Politics vs National Survival: North Korea and the Sophomores’ Crucible

Carrying forward a conversation I began a few days ago: It’s a short read, a preamble to this one, but sets up my purpose here, which is to contrast the aims of many conservatives who have, in order to save their personal ship of state, have jettisoned the American people as excess baggage, the people’s ... Read More

“I am Not Responsible! I am Not Responsible!”

You may not recognize this phrase much anymore, but in the 1960s it was a common plea, heard up and down the line at any railroad station in Delhi, Bombay, Cape Town, Singapore, and thousands of smaller stations where clerks sold tickets, or ran small offices that had to deal with the teeming masses on ... Read More

Handbook of Dark-Alley Counter-Revolution

2019 and the Democrats have given clear evidence where they want to take America and how they intend to get us there. Sadly, a large number of sitting Republicans have allowed themselves to be steamrolled by donors to be part of this same one-world alliance. Both sides are becoming more easily defined. So, regular people out here, the ... Read More

!950’s Cartoon Predicts the Future of Today in America

A simple civics lesson, no longer taught in public schools, this cartoon is 9 minutes long, familiar carton characters if you're over 60, the only thing shown here no longer done by citizens, toward the end, is when citizens start chasing the snake-oil salesmen with umbrellas, hatpins, canes, and sticks. This was a power the ... Read More

“We’re Winning” Music

No introduction needed: ... Read More

Survival and Conservatism’s Sophomore League of Gentlemen

March 1, 2019 was a special day as #NeverTrumpers came out in force at "National Review", possibly for the last time, since Jonah Goldberg, and God knows how we've tried to rescue him, is leaving them to form his own parish with Stephen Hayes, possibly to better preach their new gospel of conservatism as a political faith instead of the ... Read More

Advice to Spoiled Little Girls About Abortion

This probably isn't true, but she sure sounds proud. I'm not talking to the saved here. For you girls who are considering getting pregnant, whether by poor planning, or you just changed your mind, or maybe even didn't like the way you looked in the mirror, or decided you didn't want to go though the ... Read More

Infanticide: America’s Moment of Moral Crisis

We have reached a critical juncture; this is a defining moment in America’s conscience. There is only one other time in our country's history when we faced a moral question of such great magnitude - Slavery. Our entire moral-social fabric is about to be shredded. No society can survive once it starts killing its young ... Read More

Democratic word games over Trump’s emergency declaration endanger the rule of law

In all the debate I've encountered regarding Trump's emergency declaration regarding our southern border and the building of a wall, there is an insidious element in the opposition by primarily Democratic legislators and other representatives that has largely passed over without notice. And that insidious element has to do with the observation that at least ... Read More

Lawyers in Foxholes

(Cross posted at VeteransTales.org) Some Army JAG out there is likely pissed. In 2010 Maj Matt Goldstyn, a Special Forces officer killed an Afghani bomb-maker. He was stripped of his medals in 2011, retired, then after another investigation he was called back to active duty in 2018 just so he could be charged with premeditated murder ... Read More

Mexico Lindo, A Brief History

Three men, standing at the Mexican border, looking south: Man #1: Mexico Lindo. Man #2: I don't see nothin' so 'lindo' about it. Man #3: Just looks like more of Texas to me. Man #1: You have no eyes! (Iconic lines from a film, anyone want to guess which one?) It's an interesting history, for by the ... Read More

The Bellweather- First Report: We are Still Winning

This is the first of our Bellweather Reports, published on an "as-needed" basis. (Note our weather vane and the direction it is flying.) We are still winning.  They are still losing. We are still mounted on horses. They are still afoot. And Donald Trump still works for us, and not us for him. Donald Trump ... Read More

Ellis Island del Norte, Ellis Corral al Sur, Easy-In, Hard-Out

An update from 2013, when we still believed the open borders argument was just about cheap labor for super-national business. Big business has shown itself to be much more Corporate One-World than we knew then, Republican lawmakers as a class (with some notable exceptions) even more craven than we could have imagined then, and Democrats, with almost no ... Read More


Consider people like Sen Mark Warner who have to deal with the reality of the Trump-Russian Collusion theory being shattered from the political angle. He's in leadership and is expected to lie a liar's mouth daily, cynically saying hundreds of things he knows not to be so, only having to say them anyway, simply because money and ... Read More

Politics and National Survival

I think it was Konrad Lorenz, the Nobel winning natural scientist, who told of a team of animal behaviorists observing baboons in the South African savannah when a much smaller monkey was spied by a much larger baboon. The vervet turned and scampered back toward the forest cover, the baboon in hot pursuit. After only a hundred yards ... Read More

Toward a “Theory of the Man”

For almost everyone who pops up in the news, I have a general theory of that person, beginning with how they got in the news in the first place. If WAPO or New York Times said something approvingly about them, my starting point is likely to be a minus -1. Disapprovingly? Plus +1. The media ... Read More