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The one thing universal to all “sh*t-holes” is they are man-made.

The one thing universal to all “sh*t-holes” is they are man-made. It isn’t racist to call out some black men who dig sh*tholes for other black men and put them there.

The Trump Tithe

It’s estimated that Donald Trump has lost $2B, or 14%, of his $14B estate, since becoming president. He knew this would happen. Compare this with average congresspersons who come to Washington with small assets and retire a few years later as millionaires, almost all of it off the books. Finally, an American who has given back to his country a true tithe rather than plucking it like a goose. Cheerfully.

Should Trump Hold Uninvited Rally for Ed Gillespie in Virginia?

Should Donald Trump stage an uninvited rally for Ed Gillespie in Virginia? We don’t need Easy Ed, but we do need Dems out of VA, and Trump still 3 yrs from draining the VA-side of the federal swamp. (Vote by Tweeting forward.)

Don and his Manage a’ Quatre with Chuck, Mitch, Nan and Paul

Politician-Republicans are besides themselves that Donald Trump has made common cause with the Enemy, even though they know it’s because the RINO wing of their Party would never call them “the Enemy”. Since this may mean the end of the party system as we have known it, re-alignments are being made as we speak, So, I see the entire menage a’ quatre possibly coming out as losers to be replaced by an entirely different melange. Good news, I think.