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Violent Right Wing Fanatics Are At It Again


Video of the latest violent right wing protest is provided by, now there’s a hotbed of bitter clingers if ever I heard of one.

Thomas Peters describes the bloody scene…

A pro-abortion “Walk for Choice” rally was held in downtown Chicago’s Daley Plaza on Saturday, February 26, 2011. Participants of the “Walk for Choice” were protesting HR Bill 3 which limits taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.

As a response to the “Walk for Choice,” anonymous teens and young adults organized a “Pro-Life Flash Mob” over the span of a few days. The goal of the event was not to counter-protest, but to give a positive message of joy and life to Chicago.

The youth assembled inconspicuously around the plaza before the rally hiding their giant yellow balloons in black trash bags. When the “Walk for Choice” had assembled, the youth prompted by music coming from a backpack sound system then proceeded to unveil the helium balloons imprinted with the word “LIFE.”

These exclusive videos shows the “Pro-Life Flash Mob” taking the “pro-choicers” by surprise with Life, Spirit, and Truth!

(emphasis mine)

The horror… the horror. The inhumanity of using such dreadful weapons as Life, Spirit and Truth against Planned Parenthood Supporters! You might as well douse a coven of vampires in garlic juice and Holy Water!

Here’s the bloody video footage if you have the stomach for it.

Warning: Totally Safe For Work (or anywhere else people who love life gather)


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