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Blog 12.0, Or Why We Fight, And How We Fight

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the term “blog” or even the activity called “blogging”, for it can mean many things I don’t particularly want to be associated with. For one, I don’t spend a lot of time in front of a mirror.

I’m fine with “internet newspaper”, “opinion magazine”, and certainly “journal of activism”…has an Alinksy ring to it, n’est ce pas? But I have never cared for the “dig me” aspects of many blogs, which, like Facebook, bares a part of a person better left known only to him. I can’t tell you how annoying it is so see a “This sucks”, followed by a hyperlink, and “this sucks, too”, followed by another, and another and another and another. Fifteen links and 30-40 words of text. I think there’s even a website one can go to that tells the  blogger with writer’s block how many new and exciting ways to say “this sucks” without sounding redundant.

This is the low end of blogging, and they are everywhere on the internet. We all know the type and Bernard Chumm, who will be doing some writing here at Unified Patriots, visits them often, Right and Left. He has a group he calls the Scat Patrol who visits leftie sites just to try to “destroy self esteem based on false premises”. He also knows a lot about how they are networked with their “handlers”, who can often put them into the street in a nano-second, which is news we can use. Bernie tells me the Left is heavier on the filthy hate speech, and coined the term DailyCuss, but  the Right has won the narcissism medal every year since 2004.

This is no small matter, and is a thing we will draw attention to from time to time at Unified Patriots, for these people do eventually grow up and become 35-40, or whatever the crossing-over age is these days…it used to be 28-30… for often as not, just like the liberals of my generation, they drop the outer mantle of conservatism, or worse, try to redefine it, while holding to a core set of principles built around the things they hate, which is usually any term that contains the word “common” in it. Since the Constitution is more or less all about the common man, you can see where their thinking takes them.

We have to be watchful, but still, there is a high end to this blogging business., where there are far fewer “bloggers” but a few real journalists and writers. Moe Lane, at epitomizes to me the high-end of daily news opinion-blogging. I read him every day for almost two years. In the days of print, he would have been a great city editor for any newspaper in the country. He has a nose for what’s important and what needs to be reported every different day. He could have turned a profit for HuffPo, and never even had to lie once. We always admire good writing and good news analysis with a conservative bent.

Unified Patriots, is a blog….sort of. Blog 12.0

But UP is also a journalistic endeavor, for we want to be able to generate real news, with original research, and not just about a new gem-in-the-rough we discovered in Illinois’ 32nd congressional district…where so much of the stimulus money went. There’s important news out there, and as I’ve been saying for the longest time, and proved by LaborUnionReport, an important writer at RedState, it’s coming from places other than the Beltway. It’s coming in the states, in our streets and our back alleys and sewers, so we need to lift the manhole covers and go there too. We actually have the people who are willing to creep into these places.

And yes, we’re conservative, unapologetically so. Constitutionally so. So we take a conservative view of things. We analyze all things based on the original plan of the Founders, man’s eternal struggle against tyranny, and surmise things based on what works.

Unified Patriots is an Activist Arm of Conservatism.

Yes, indeedy, but this, and what follows, is where the “Blog 12.0” title comes in. UP’s a little unique in our bloggery here, for while we will be active in finding, vetting and getting good conservative candidates elected…it will be according to a template developed by us which we think represents the new American thinking about the kind of citizen-legislators people want (more about that as the year progresses). And we can also help them with more than just loud hurrahs from an internet megaphone.

Beasley’s Law

And most of all, what is also new: while we will push our special type of candidates, WE WILL NOT RUN OFF VOTERS.

If I had a sig line, I’d use a line told to me by Beasley Beasmeal (not his real name, of course, and no longer with us)…I think he was a professor of Latin Antiquities at Dominican University in California. He said:

We want the very best conservative candidates we can find…but voters need not be pure.

St Thomas Aquinas could not have said it more succinctly…or wisely.

This is Beasley’s Law, and it will be referred to numerous times here in the next 18 months. For an ancillary of Beasley’s Law will be that while we may not like a candidate, we sure as hell do like their voters, and the last thing we want to do is to cause them to simply suck their thumb and head to the sidelines.

There are few things that make me angry, but one of them is when someone invites a soldier…and yes, every voter is a soldier, in this the most historic of times when we need all the soldiers we can get…when someone invites that soldier to move to the sidelines and become a spectator in this war…

…purely out of spite.

In this endeavor too, I think you will find us unique.

The Unified Patriot, Community

So there are facets, some obvious and some not-so obvious, at Unified Patriots that you won’t find many places. We want to be a kind of full-service church of conservatism.  And, as with any preacher, besides the events of the day, and the campaign of the year, there are certain sermons that must be delivered, not just once, but regularly. The good preacher knows he must say the same thing over and over again about the goodness of the Cause, and the evil intentions of the Enemy, yet make it sound different each time, just to keep the congregation awake.

There will even be stewardship sermons from time to time, for the team being assembled here, and some of the causes being pursued “over there” (I’ll tell you where “over there” is, see below) cannot do a really good job without doing it more or less full time, and while I appreciate the money the Koch Brothers and others are giving for 501 (c)(3)  educational purposes, we have to find conservative donors who are not always looking to their tax adviser for advice as to how to fight the Left. That’s why we’ve been losing.

Sappy Conservatism

And as with every church calendar, America’s is laced with sacred holidays, and we Photobucketare of the opinion that everyone should stop and and remember how to pass on the sentiment of the occasion. It’s legend, but probably true, that even George Washington slipped off to the woods to seek Higher Counsel and offer thanks. I say probably true, because that’s where I go as well.

America is lost if we can’t grab back a sense of gratitude, and remember the shoulders we all stand on. I don’t mind a fellow running off to the beach with a case of beer on Memorial Day, but at least he can pause and reflect about the great price so many men paid to purchase this day. Tip, it wasn’t SEIU that paid for it. We take our special days seriously.

Nobody likes anybody who carries anything on their sleeve; their religion, their love of the Cubs, their political passions. And yes, one can even be self-righteous about the Cubs. But the opposite end is equally unattractive, as we’ve seen for years, even from Republicans but especially from some conservatives. And that is to be too cool, too removed from things that are sacred. Too many these days appear to be ashamed to wrap themselves in the sheer wonderfulness of this thing called Liberty and the magnificence of the constitutional plan. It isn’t cool to far too many, and one of our duties here will be to see these un-cool philistines replaced by more grateful citizen-legislators. Loving Liberty is always cool.

Unified Patriots Continuing Education

We even have a Sunday School and Wednesday night Bible study. We have in our midst one of the finest “readerson the political internet. LadyPenguin has made more than one writing career here, as well as other places, simply by being a voracious reader, and as a professional writer, knowing good writing and content from the ordinary, then spreading the word around simply by recommending that writer to others.

She will put together a university of sorts here, (the name as yet undetermined) where books will be recommended for all to find. It will be a standard source book for Tea Parties everywhere, and citizens who just suddenly want to get caught up. And just like National Review‘s book section, I suspect she will have a few notes about certain books from time to time. And no, it won’t cost $9.99 a month. It will be free.

Look for it, for one of the great unfulfilled promises of the Reagan Revolution, and the original Founder’s design, was that the average citizen, the common man, should become a full-bodied constitutional citizen. A lot of elites on both the left and the right don’t want to see this occur, for the smarter we all become, the more diminished the “ruling class” becomes.

Just know this, even amidst all the chaos and gloom and doom of these times, we are on the verge of this great fulfillment. We simply cannot exist as citizens and continue to wander about aimlessly as one-issue conservatives, whether the issue is abortion…or gun rights. Unlike the Left, which is a pastiche of petty alliances of diverse interest groups, who in the end, naturally hate one another, we must broaden our constitutional education. That is how we broaden the tent. If we do, we emerge on the other side of this valley of shadow of death to be the America it was always meant to be.

Beyond Outrage, Unified Patriot’s mission effort.

You generally know the schtick. People listen to Rush and Glenn and read God knows how many sites, usually about the outrage-of-the-day, then walk away unfulfilled. OK, I’m angry. Now what? This goes on for days and weeks, all leading to one event, standing in line and voting. That’s the game plan? The endless campaigning, the fund raising?  All for an hour of standing in line down at the local precinct?

We have two problems here, for one, we all know politics isn’t the “end game” solution. Taking back the public highway for the real American culture is, and politics is only one part of it. The other is “outrage fatigue”, and the Left is banking on the notion that we’ll be so tired of being outraged, while not seeing immediate victories in the streets, as to be just plumb worn out come November, 2012. They have every intention of wearing us down…and since the Left has a hole in its collective soul, and an endless supply of hate, they don’t have this fatigue problem. (They have others, mind you, and we know what they are.) We can’t beat them with outrage, but with only a fullness of heart and wellness of spirit. A rolled-up newspaper across the chops from time to time won’t hurt either

We all want to do more than just line up and vote every year or two…in part because we already know, down in our deepest hearts, that what has to be fixed can’t be fixed by Congress, the county board of elections, or the school board. There are simply too many people parading around, now in broad daylight, beating their chests and announcing they are the new beasts of the public highway…in our schools, in our public institutions, and in our White Houses…and that they are above and beyond the control of the People, and that we had just better shut up and get back in the house. Your children are ours, they say. Your very lives are ours, they say. Do what we say, they say.

Our answer is …Over There.

I mentioned “over there” above, and it refers to the right side of the front page where we highlight “boots on the ground” activism. Actually, we do much more than highlight it. We eat, sleep and drink it. The Concord Project, Precinct Project and Procinct represent real ways to take back the country politically; sophisticated ways to get voters to the polls…not just with internet slogans but vans, buses, carpools, precinct walkers, and dispatchers, and methods as to how the grass roots ordinary citizens can take back their political parties and decide who shall head the Republican Party, and what kinds of candidates they will nominate and support. We even have a state executive committeeman here on our team.

These projects will be joined with others we support. Great American Zeroes will be added in a few short weeks, and it will begin doing what you’ve all wanted to see, setting little grass roots fires to shine the light of truth on public officials, public unions, and others, usually acting in concert, to make their public lives just as uncomfortable as they have made so many decent citizens these past few years. GAZ will be a clearinghouse of information, and networker for on-the-ground actions at the most local of levels. If this sounds Alinsky-like it is. If this sounds community organizer-like, it is. And yes, just like the original Republican Party, we intend to free the slaves and end the plantation system. We will be going there, into the maw of the Beast.

We’ve mentioned before the work of American Majority, who is running “farm team” training for candidates in local areas. Rogue Politics, a long time old friend, is offering similar programs. We need to dot the country with these. You will see this list grow as we begin to network this Spring, so just keep looking “over there”.

So Unified Patriots have moved way beyond mere blogging. We’re moving past simply rooting for candidates. We’re setting fires, in Sam Adam’s words. And if we have music, it’s more to the tune of “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, “Onward Christian Soldiers”, and “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” than a Gregorian chant. So strap ’em on.

These things you will see evolve the next twelve months. We appreciate you being here, and will appreciate your support in coming weeks.
Laisser les bons temps roulller!  (Cajun French for “Git ‘er done”)


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