For the Umpteenth Time, When Obama Talks About Jobs…


…he’s speaking of state jobs.

When Obama speaks to Democrat governors today in Washington, he will speak, once again, about improving the job market in their states…in the public sector.

From the beginning liberals, even good classic liberals who feel nothing but empathy and compassion for the downtrodden, but certainly the socialists, the Fabians, the Marxists, the fascists and the communists, are all long on ideas and solutions and short on math.

There is not a city or state in America going bankrupt today that some bean-counter didn’t warn them that this would happen…

…at least 20 years ago. Just do the math

Even the most uneducated stump jumper in Alabama knows, as he’s driving down a lonely highway and meets a sign with yellow caution lights that reads “Bridge is Out, 2o miles ahead, Local Traffic Only, Turn Around”…to turn around.

One of the fundamental understandings the American people are finally coming to right now is that only our elected best and brightest are the ones so regularly stupid as to keep barreling ahead in the hope that by the time they reach the bridge someone will have repaired it…only then to find out they’ve just run out of gas as they get there.

Plucking the golden goose was always a very skilled operation, even under the best of circumstances, as the Euros have bragged for 60 years, since they have moved past the normal shelf life of Soviet-style command governments. But now, even they’re running out of other people’s money.

Obama only has two natural constituencies, the “client sector”, beneficiaries of state largesse, and the state sector, who passes those bennies out. The unions, as Rush Limbaugh rightly surmised, are merely bag men for laundering the money back their patrons in Congress and the White House.

So far, Obama has added 200,0oo new “voters” to the federal payroll since taking office. He needs many more to prevail in 2012, but in order to get them he must pull them out of the private sector, which pays the salaries of all the state worker already. Again, even Jed in Alabama could figure the math on that one.

Now, socialists have a lot of difficulty with this looming state of economic affairs, as they must find ways to keep the people quiescent and keep themselves in power. In the end, they all run out of ideas.

But communists have never had any trouble with just saying “There’s new sheriff in town, and this is how it’s going to be. So shut up and be thankful we let you keep anything.” The Soviet Union was built on funny money. The Chinese economy was built on funny money. So I’m certain that not everyone in Obama’s orbit is stupid.

Some see the end game in light of a brave new world, of a kind of totalitarian fasco-communist nature. No need to get too picky about how it works out. When the world runs out of real money and must rely of funny money for basic goods and services, there’s nothing else left to buy anyway.

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Mike gamecock DeVine
February 25, 2011 7:56 pm

Ditto VB, hence why I dubbed the stimulus, government growthulus instead of porkulus. I wish we had been treated to more pork….also, isn’t it amazing that uneducated Alabamians are smarter that Ivy Leaguers?