Friday, September 17, 2021
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State Of The Union

The State of the Union of these United States of America and government unions is broken.  That People with violent tendencies like Richard Trumka can bellow and bark and make local, state and the federal government jump is insanity.  I can think of no one who wants to bust unions but I know a majority who think their power is criminal.  When teachers, cops and firemen hold your very lives and our childrens lives in their greedy little hands to force a community to pay up, well we have issues.  It didn’t have to be this way, they didn’t have to be so greedy.  I suspect when government employees were given a chance to collective bargain it probably seemed quite innocent, at first as all good liberal ideas seem to be, well no more.  This has now become a collective nightmare for Americans in every State and in the center of Federal power DC.   The greed was a given when 400M of union members dues are used in a Presidential election to put into place a President who will then reward those unions with more workers and extended benefits that they force on employers.  The fact remains that only 20 % of this country is liberal and so those unions are taking 42% of their members money who are Conservative to elect those who will pay them off Theft.  This is unacceptable.

I remember my family in the unions and the union members from my childhood in the 70s and I can honestly say, they haven’t changed much.  They work little and expect much, they spend more time attempting to squeeze money out of the taxpayers then actual working hours.  Heck there are those whose entire job like Trumka is being paid to actually continue to force money out of people.  They made me think of the mob in the 70s and that hasn’t changed in the 40 yrs since.  If Richard Trumka and the union members across the Country believe for one moment that the status quo is going to be continued, they haven’t been paying attention.  I as well cannot begin to imagine the horror of our nurses and doctors are all government “workers” how a strike by them to get more and more money and benefits from the taxpayers will endanger many of our fellow citizens.  It is not conservative or liberal to expect that when you pay someone to do a job, they do that job.  It is not liberal or conservative to think that employees of the government pay towards their retirement and health benefits as the other 88% of us do.   The public service unions are un-necessary because they will get their money and benefits without having to bargain for it.  This sham of collective bargaining being a right must end if this Country is ever to get back on the right footing of being fiscally sound.  I call on all my fellow Americans to contact their elected representatives and have your voice heard.  Please tell them, that bargaining with unions for tax payers dollars can no longer be acceptable business in your State and in the Federal Government.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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