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Easy Way to Capture a Screen

Lately, we’ve had some folks ask others to capture a screenshot of a given web site. Here’s one easy way to do it for Windoze users.

1. Go to the web site (or bring up any screen) that you want a picture of…
2. Scroll or size your browser to capture the section you want t capture.
3. Hold your Alt key down and tap the PrtScr key once. This places a picture of the window (browser usually) on your clipboard
4. Run Windows Paint (usually by clicking on Start… Accessories… Paint) or your choice of graphics sfwr and focus the paint sfwr (click on it)
5. Hold down your Ctrl key and tap the v key to paste the pic (or click Edit…Paste at the top of the Paint sfwr)
6. Save to file (File.. Save As…).

Extra tip:

Sample Screen Cap
Sample Screen Cap

…on step 3, if you hold down the Ctrl key instead of Alt while you tap the Prt Scr key, you will copy the entire screen, not just the active window.

See? Easy!

Ron Robinson
Ron Robinson (Alhambra, CA) is founder of, a national internet platform that broke the party Voter Vault/PDI monopoly and delivered precinct walk lists in the 2010 election for over 16 million voters in wards in 20 US states. added Precinct Committeeman (PC) Strategy support in Dec of 2010 and is rapidly emerging as a premier online Precinct Strategy resource having worked directly with party and election officials in states to remove local obstacles to becoming a Precinct Committeeman. He is GOP Chair for the AD49 GOP Central Committee, a member of the Los Angeles County GOP Central Committee and a member of the LA GOP Technology Committee. Robinson worked as New Media Director for the John Colbert campaign for US Congress. He is an expert in social media and internet security and an outspoken advocate of precinct committee work, GOTV work, and transparency in party governance.


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