IG Report, The Table Is Set

I'm not of the hysterical mind that is beating the IG to within an inch of his life for his report. Horowitz is of course of the swamp as all the IGs are. Their work is to set the table for any action that the Attorney General William Barr wants to take based off his ... Read More

He Who Laughs Last Laughs Longest – European Mean Girls High School Edition

Its a funny thing that Canada, Britain and France whose demographics will literally be the death of them would laugh at President Trump. The United States President has brought prosperity and added a peace dividend to America going on his full 3rd year in office. They have brought ferals and unemployment misery to their countries ... Read More

Due Process and Why America Rejected the Schiff Show

The last two weeks reminds us that America still remembers, at some level, the principles upon which she was founded. Among those first principles are one that we can shorthand as Due Process. Due process also has legal definitions, and then there's that whole argument between substantive due process and procedural due process, and some ... Read More

Antifa Nazis and the Rise of a New Fascist Thug Army

In 2013. I wrote "The Difference Between Crony Capitalism and Fascism" and just reread it. It stands up pretty well even though Obama and Holder are gone (sort of) and the relationship between the State and the Corporate in the High Castle is more open to scrutiny. But it is moving apace, as is the ... Read More

The Hero in Nature, a 21st Century Pespective

In 1840 Thomas Carlyle gave a series of lectures in London about "Heroes and Hero-Worship". I'm trying to condense some of them into modern easy-to-read English, for they touch on several subjects important to America today, but as seen from a period in Western Civilization when no one had ever heard of the likes of ... Read More

The Natural Law of Complaining

I'm getting sick and tired of everyone complaining all the time. I'm just talking about our side now, mind you, not the other side. They take to the streets, tie up traffic, even deny ambulances freeway to the ER entrance at the hospital down the road, just so they can screech bloody murder about cops ... Read More

Capitalism and the Gutter Trash, Part III

The Gutter Trash oracles, Part III (copied from Wikipedia, without edit). Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. Characteristics central to capitalism include  private property, capital accumulation, wage labor, voluntary exchange, a price system and competitive markets. In a capitalist market economy decision-making ... Read More

Empechere Interruptus; Two Scenarios

This is not a recommendation based on an analysis, legal or political, as I don't have enough information, factual or legal, or about actual assets available to the President, the Republicans in Congress, the Department of Justice, or any government body that could hold itself out to a competent court as one having standing, a right to ... Read More


Every citizen charged with a crime is entitled to a jury of his/her peers to determine guilt. Innocence is presumed. Every military member charged with a crime is entitled to a jury, only not of his peers. Certain other rules peculiar to the military also apply. And that member’s innocence is also presumed. Every President of the ... Read More

The Many Oaths of Jean-Jacques Dessaline

I doubt anyone here knows of Jean-Jacques Dessaline. He was the first president of Haiti after the former slave-island had defeated the army of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1804, who had invaded the island with an army of 40,000 battle-hardened French regulars. They came to retake the island after a slave revolt had ended slavery and established ... Read More

All Warfare Is Based On Deception – Syria/Turkey/Russia/Iran/Kurds Edition

I have no idea who is zooming whom in the Middle East, for every group of desperadoes there is another to keep them in check. They don't disappear, they become part of another group. I've spent the better portion of my life hearing about every disparate group in the Middle East, starting with Palestinians (fake ... Read More

The Gentle International League of Gutter Trash

I started this little investigation into gutter trashery with Joe Biden for Joe is pre-Baby Boomer, so comes from a generation who should have known the value of keeping little private weaknesses out of the public eye. So, just in terms of the era he was born in (called the Silent Generation if you're interested), he was twice ... Read More

America’s Gutter Trash Move Into the Big Leagues

“Gutter Trash” is a term I heard all my life. It signified a person, most often a man (since women had their own names that you could identify with). As I got older, I always associated gutter trash with Huck Finn’s pa…lived on the other side of the tracks, the sort of man who would steal ... Read More

The Devil and Daniel Webster, 1941

This is 1941, when Hollywood apparently still approved of God. "The Devil and Daniel Webster" is a short story written by Stephen Vincent Benet in 1936 for Saturday Evening Post, then in book form in 1937, then this film version in 1941. It's available for free viewing on YouTube, only certain biases apply, as I could only find it ... Read More

The Satan Chronciles; An Invitation

Over at Unwashed Philosophy (a creation of "Haystack", one of the early behind-the-curtain tech-guys at RedState and now living a contemplative monk's existence in an aerie in New England) I was invited to do a series of short essays about how Satan became the political head of the whole world...except America. Central to that story has been ... Read More

Teaching History to C-Students, not just A-Students; a Note to Conservatives

Yesterday I saw a tweet by Mark Levin, plugging an August 19, 2019 article at The Federalist by Josh Lawson, "8 Back-to-School Books to Protect Students from Leftist Brainwashing". Other than throwing in an updated version of Thomas Paine's Common Sense and perhaps Alexis de Toqueville's Democracy in America, also updated for modern readers, making it a solid ... Read More