The Circle Shall Not be Broken

By God! I sat up with a start this morning, around 2:04. It hit me, "Why are we all pretending this is politics...when it's revolution?" Their media, our media, their talk-show people, our talk show people, all have to pretend to be matter-of-fact about a situation that is probably the most significant series of events ... Read More

The Media and America’s Schedule X

Schedule X is not a tax form. During the Vietnam War the Schedule X was a government form that offices in military commands used to tell higher ups how we spent our day on the job. It was a simple form and you wrote down everything you did in the work day, from Interviewing Client #1, Client ... Read More

How the Government Shutdown is Playing on Main Street

I’ve been working on a piece about how regular America actually get their news, and what is it that is important to them. The first thing that comes to mind is border security. After all, that is the main plank that Donald Trump ran on in 2016. Only, what the pundits, politicos and pollsters missed ... Read More

How Low Can CNN Go?

Apparently there is no low too low for CNN. Ana Navarro's latest antics give final proof to their classlessness and lack of moral compass in their hires. We all know Jim Acosta, he of the, "What can I do to demonstrate my hatred towards President Trump today?" While Acosta has always been upfront about which ... Read More

Our “Vets in Class” Teaching Program; Looking for Supporting Partners

Since its inception, has been movinging toward the establishment of a teaching program for veterans in order to fill in the growing gap between modern education in America's schools about America's history, and the reasons America was created in the first place. It takes only three generations for those things to be lost to ... Read More

We Ignore Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib at Our Peril

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has kept us entertained for months. We've laughed at her bizarre statements, shook our heads at her ignorance, chuckled at her drama, and generally thought "that's one loony gal." In the meantime, this upper-middle class raised child, who isn't really from the Bronx as those of us who truly understand the Bronx to ... Read More

Can We Stop The Shakespeare In The Swamp And Do Some Schoolhouse Rock?

I got up this morning, and all the trends on twitter were about bills put in by Democrats and a couple by Republicans. Lets start with the Democrats, they put in a bill to end the electoral college. Such a bill would require a lot of heavy lifting, along with an agreement by a lot ... Read More

Character, a Search for Humility

(With Postscript) Is it a sign of less character  to be vain? How about excessively vain? Is it sign of low character to be arrogant? Or just excessive arrogant? Is it a sign of low character to display condescension toward others? To look down one's nose? What if we don't wear condescension on our sleeve, but only think ... Read More

The Trump Doctrine and the Generals

Apparently almost every president had a foreign policy doctrine. One even got it's own teaching bloc in public schools, at least until the 1980s. It was called the Monroe Doctrine, which stated that the US would use force to repel foreign (mostly European) incursions into the western hemisphere. The Monroe Doctrine was a big deal. We ... Read More

What Donald Trump has not Done, But Can, and Should Do

Needed: A Forty-Year Legacy, not Eight Donald Trump has broken down major barriers simply by being elected president. In the broadest sense of the term, his election was "historic" for it represented the first time in many generations that the people of the United States, as was always their power to do, reached up and took charge of their government ... Read More

Grooming America For Pedophilia – @GMA Edition

I've written extensively on the grooming that is going on from Mass Media Until we make a stand and shut them down, both legally and with pitchforks, it will not stop. You see, until this past week, these comedians were grooming, it is apparent in the way they did it for so long and always ... Read More

Christmas Presents For The Voters Who Put Donald J Trump In Office

What a wonderful past week we've been lucky to have. President Trump gave us three gifts this week. 1) Leaving Syria and drawing down in Afghanistan - we won the war, but we've had a stalemate in the nation rebuilding. I love General Mattis, however, he is a war machine guy, and why shouldn't he ... Read More

“Alleged”, a brief History

To younger students, one of the reasons it's nice to keep old people around is we can tell you the origins of things that are common in your world, only how it got here, you may have missed, but which might be relevant in the deeper lessons of life you're always instructing us in. (Insert Ocasio-Cortez joke here.) I never thought of ... Read More

Trump vs. Democrat House will concentrate the GOP Mind

DeVine Law is now convinced, (especially after the Trump-Pelosi-Schumer public brouhaha over the demand for rounding-error dollars to fund The Wall aka common sense) that we have a better chance to make America Great Again with Democrats’ in control of the House. After two years of GOP control, all we got was a tax cut, ... Read More

A Natural History of Elitism

From an interesting 50-minute discussion between Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro in November, while discussing common backgrounds in California, Carlson made the offhand comment, "We're both elites". Well, as a matter of fact, they are. Only do they know what kind?....for there are several types of elites in a typical community; social, political, economic, even moral and educational. And by whose appointment? ... Read More

1789 redux: France in crisis

Photos courtesy of Vox via Getty Images ... Read More