A Tale of Two Mobs: A Study Lesson

Since 2006 I'd watched Republicans, including many conservatives, fed up with Party choices going back to Bob Dole in ‘96, hand our government over to first the Congressional Democrats, then, even after the Democrat's dark side had revealed itself, still refuse to stop the bleeding. I thought perhaps that Obama and the clear intentions of his brand ... Read More

The Fall Of The House Of Usher: The Demise of Evil

From that chamber, and from that mansion, I fled aghast. The storm was still abroad in all its wrath as I found myself crossing the old causeway. Suddenly there shot along the path a wild light, and I turned to see whence a gleam so unusual could have issued ; for the vast house and ... Read More

Darius and Daniel Inform Evangelicals on Trump

Can? Should? Must? An argument from 2016 that is still constantly being re-litigated is whether Evangelicals can support Donald Trump and whether there is hypocrisy in that support. Full disclosure: I was very opposed to Trump in the primaries and extremely critical of evangelical leaders who supported him against the likes of Ted Cruz and ... Read More

Preacher’s Perspective – Introduction

This is the beginning of a new full-time column here at Unified Patriots, focusing on the connections between Christianity and culture with an emphasis on current events and how God’s Word informs us in responding to those events.The views are the author's alone and may not reflect the views of the editors or other contributors ... Read More

Jihadi Feminism; Witless Snits

"You can't blame all men for all sexual assault and insist that you are standing up for women if it doesn't also mean you do not recognize male victims ... Read More

Declaration of Conscience II: Once again a female Senator from Maine offers a fracturing Senate and nation a chance to step back from the abyss

Sixty-eight years ago, on June 1, 1950, in a nation tearing itself apart over the Joseph McCarthy accusations regarding Communist infiltration of our government, the Senate's first female senator, Margaret Chase Smith of Maine, rose to deliver an historic speech on the Senate floor, a speech that has become know as A Declaration of Conscience ... Read More

We Can’t Takes it No Longer

When his turn came to talk, had Brett Kavanaugh walked out to his desk, sat his notes down, then walked around the table and walked up to Dick Durbin and popped him square on the nose, he couldn't have made his case more masterful. He took off the gloves, which in the Republican world of Washington, ... Read More

One Ring to Rule Them All

When a political end trumps personal destruction of the innocent, we know we are among evil people, from Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, to DiFi, to CNN and dozens more. The cynical indifference to the infliction of pain and suffering on innocent people is the greatest sin… …cold blooded murder or rape not even close seconds. It’s not ... Read More

With the betrayal of the Republican holdouts, the Republican leadership must now go all in on Kavanaugh and November

With the treachery of Jeff Flake coupled with the continued obstinacy of Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski in demanding an impossible level of certainty, the time has come to put an end to the debacle of never-ending delay and continual bad faith dealings and to force the issue to a final confrontation. And that includes ... Read More

No Moral Equivalence Between Witnesses at Kavanaugh Hearing

Very clearly, Christine Blasey Ford lied during her time in the spotlight at Thursday's Senate confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh. It's a sort of law that when an accuser, under oath, says a thing was done to her by a named fellow "100%", as Blasey Ford did yesterday, and then that named fellow, Brett Kavanaugh, the accused, also under ... Read More

Lawyers’ Wives and Reformed Whores

I'm not sure who first used this title, and it may even have been me, in 2009, when I wrote a short essay on "Homer Simpson and the Constitution" at RedState.com The line had nothing to do with the content of the essay, and the content of the essay flew way over the head of the ... Read More

For Immediate Release to Veterans Groups

VeteransTales.org (http://www.veteranstales.org/ )and The Veterans USA 15:13 Foundation (under construction, http://www.theveteransusa15-13foundation.org/ ) are dedicated to preserving the stories and histories of Veterans on the other, and providing a teaching and education platform for Veterans on the other I’ve just published the first of several lectures that we’d like to offer to Veterans to be able ... Read More

Ford’s defense team expose to the world the corrupt totalitarian spirit and agenda of her advocates and supporters

As the men on the Ford defense team ramp up further their increasingly frantic protests and shrill complaints about the terms of engagement, through their rhetoric and demands, they expose ever more clearly the terrifying reality behind their behavior and the agenda of their supporters and mouthpieces: the totalitarian drive for absolute, unaccountable, and unopposable ... Read More

From My CP: The Wall at McConnell’s Back Make’s him Look Like he has a Spine

Winter's Comin is drawin to a close.  The last few tomatoes are ripening on dead vines, the punkins are ripe, the potato vines are dead we'll dig them before it freezes hard, that lets the skins toughen up so they store better.  By March they'll be soft but still good.  Early goose season has started, ... Read More

At this point in our nation’s history, it is the Senate itself that is now on trial before the world

With the latest skullduggery once again embroiling the Kavanaugh nomination in turmoil, it's easy to become distracted from recognition that the events to date have now put the Senate itself at center stage as to whether it will act in its constitutional role as a defender of the bedrock values on which our nation was ... Read More

Time to Employ MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) Against Democrats

The Democrats have behaved in loco parentis for the Soviet Union since the USSR fell in 1991. Guardians of the tablets. And MAD was a part of those times. America has also had it's own regional versions of MAD since the civil rights days. You may not know this, since it doesn't fit in with ... Read More