When Logic is the Only Evidence

When Logic is the Only Evidence, it is Outcome Determinative 1) As we know, even prostitutes can be sexually assaulted. This occurs when they did not invite being touched, or the other person did not proffer payment as promised. The only exemption from that rule is their pimp, who, by the rules established by the club which she joined, ... Read More

The 2018 Election Heist, A Call to Arms

Why would the Left be puffing up numbers of a Blue Wave when the numbers don't justify that...unless they have an alternate plan as to how to make those numbers seem real? The numbers don't add up. It makes no sense for anyone with a family who has a position anywhere other than a university, unless wealthy, ... Read More


Gaijin, pronounced "guy-jin" is a Japanese word meaning "foreigner". But it is much more than that. I lived in Japan 1972-1975 as an Army officer. And I had studied Japanese for four semesters in college to satisfy my language requirements. A solid C-student, I came away with the speaking and reading ability of a Japanese ... Read More

Nike Swooshes America

So many pieces, so little time. An awful lot of points of national survival converge from this little misstep by Nike in re the Matter of Colin Kaepernick as their new #JustDoIt poster boy. The first piece of the jigsaw is why do so many corporations these days get away with throwing their "brand" and potential profit margins under ... Read More

By an Angel’s Kiss, CSM Timothy A Bolyard, 42, (Afghanistan) (Green on Blue)

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony Command Sergeant Major Timothy A Bolyard, 42, of Thornton, WV was killed Sept 3, 2018, in a Green on Blue murder by Aghan National Police at Forward Operating Base Shank in Logar Province He was assigned to 3rd Squadron, 1st ... Read More

By An Angel’s Kiss, SSG Reymund Rarogal Transfiguracion, 36, (Afghanistan)

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony SSG Reymund Rarogal Transfiguracion, 36, of Wiakoloa, Hawaii was killed August 12, 2018 in Musa Qa'lidah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan, by an IED He was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group(Airborne) Rest in peace, Sergeant Job well done.   I’m asking You God, ... Read More

By an Angel’s Kiss, SFC Christopher Andrew Celiz, 32 (Afghanistan)

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony SFC Christopher Andrew Celiz, 32, of Summerville, SC was killed July 12, 2018 in Zurmat, Paktika Province, Afghanistan, by small arms fire He was assigned to 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment Rest in peace, Sergeant Job well done.   I’m asking You God, to ... Read More

Donald Trump Knows

One of the most read articles at my VassarBushmills.com website wasn't written by me. (Figures.) Even though it was first published at "American Spectator" in July, and Dov Fisher is a well-known rabbinical thinker and lawyer, every morning I get out of bed to see that several people have been by just to read his essay."Everyone ... Read More

Regardez le Deluge

Apres les honneurs, Regardez le Deluge Now that he has gone to be with his fathers, Hoka Hey!, the honoring will slowly dissipate over the week. The Senate Office Building, soon be renamed, some suggest, and other government offices will be cleared, each employee given a white ticket to be stamped at the Capitol Rotunda ... Read More

Drinking The Tears Of CNN’s Schadenfreude #FAIL

It is this rabid tribalism, coming from the left, that is driving the country back to the right and directly into the open arms of the very president they are trying to destroy ... Read More

Democrats and the China Syndrome

Recent revelations that China hacked Hillary's illegal email set-up for most of the years of her service as Secretary of State, and probably beyond, are being underplayed in the media. For obvious reasons. But it's a game-changer, for no longer is Hillary the central bad guy in this little criminal escapade. In fact, she may even ... Read More

From My CP: The Legacy Of John McCain

The garden is being harvested.  We've got a bumper crop of potatoes, four hills will fill a five gallon bucket.  The tomatoes are limping along but quickly dying, it's just been too wet and cool.  I've got 60 quarts of green and yellow beans and the damn things won't die.  I found a neighbor who ... Read More

An Amicus Curiae Appeal in the Michael Cohen Plea Deal?

I'm an old common law lawyer and need some statutory help here. I recently wrote here, concerning Peter Strzok, what can happen to a case if an investigator turns up dirty. Dirty cop. The state has to go back and look to see all the other cases and convictions that cop was involved in, and ... Read More

Robert Mueller, A Theory of the Man

There have always been two theories about Robert Mueller, actually three, which I laid out in a piece a little over a year ago. I still hold that how he sees himself in History may be outcome determinative. (I listed “History” at #8 in that list. ) Using the laws of unified theory, my theory ... Read More

“They’re Not Going To Give The Country Back Without A Fight” The Battle Rages On

Steve Bannon wasn't prophetic in that statement, he was telling you to your face how ugly making America great again was going to be. We've all known our government was out of control. The elected officials getting rich by being a so-called servant. Things that would have you doing life in prison, they walk away ... Read More

Was Jonah Goldberg a Better Thinker 10 Years Ago Than he is Today?

There was a great line spoken by Lee Marvin in "The Professionals" (1966): "Some women have the ability to turn boys into men, while other women have the ability to turn some other men into boys". Note the date, 1966, because it was three years before Jonah Goldberg was born. It was also the time that I ... Read More