Media is busy asking Obama about the possible NFL strike. The daring and deep digging reporter, Ben Feller (AP), risked life and limb to ask the President a hard ball question Wednesday while the incident was being investigated…

“The other topic is something that is quite different, but does matter to millions of Americans. The National Football League is on the brink of a complete shutdown as of tonight over a labor dispute. Obviously, that’s an economic issue for cities but also something that a lot of people just care about. I’m wondering if it’s something that you’d be willing to personally intervene on and if not, why not?”

That was the only question allowed from the US Media. FTW!!11!!! Ben Feller (AP). If you want to keep up with Ben’s insightful and hard won facts follow him on twitter, @bfeller1, I can’t wait till he tells us about Michelle’s well toned arms again!

That’s why I’m not a reporter. In my foolishness I would have asked, “Mr. President, after your speech in Tucson and the wailing and gnashing of teeth from your fellow socialists Democrats, in fact Sir, after the two + years of your fellow commies Democrats trashing the Tea Parties as violent extremists, what is your reaction to one of the astroturfers you and your “Big Labor Union bought and paid for fascist Democrat Politicians” stirred up in Wisconsin calling in a bomb threat at a location where Governor Walker (R) was planning on attending?”

Well, now we know why I’ll never be a member of the White House Press Corps *Fourth Estate Cheerleaders.

* Well, that and no one wants to see me in a short skirt and a sweater.

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