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Barack Obama’s red diaper baby background

Frank Marshall Davis, Barack Obama’s first mentor, wrote these lines:

Smash on, victory-eating Red warriors!
Show the marveling multitudes
Americans, British, all your allied brothers
How strong you are
How great you are
How your young tree of new unity
Planted twenty-five years ago
Bears today the golden fruit of victory!

Drive on, oh mighty people’s juggernaut!
Hear in your winning ears
Shadow songs of your departed comrades
Telling you, “Be avengers and kill our killers
And when you have struck the last foe to the ground
Then drop their fascist dreams below hell!”

He was the third of many haters of America upon whom Obama modeled himself. The first was his own mother, an American expat social worker who roamed the world to find exotic, anti-American men to marry. The second was his own father, a socialist, ex-Muslim atheist, African Arab from Kenya named Barack Hussein Obama who abandoned his son’s mother and moved back to his first wife in Kenya, only to wrap himself around a tree in a drunk driving accident before his son could ever come to know him well.

Obama’s beginnings were tragic, the stuff of a Dickens plot. But it is his now and next that concerns American voters. For what does he stand? He has the most liberal, party-line voting record in the US Senate. Yet he claims to be a centrist. His promises do not match his record. He has voted against an Illinois state law protecting babies who survive their own abortion from being legally killed after delivery, yet he claims he is not dogmatic in his pro-abortion stance. He wants to decimate the US military, promote paid volunteerism for college students (I can’t figure that out either, but I think it has something to do with his first career after law school as a paid community organizer), and invade Pakistan, while ruling out military threats against Iran. He proposes even more new spending than Hillary Clinton, who famously stated about her budget plans for the U.S.: “I have a million ideas. The country can’t afford them all.” [Boston Globe] And to Obama, every problem is an opportunity for government to step into the breach. There are no problems that can be handled by private citizens working alone or cooperatively. To Obama, everything is a reason to increase government reach and spending. And though he does not consciously identify with the Communist Party, many policies he favor are congruent with what the Communists believe. Compare the plans on his website to the goals on the CPUSA site.

Even if he is not a communist, can the US afford to have a President whom the communists are so happy to imagine in the Oval Office? Finish reading Andrew Walden’s article and think it over. I know I will be doing so.

This was first published on June 11, 2008.

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