Take the Long Way Home, Penguin Style


We’re glad you came by to visit. Come back often. We’ve got a country to reclaim from the left via the ballot box . There’s much work to be done and we welcome your help.

UnifiedPatriots has some tools and tricks to use to put conservative candidates in office. We’ll be rolling those out before very long and showing you how to use them. You see, we don’t just talk about it here. Give us just a little time to get all the bells and whistles working and then we’ll show you how to effectively get out from behind the keyboard and inside the Republican party.

Oh, just for fun, check out the clip below. As of yet, we are unable to confirm if the two singing penguins in the clip below are related to UnifiedPatriot’s own Lady Penquin. I’ve not heard her sing, so I will not speculate. You’ll no doubt run into her before long. Be sure to give her a high flipper for me.

Lady P makes it her business to ensure UP is community friendly. But don’t misunderstand. She, like all of us here, is relentless in her pursuit of the left.

We are not afraid if it’s a long way home as long as we are free when we get there. We hope you will make the trip with us.

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March 3, 2011 6:03 am

Nothing like a great full laugh in the morning, you guys. Indeed, sometimes it seems like a long journey…but we’ll get there, together.

March 3, 2011 7:43 am

Thanks TexasGalt. This is perfect.

The video fits better than just having the Penguins. This will be a long hard fight to get home. People will sometimes make us the “joke of the neighborhood, but what should you care if you’re feelin good?” And I’m feelin good.

P.S. That’s one of my favorite Supertramp songs.

redneck hippie
March 3, 2011 9:07 am

Wonderful welcoming words. Thanks, TG and Penguin for a sunny start to the day. This IS home, and it does feel good. This place is soooooo cool. As I look to my right I see UnifiedPatriots tweeting out articles that educate and inform. But something tells me we ain’t seen nothing yet. BTO song below to go with your coffee or ?

March 3, 2011 10:19 am

Great post, TG!

One of the unwritten but well-known ‘rules’ here is that if anyone violates the rules of decorum ’round these parts, our Fine-Feathered-Friend, known to all as Lady P, will arrive post-haste to smack us with with one of her flippers and herd us back into line.

And, yes, the best is yet to come.