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U.S. House Democrats with a (R) after their name

This is a follow up to a post about keeping score on all of the elected in the U.S. Senate ... Read More

New Zealand Hobbits and Successful Reformers

Hobbits is included in the title for a couple of reasons. One is that the movie location for the Lord ... Read More

Democrats with a (R) after their name

This is an update on keeping score on all of the elected in the U.S. Senate that have a (R) ... Read More

Keeping Score August Recess Update

The August recess is a good time to provide an update on the scores of our Republicans elected to seats ... Read More

He who pays the piper calls the tune

`He who pays the piper calls the tune' means that the person who provides the money for something decides what ... Read More

16 Candidates Condensed Into 5 Wings

This is a huge number of Republican candidates who have officially declared they are running for President in 2016. The ... Read More

Presidential Profiles by Conservative Review

It was two months ago that we reported on a new feature from Conservative Review, Conservative Review Presidential Profiles. At ... Read More
fiscal ranking by state

Fiscal Conditions of States

In new research for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Senior Research Fellow Eileen Norcross ranks each US state’s ... Read More
WASHINGTON, DC - July 07: Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., during a news conference on debt limit negotiations. (Photo by Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly/Getty Images)

GOP Incumbents Who Earned Another Term In 2016 Senate Elections

Instead of looking at the horserace aspects of the 2016 Senate elections of Republican vs Democrat campaign war chests, polling, ... Read More
the Governors

8 Republican Governors Want To Be Our Next President

There are currently 14 Republicans who have officially declared that they are running for President, and Gov. Scott Walker and ... Read More

Rush Is Right; GOP Should Not Write Off States

Rush provided a little piece of good news that never gets reported elsewhere. The following is a portion of the ... Read More
presidential candidates header

Conservative Review Compares Declared Candidates

This is a work in progress at Conservative Review, and it will be updated as more Republicans formally announce they ... Read More

Heritage Action Just Released Scores for the 114th

Heritage Action just released their scorecard for the 114th Congress. Unlike the Conservative Review Liberty Score that include key votes ... Read More

Saving the Character of the Senate Through Common Purpose

Vassar's latest post about the 2016 GOP candidates for President got me thinking about a "Common Purpose" among the GOP ... Read More

Keeping Score on 2012 Class of GOP Representatives

There are 31 Republicans elected in November 2012 and one Republican, Mark Amodei NV-2 elected in a special election just ... Read More

Keeping Score on Other GOP Representatives

There are 42 Republicans who were first elected to office between 2004 and 2008. Some of these are tea party ... Read More

Keeping Score On GOP Representatives

A majority of the GOP Representatives have served for five terms or less. This may come as a shock to ... Read More

Keeping Score On Multi-term GOP Senators

Overall the scores for the first term Senators are better than for the multi-term Senators. The scores are currently determined ... Read More

Keeping Score on First Term GOP Senators

A majority of the GOP Senators are in their first term. This may come as a shock to many who ... Read More

Surveying the 2016 US Senate Election Battleground

This website started out with the inscription "Electing constitutional conservatives" in the banner at the top, and this Corner is ... Read More

Five States That Are The Most Free

John Locke Foundation is a state based think tank in North Carolina that has just released their first report that ... Read More

Why One Nation Succeeds And A Regional Counterpart Fails

Take two nations located in the the same region. After two decades, the citizens in the nation with economic freedom ... Read More

Four Countries That Are On the Right Economic Track—by Pilgrim

The 2015 Index of Economic Freedom shows the global average has edged up one-tenth of a point since 2014 to ... Read More

A Wish for the U.S. to be a Free Country Again—by Pilgrim

Heritage Foundation just released the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom, and this is the 20th anniversary of this report. Launched ... Read More
Ted Poe on House Floor

The Real House Leaders in 2014

The website GovTrack.us is an excellent resource to see how they voted, and they just came out with a Report ... Read More