North Korea


Donald Trump has a habit of heading down a rabbit hole where only he knows he hopes it will lead. He keeps friend and foe …

The Hebrew Slaves Chorus to Liberty- Nana Mouskouri

Composed by Verdi in 1841, about the Hebrew slaves held by Nebuchkadnezzar, in the opera Nabucco, I have two versions with special meaning. one by the Greek chanteuse Nana Mouskouri, who recorded it in several languages but my favorite here in Spanish, and an especially poignant version here, sung by a South Korean Church Choir, our prayer for the Koreans still held in bondage north of the 38th parallel.


Tonight, after lights out, I’m going to sneak out, cross the wire at Yongsan, then across the DMZ and make my way to Pyongyang, slit that little pot-belly’s throat, and be back by reveille.

Now, if you think this is an empty threat, which do you think is greater? Me pulling that job off, or the North Koreans being able to hit any land target in the Pacific Ocean?

These Toys Are Not For Evil Children

The two worst of the “rogue nations”, those included in GW Bush’s “Axis of Evil” are on the cusp of acquiring nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. This is an abomination.