Rahm Emanuel is a creature of the Chicago machine. He has a rep as a little tough guy with a foul mouth. He’s a BAD man, but not in the Ali sense. He floats like a ballerina; stings with his foul mouth. Rahmbo will even go after you while you are naked in the shower.

Emanuel, the former Obama COS is so untouchable, he got away with bailing on his Democrat buddies and Obama just weeks ahead of the critical November mid-term election. Heh, don’t mess with Rahm. He said to hell with them fellers because it has always been all about him. The guy has to know where all the bodies are buried to have gotten away with so much bad behavior. So now Emanuel has been elected mayor of Chicago.

Emanuel’s election was never much in doubt. Never mind questions about residency requirements or the tardiness of his entry into the race. This is Chicago and all that was smoothed over. But even in Chicago, it took some nerve to say it was not about actually living there but “intent.” Huh? Really? Well, obviously you have to be from Chicago to get it and I’m not. Maybe somebody from that neck of the woods can splain it to me.

Did the Chicago Capone types ever go away? Nah, like the Kennedys, they found a better gig. They became Democrats. They still control most big cities and most of these big cities are in dire financial straights, verging on bankruptcy. Chicago and the whole state of Illinois is in the toilet.

You’ve heard it said voters get the government they deserve. I believe that. Now, just days after the election of Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago, his Transition Co-Chair, Judy Erwin has resigned over ethics issues. That didn’t take long did it?

Chicago spawned President Obama (the horror!) and has now affirmed Emanuel. No city has earned their dark future more than Chicago. It’s a city that has lost its way. It is midnight in Chicago and the morning seems very distant.

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February 27, 2011 2:35 am

A Rahm staffer has ethics issues? NO!! He used to work for Obama! How could he not have screened her more carefu….


redneck hippie
February 27, 2011 4:16 am

Chicago is a cesspool and a toilet. I can smell it from all the way out in the suburbs. Insiders say Rahm is using this as a stepping stone to the presidency. And I believe them.

Queen Hotchibobo
February 27, 2011 7:03 pm

As you said, America is one of the few nations on earth who deserves the government we have. The people of Chicago are getting ready to face the same problems that California, New York, Massachusetts, etc. are going to face.

Crooked politicians will sell taxpaying citizens down the river to keep their cronies in bennies. We’ve sowed the wind, and we will now reap the whirlwind. But we deserve no better as we have elected crooked politicians for the entirety of my life.

Sigh. This is discouraging. I’m going to quit thinking about it now.

March 1, 2011 3:15 pm

They waste an awful lot of money on elections in Chicago. The politicians are selected, not elected. Rhambo Dead Fish became the Chicago Mayor on the day he expressed an interest in the seat.