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In that article I tried to divide the political universe into two components, the roughly 20% who follow politics regularly via mainstream media, and those who don’t. But by comparison, over 80m people watched the Monday night debate, and if measured against the 127M people who voted in 2012, that would tell us that closer to 60% are paying attention now and we are still 3-4 weeks away from when media mavens tell us people “really start paying attention.”.

Still, I doubt if these people, even many avid Trump followers, sense the sort of existential threat Publius Decuis Mus laid out in his recent “Flight 93 Election” opus where he opined that America is just one election away from being hijacked and flown into the side of a building in a fiery explosion, euphemistically “killing all on board”

That’s a powerful image and one few people even want to consider, as it reflects a reality most people associate with the early pre-war years of the German Reich or of Stalin’s decade-plus tearing down of the old order in Russia. Those sorts of images are still in Americans’ “unthinkable basket”.

Still the images are real, not fairy tales. Having been to the old Soviet Union before its fall, and knowing people, regular people, all over the old Soviet empire, I have first hand knowledge of the empty shells of humanity the collapse of communism has left in its wake. Even the best, among them Poland, will take a generation to relocate all its guiding stars, while Russia, without a counter-counter revolution, may never find even one..

So yes, to me, the Flight 93 metaphor is a reality I’ve known up-close. But here, today, it is still only a warning, as if to say, that plane is out there on the tarmac, fully fueled and ready for take-off, the crew of assassins waiting for boarders,…so DON’T BUY THAT TICKET.

PDM argues, and to my mind, convincingly, that this election may be our last chance to shut and lock the boarding gate before that happens..

But a lot of voters, good upright, will-probably-vote-for-Trump voters, still don’t see the threat in those terms. Nor should it matter just so long as they cast a vote against the would-be captain of the aircraft parked outside

Aside from the dedicated Trump supporters I still talk to a lot of wage-and hour-people, $8-$14, and an awful lot of retired professionals (engineers, stock brokers)  among them quite a few Indians (first generation) who really have unique perspectives on the whole ideal “to be American”. I seek these people out. If we have “undecided” pro-American voters, these are them.

And all of them consider themselves “haves” in the sense of good jobs or a secure retirement, and, except for the changes in their lives, and the lives of their adult children because of Obamacare, do not sense a looming, imminent threat arising from this election.

It’s just a choice between a greater and lesser evil. And to choose which is which.

In most cases they over-magnify the evil of Trump, inasmuch as he is much easier to spin “celebrity” gossip about, and minimize the evil of Hillary in the sense that her sins are political, and therefore easy to classify as ordinary in the average citizen’s mind. She’s a liar, but what politician isn’t? She’s a grasping, corrupt pay-for-play politician, but aren’t all politicians? Most really know very little about the magnitude of her crimes, her email scandal or the fact that many nations have hacked sensitive national secrets, possibly causing the deaths of our assets over there. Or that she has blood on her hands, her fingerprints not only in Benghazi but also in Syria. Or her perjuries.

Hillary is no ordinary political crook, skimming off a million here or a million there. They still consider her to be an ordinary, everyday run-of-the-mill member of America’s criminal political class, and remarkably, they consider Donald Trump to be one as well, even though he has never had a political moment in his life until this campaign.

In this group of voters, the crime of drawing moral equivalencies between serious crimes and boorish behavior, perjuries and white lies, dead men versus offended women, can be found in every conversation, fostered by a media, often conservative media, witness the few conservatives who tried to debunk PDM’s Flight 93 metaphor, with “Hey, we can get along just fine under a Hillary regime, for there will always a next election that we will be able to fight our way back.” Actually, that highlighted “we” applied only to a select few of insiders, ignoring the fate of millions.

Among these detached voters, this has actually been evident since the Clinton presidency, people today, sadly do not measure the damage done to their country except as how it affects them directly. They have not really noticed the plight of those destroyed by Obama, the millions who no longer have jobs to go to, but would like to. Those people are not in their orbit, they are invisible to them, and no one really goes out of his/her way to make them aware….until Donald Trump. That’s right, Donald Trump. And to be honest, he makes many of them uncomfortable for being made to think of those things. Make America Great is a “we” slogan, just as it was in 1980 and Ronald Reagan, and putting the “we” back into American politics is a necessary first step for the recovering indifferent patriot.

In short, many Americans feel, even as 20% have lost almost everything, the existential threat to them is Low.

Now, Publius Decius Mus wrote his essay to persuade an entirely different audience, the so-called “smarter-than-thou conservatives” who stand at the center of the (diminishing) #NeverTrump cabal.  It used to be a movement but I think PDM made a lot of headway among its less egotistical scholars, for even Ted Cruz has come over.

What we know is that Trump-enthusiasm is seismic, an airborne phenomenon. And there is an existential element in that enthusiasm, as well there has to be, since from the other side, the Left, this election is also existential. They can see 25-50 years of planning, hard work and execution going up in smoke in a very short period of time should they lose. Worse, they can see another hand reaching up to turn the heat control switch to OFF where they had been slowly boiling to death the nation. Just in time.

In the final analysis, the People are the repositors of true conservatism in American, and have been from the beginning. It will be for new conservative minds to re-frame conservatism around what the people have determined. I assure you Burke and the Founders will not be omitted. Also, rest assured the people will not be entirely correct. After all, we are an ordinary lot. So it will require a new generation of preachers, teachers and missionaries, instead of the fat, sassy scolds we seem to have inherited, to reintroduce and edify, even cajole, the people, rather than mock and stomp feet at them.

For you see, Donald Trump might embolden the people, but he cannot weed out that den of vipers who run our schools, K-thru-MBA/JD/PhD, or our local governments. As it was in the beginning, the government’s true purpose will be to keep the barbarians outside our gates, and away from our own self-made religious and social institutions. If we cannot or will not undertake to do that as a collective society, with the four-corners of the original Constitutional blueprint, then even the best of governments will eventually fail.

Like gods on Olympus, you will have to remember your place, as protectors of the people while they go about regaining their moral and civil culture, for without it they will surely die, Constitution or no Constitution

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What Hillary Needs to Win on Monday Night http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/24/what-hillary-needs-to-win-on-monday-night/ http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/24/what-hillary-needs-to-win-on-monday-night/#comments Sat, 24 Sep 2016 20:14:01 +0000 http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/?p=64395 On Monday night, Sept 26, I expect a full frontal assault, ambush if necessary, on Donald Trump by the interrogators on behalf of their fraternity, the American media. Hillary can’t go one-on-one with Trump, no matter how softball her questions are, but she has surrogates who stand to lose as much as she does and who are very adequate, or so they think, to nail Trump. They have nothing to lose by going all out, and drop what is left of their alleged objectivity. (Self-respect was killed years ago, only sometimes the assassin is the last to know.)

I look for this to be a Trump-Media debate, as that is the only chance Hillary has.

Unable to frustrate him with trick questions such as “Foreign Capitals for $500, Donald, What is the proper pronunciation of the capital of Burkina Faso?” (Ouagadougou), I expect them to try to make him angry, possibly rejecting every answer he gives as wrong, and asking him over and over again, if necessary, to provide the right one, or to clarify, in that special way only a Chris Wallace clone can.

Although skilled, if Trump does not train for this, such an ambush could turn ugly, for he has to know they are trying to get under his skin (proving he’s temperamentally unfit) and not challenging his policies, since he’s way ahead on those already. If every time he gets an an ambush question he knowingly turns and looks at Hillary, and winks, he cuts through the attack like a knife through butter.

Other than this, there is no insult (or argument) Hillary can make that Trump cannot double down back against her. She has to appeal to Black Lives Matter, while 90% of America disagrees. BLM rent-a-mobs in Charlotte this week cost Hillary votes in North Carolina, not gained them. In fact, any appeal to African-Americans, and all the things she can do for them tomorrow, after 16 years of yesterdays she and Bill, and then Barack didn’t do, is met with cynicism, all because Donald Trump reached out directly to them. All Trump has to say is “What do you have to lose?” and 20% of African-Americans already agree, which is an historic loss for Democrats. Have you seen the list of prominent blacks from Dr Ben Carson and Herman Cain to Denzel Washington, not to mention all the black pastors who have prayed for an end to the plantation system for 40 years?

And Hillary has been hung by her own $$$-pantaloons, since she can’t go from pro-life to pro choice as Al Gore and hubby Bill did, or from marriage being between a man and a woman to gay marriage as Barack did, because her positions on immigration have been bought and paid for by millions of “access dollars” paid to her foundation for several years… while the American people stand irresolutely against open borders in the south, and the idea of bringing in a quarter million Muslim “refugees” also paid for by undercover money, on the simple argument that if a few of them get out of hand and kill a bunch of Americans, it won’t be behind the protected gates of her protected class. These are acceptable casualties among the regular folk, no worse that traffic statistics.

Even women aren’t all that fired up about Hillary, in part because of her praise of economic strategies from the past eight years that have cost them jobs. It seems jobs do outweigh free birth control.

And she lies. Almost daily.  No embellishment Donald Trump can make can match the lies under oath, some still dripping in blood, that she has uttered. And unlike the good old days, when 70% of the voters weren’t paying attention until the middle of October, 85% of all Americans know these things and they have since September 11, 2012. It was Hillary herself, not Donald Trump, with help from Barack, that has caused the good old reliable stupid American voter base to pay much closer attention, and become much educated a whole lot sooner than October.

Hillary can’t take votes away from Trump. Only he can. So he wins a tie. But if he is prepared, a desperate media can turn this debate into a rout.

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Even 43% of “Don’t-Give-a-Damn’s” Don’t Give a Damn About Democrats in 2016 http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/24/64390/ http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/24/64390/#respond Sat, 24 Sep 2016 15:26:10 +0000 http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/?p=64390 inner-city-detroit

This is a repeat of an article posted here in 2014, leading into that historic election cycle. Same conditions, even greater dislike for the Democrats now that a candidate has finally decided to take his message straight to the place Don’t-Give-A-Damn’s live.

For reference, “Don’t-Give-a-Damns” is the name my friend Bernie Chumm gave to America’s irreligious. When we were young, in the 1950s, in most communities they were no more than 10%-20%. Then  the Left grabbed them in the 70s, and turned them into the “anti-religious”, and the most oppressed class in America, and grew them to near majority status, now measuring close Still, almost half of them have decided they no longer like the people who created them.

For the longest time we have argued that if it weren’t for the “lost” (in the religious as well as the awareness sense), Democrats and the Left would be a perpetual minority in America. But in the past fifty years they have figured out how to produce in their laboratories (public schools) their own personal Army of the Lost.

Only now it seems even these lab-rats are turning on their masters

For all the wrong reasons, I agree, but I see an opportunity here, especially since only recently many Don’t Give a Damn African-Americans have joined working, religious African-Americans to turn on the Democrats (witness this remarkable diatribe from Chicago), alongside a growing number of unmarried women and students, who would rather have jobs than free birth control or free beer.

This title is taken from an older 2012 article, quoting a Gallup Poll then about Obama that reported that 57% of those polled who never or rarely went to church gave President Obama favorable ratings, while only 43% of regular church attendees did. I’m quite certain that Obama has fallen even further among church-goers since then, as have the Democrats. That charade is over, although it did work when needed in 2012. What is interesting is this rise of  alienation among those 57% Don’t Give a Damns who don’t go to church.

This new alienation is exploitable only if we realize that we cannot rely on  the political class to do anything more than change the tone, to stir the pot, and plow the row in front of us, for it is entirely up to us to replant a sturdier crop and produce a better yield.

Other than stay true to our cause, we did little to bring this change about. Our politicians even less. Obama and his party have simply over-reached, and while, given time, they will recalibrate, just as they are dong right now with Touchscreen Voter Flipping  machines in Illinois, Maryland and God-knows-where-else, there is a real window of opportunity here to plant rows and rows of new plants.

Next year it will depend on the pressure we the people put on the new batch of leaders we will send off to Washington to set this new tone. Actually, change it.. That’s all we can reasonably expect from Republicans anyway, to be mindful of the People and our interests, and for good measure carry around a photo of Eric Cantor in their wallet just to know what we can do…when we’re only half-mad. Fear works, so give it a chance. The Constitution recognizes only one legitimate dispenser of fear in America, and that is the people.

As I have mentioned many times in the past, we are the last generation to 1) still know the original blueprint to the Constitutional plan, and 2) still be part of a majority in America. Our children, no matter how well we’ve taught them, will always be part of a declining minority unless we make those changes in he next 20-30 years.

The heavy lifting is still up to us…in local school districts, especially, where the Dems are pumping out 60% of 4 million  don’t-give-a-damn’s a year, and once they figure out new ways to give those kids new stuff, they will be right back up on the main road high-balling down the highway at 85 mph.

We have to win blacks over, but we need to go into the black neighborhoods to do it. Those four ex-felons (above) from Chicago are right. It’s about jobs and opportunities. We don’ need to save black white-collar hides here. The least should be first here. White-collar black government and city wards are the problem, for they have become the gate keepers and toll-takers, through which every black child has had to pass, and in some small way, has to repay the favor. They are forever in their benefactors’ debt.  But most are left behind, for no more cynical reason than to make that 1-in-a-1000 ticket all the more tasty to the lottery winner who get it, and all the more grateful to the black capo who passed it out. Black government in America has been turned into little more than a corrupt pyramid scheme.

You will find the same is true for Latinos, college kids, and anyone in the feminist and gay spheres of influence, for that’s how the Great White Democrats control their tribes, by putting their handlers in blue suits and Volvo’s, with an allowance they can use to trickle down to keep their troops in line.

It’s all very feudal in the Democrat camp, but the vassals are stirring. In France, when the vassals rose up, the royals rushed in and snuffed them out without mercy. In England, not long afterwards, Anglo villeins tried the same thing, and while eventually put down, they had a plan and a structure, and were able to send  more than a few lordships to meet their maker first, forcing a new relationship between the English kings and their subjects.

On that basis largely, when God was looking around for his own lab rats to found a new kind of society and government, He chose that independent English stock to put on the first boats..

So it will be if we go into these slave camps to free the hostages. You will be blessed, as will the America of tomorrow.

If not, alongside our numerous sins of allowing these pagans to overrun our nation, we will have to pay a toll to the Creator for, having seen our errors, still having done nothing to rectify them. That is, after all, the far greater sin.

As a variation on a theme I’ve raised before, this is where the real battlefield of saving and restoring America is to be found. This is where we need to direct our money, and our efforts and our minds. Like politics, it’s all local.

By doing so, you don’t have to confront the federal government or capital city. You can simply by-pass them, ignore them, and eventually turn off their spigot.

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New Major Compromise: Hill And The DNC Still Haven’t Learned Digital Security http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/21/new-major-compromise-hill-and-the-dnc-still-havent-learned-digital-security/ http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/21/new-major-compromise-hill-and-the-dnc-still-havent-learned-digital-security/#comments Wed, 21 Sep 2016 20:40:12 +0000 http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/?p=64384 The actual web address is hillaryclinton.com/calls so yes, the open call bank really belongs to Hillary; and no, Hillary and the DNC have not learned anything from the various recent digital indiscretions and hacks… unsecured bathroom email servers notwithstanding. Hillary is demonstrating that she cares nothing about contact data security for the voters in 20 states.
At first it was just their own data that Hillary and the DNC could not safeguard. Now it’s your contact data if you live in any of those 20 states.

Hilary is demonstrating openly and clearly that she cares nothing about easily employed security and is fully willing to place contact info for the voters in 20 states in jeopardy – a voter data harvest that does not even require a hack. And that does not require any accurate identifying info to gain access to the data.

At the web address above, there is no security to prevent someone using a free web spider to harvest *all* names and phone numbers for the voters in 20 states. Most modern free web spiders can harvest phone numbers as well as email addresses – and a recent court appeal agreed that it is not ‘hacking’ if the data harvested is not secured behind some sort of security apparatus. In the case of Hillary’s phone bank, not even the most trivial of security mechanisms is employed.

Just so you know (since many know I’m a digital guy) the systems my teams have employed in the past all required confirmation of a good email address, and the good phone bank systems call the phone banker (incoming call to your phone from the phone bank) so the system also has a good phone number recorded for the phone bank caller as well as a good email address. That’s what a properly designed and audited system would do.

But Hillary, and her team, and the DNC do not care about protecting sensitive voter contact info to judge by their actions.
But it get’s much much worse. Before going further, it’s important to note that I do not suggest that anyone engage in any shenanigans with Hillary’s horribly open resource.

Quite the opposite.

Here’s how it gets much worse: when enrolling to use Hillary’s vaunted call bank, they do not check your email address – you can give any false or spurious email address (you get no email to confirm that you gave a good email address) and are admitted to see the voter data instantly without a confirmation email being clicked. You know the process – you have to go through that short ‘ordeal’ to gain access to the most trivial blog… but Hillary’s team doesn’t even employ that simple measure – a security measure that is installed by default on most systems – they probably had to work hard to defeat even that basic security check.

When in the phone bank itself, you do not have to actually complete a call to record it as completed and move on to harvest the next phone number.

In spite of my insistence above, I’m sure there are plenty of strategists who will pay a visit anyway to learn Hillary’s most important states and what she is saying to the people in those 20 states.

So if you see Hillary acting smug about her numbers or ‘internal polling’ next week, you’ll know that someone wrote about 30 lines of PHP code to skew her internal numbers without dialing a single phone number.

Hillary, her team, and the DNC are demonstrating openly that they care not a whit about voter data security
But the idea of someone who is so sloppy and careless being in overall charge of government cyber-operations is a chilling thought.
Very chilling.

H/T to @kaltkrieger and @ANONAMERICANHQ who reported first on Twitter.

Ron Robinson was the National Digital Director for the Draft Carson Campaign. He does many quiet digital projects for campaigns, and is working now on a media project that will soon launch for crowdfunding (it’s cool – watch for it!)

http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/21/new-major-compromise-hill-and-the-dnc-still-havent-learned-digital-security/feed/ 1 64384
America not listening to the Kaepernickis – pt 1 : a dialogue is not started by a mortal insult http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/20/america-not-listening-to-the-kaepernickis-pt-1-a-dialogue-is-not-started-by-a-mortal-insult/ http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/20/america-not-listening-to-the-kaepernickis-pt-1-a-dialogue-is-not-started-by-a-mortal-insult/#comments Wed, 21 Sep 2016 03:13:32 +0000 http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/?p=64371 Imagine that you and I are in a public place. We’re not especially friends, but you are trying like mad to get my attention. You have something very important you need to discuss with me. I’ve noticed you but I’m rather interested in playing a video game on my phone. Exasperated and feeling you are out of options, you push my phone aside. You grab me by the shoulders, and with your eyes inches away from mine, you say, “Your mother is a whore.” Followed by, “Hey, I really need to have a conversation with you, and I just wanted to get your attention.”

Say what?

You got my attention, but there is not going to be a conversation. There is going to be a war.

Colin’s Issue is Police Brutality

There is a situation with local police and black communities in America. Of that there is no doubt. But it is much more complex than presented by our friendly domestic terrorism group. That group is lying, they are Sorosfunded, and unlike their name, they don’t actually give a hoot about black lives (or else they’d be in Chicago cleaning that mess up, and they’d also be promoting the heck out of two-parent families). I will address that and the larger issue of truth and justice in Part 2 (look for it Friday or perhaps next Monday)

Colin’s issue is specifically regarding police brutality against black people. It’s not about

  • men in lady’s restrooms (should be but the NFL would actually go after him for that)
  • Christians being forced to bake wedding cakes for gay weddings (should be)
  • the national debt (could be)
  • unindicted criminal presidential candidates (could be, and curiously he did mention that in passing)
  • the minimum wage
  • legal (Iraq) or illegal (Libya) wars
  • the rising cost of medical care thanks to you-know-who
  • or even open or closed borders (whichever he prefers)

It’s about local police. He goes on here about now “there are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Which logically says insult the national flag, right?

108241250_kansas_city_chiefs_cornerback_marcus_peters_raises_his_fist_in_the_air_during_the_national-large_transikuhv7k5mil0w0oevcztitckfe5_r4gn0epgvgh5sjo1Even assuming it is all true, I’d like to know how local police brutality is a justification for insulting the entire concept of America in the most personal way possible.

It’s not. And it’s certainly not how you get America’s attention.

His Words:
It’s something that can unify this country. If we have these real conversations that are uncomfortable for a lot of people. If we have these conversations, there’s a better understanding of where both sides are coming from.

No. Screw that guy, the guys on other teams who join him, the entire Seattle team, Roger Goodell, the NFL, ESPN, and all the morons who support them. Everybody except the Dallas Cowboys.

I’m not interested in having any conversation with somebody who disgraces America like that. And judging from two weeks of TV ratings, I’m not the only one.

http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/20/america-not-listening-to-the-kaepernickis-pt-1-a-dialogue-is-not-started-by-a-mortal-insult/feed/ 5 64371
Not Forgotten #AngelFamilies #NoAmnesty #RemembranceProject http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/19/not-forgotten-angelfamilies-noamnesty-remembranceproject/ http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/19/not-forgotten-angelfamilies-noamnesty-remembranceproject/#comments Mon, 19 Sep 2016 20:38:02 +0000 http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/?p=64363 When Donald Trump spoke up for victims of illegal aliens a year ago, I thought that it was fantastic and wondered as the campaign went on would he forget them. Not only has he not forgotten them he made them a promise, that they could come out of the shadows. You see it doesn’t work for politicians to give these crime victims a voice as their US Chamber sugardaddies want open borders, they don’t want America to have her own sovereignty. Dead Americans mean nothing to these traitors of greed. Trump to Victims of Illegal Alien Crime: You Have Been ‘Forced into the Shadows’

Trump noted that “there are so many people,” who have been victimized by open borders. “The devastation is unbelievable.”

“This has to end. It will end. if I become president, I promise you it will end,” Trump pledged. “Not one more American life should be given up in the name of open borders.”

“Whether its drug, terrorism, or violent crime our government is utterly failing in its core mission to defend and protect the people of this country,” Trump said, adding:

The most fundamental duty of government is to protect American lives… Anyone who fails to understand this is not fit to hold public office (loud applause). Every day our border remains open, innocent Americans are needlessly victimized and killed… Every day we fail to enforce our laws… is a day when a loving parent is at risk of losing their child. And it’s happening every single day. All across this country, dining room tables have an empty seat at the family table because our government abandoned its duty and failed to enforce our basic laws.

“What do you tell the mother who just buried her daughter because someone was released at the border who should have been sent home?” Trump asked. “What do you tell the young boy who will grow up without a dad because a criminal was deported five times, but was allowed to keep coming back, and coming back, and coming back into our country doing tremendous harm?”

“There are a lot of numbers in the immigration debate,” Trump added. “Let me give you the most important number of all. That most important number of all is the number of American lives that is acceptable to lose in the name of illegal immigration. Let me tell you what that number is: zero. Zero. Our nation should not accept one lost American life because our country failed to enforce its laws.”

Having been on the frontlines of stopping the Democrats, Republicans and US Chamber on amnesty for illegals since 2005 to see a man give voice to the victims is exciting. No one listened, no one cared and along came Donald J Trump who not only listened he has kept listening and he has done something no one else has, he has promised to end the open borders practiced in America 2016.

http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/19/not-forgotten-angelfamilies-noamnesty-remembranceproject/feed/ 1 64363
Putting the #NeverTrump Syndrome on the Couch http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/19/64359/ http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/19/64359/#respond Mon, 19 Sep 2016 19:40:03 +0000 http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/?p=64359 On closer inspection, it appears that NeverTrumpism is more than just a vanity built on elitism and status protection. It’s not unlike that choice between comfort and gut-check with My Generation, when our best and brightest came to its crossroads (Vietnam) and the best went one way while, sadly, too many of our brightest went the other. And stayed there.

Only a few days ago a faceless name, Publius Decius Mus, appeared on the national stage to detail how so many of conservatism’s putative brightest today, when staring down into the abyss as the passengers on Flight 93 did on 9-11, instead of rushing to man the ramparts, they have chosen to peer over that precipitous ledge and imagine instead a much gentler slope, a much softer landing, and a much better hope for a better tomorrow…

…in which they would still be as bright, shiny, bushy-tailed and as relevant as they are today.

Something more is at work here than mere self-serving ego and arrogance.

That said, I want to make this distinction now: many #NeverTrumpsters simply don’t like him, and never have, for a dozen separate reasons that require no greater explanation that they don’t like the way he looks or sounds. They don’t need to wrap themselves in beard-strolling platitudes. From the way Donald coifs his hair, boasts his conquests, calls people “loser” or “crooked” or “liar”, (even when they are) with many, this goes against the grain of generations of training in good manners and public decorum. I doubt if any American politician had said about Nikita Khrushchev in 1960 what Donald Trump  said about Ted Cruz in 2016 that he could have gotten even 10% of the Greatest Generation’s vote. You might ask Barry Goldwater, who said far less.They were raised to reject that kind of talk. Ever since he appeared in the pages of Playboy in 1991, or in front of his Taj Mahal that same year large swaths of Americana saw him as the poster boy for Babylon, which every preacher in every dry county in Kentucky preached against at least five times a year. My mother didn’t like him because 90% of all she knew about Trump she saw in the headlines on one of the tabloids at the check-out line at the A & P. And though retail was never a main business property of Trump’s, he still seemed to convey that sharpie “retail look” many people associated with a fast-talking New York haberdashers, a rag man who marked everything up 50%. Trump also carried (carries) a hint of P T Barnum, the showman, exemplified by his popular reality TV show, “The Apprentice.” Few people like flashy self-promoters in shark-skin suits.

Our own “conservative” talk radio morning program here in Richmond has run the soundtrack of a South Park episode highlighting the gallup pollster who ask households to make a moral equivalency between a “giant douche” and a “turd sandwich”; i.e, criminals are no worse than gaudy showmen. This is part of the rationalization of making that abyss look like a gentle slope. Hillary cannot commit any sin that this “conservative” station does not match with a morally equivalent sin by Trump…and always more loudly proclaiming his sin first.

This Fox News affiliate just can’t help themselves in mocking Trump and his business accomplishments, proving there is something deep in their collective psyches that causes them to find Trump more repugnant than Mrs Clinton, and somehow “their” futures more secure under her stewardship..

Still, as we move closer to election day, we’re seeing more and more of those Trump-haters mentioned above acknowledge in a variety of ways that they may have to bury those first impressions and accept the common sense logic that Publius Decius Mus analogized in his Flight 93 article. Only yesterday, Scott Adams, of “Dilbert” fame, essentially became a traitor to his economic class by saying that as a Have he could live with a Hillary presidency, but could understand why the far more numerous Have-Nots might not agree and elect Trump.

It seems PDM did less to persuade the common sense class about Trump as echo their survivalist reasoning.

The common sense of the average American citizen was way ahead of PDM, witness the historic support Jerry Falwell Jr threw behind Trump (over the genuinely evangelical Ted Cruz) during the primary. Falwell’s reasons presaged PDM’s Flight 93 metaphor by saying the we have to save the country before we can begin to rescue our special issues. Some evangelicals have never forgiven Falwell for that, only many more have now reconsidered and will vote Trump anyway, since saving the American holy ground seems to be their only option in a political world that is becoming more and more hostile to religious freedom.

PDM was not asking people to like Trump, indeed, he magnified Trump’s shortcomings. But he was verifying their common sense, as a way to magnify the, let’s face it, psychological shortcomings of the intellectual holdouts, who, as I just said, have dreamed up a gentler-slope-in-their-minds taking them to 2024 when happy times will be here again. As have’s they don’t much risk to their stake with Hillary.

The Couch

Let’s face it, the fact that the common sense American has been out in front of this intellectual branch of conservatism about what’s really important to America is why they now find themselves on the couch. Their disdain for the people who in fact are the whole reason for the constitutional blueprint being written in the first place has been forced into the open now that the people have spoken so loudly.

So what is now exposed is class versus de classe, which moves us closer to the genesis of the NeverTrump Syndrome, for you see, not only are the people who first jumped on the Trump train looked down upon by NeverTrumpsters (a sacrilege to true conservatism), but Trump himself, a super-wealthy businessman, is also looked down upon because of the manner in which he made his wealth.

As the English of the last century, well actually, today if you think of “Downton Abbey” in modern terms, would have remarked, Trump is in “the trades”. In other words, he works for a living, which in the civilized realms of better society, is unseemly and lower class. What the deep thinkers of the pundit class is not work, unless you consider exchanging world views at his Club, work. Worse, Trump builds things, which is almost as bad as being in retail. No self-respecting member of privilege could ever allow his daughter to marry a man in Sales nor his son to a daughter of a greengrocer.

That Donald Trump evokes this kind of response disturbs me more than any other aspect of this election, for it does seem as a nation, we are hurtling backwards to once again developing a thirst for an aristocracy, if not an out-and-out king. And to put the “petite” back into the bourgeoisie. What have we done since the 1960s-70s, especially in higher education, to convince ourselves that an inside job that doesn’t involve ledgers and payrolls and moving dirt and steel, is a superior vocation? When did being a private businessman become an epithet?

What are the circumstances that erstwhile writers (and most all the #NeverTrumpsters are) with no real experience other than hanging around other writers in the opinion business, and not even scholars at that, were able to insinuate themselves into the political process as our national referees or gatekeepers? Who appointed them Heimdall? Did they learn to look down on the hoi polloi once ensconced in Washington, or did that journey begin in 5th grade, or under the tutelage of Dr Dukenfield at Colgate?

Since the very idea of this type of self-appointed status seems much too leftish for me, I can only conclude that modern conservatives are practicing their crafts using a template of leftwing design, or are tied culturally at the hip with them. Either way, they are quite comfortable with it.

Indeed, the bulk of #NeverTrumpsters are indistinguishable by education or class from their counterparts on the Left; better educated, some with legal education but virtually no genuine practical experience, and the same with their economics, MBA’s but with little time in business working on the inside. Their career tracks are remarkably similar, from grade school to college to entering the circle of wizards. And in this campaign at least, and the subject is Trump, there is little to distinguish the tone of articles at Huffington Post, Think Progress, Vox, Salon, and the writings at the Federalist, RedState, Resurgent, National Review, and American Spectator.

What is unknown to me is how they chose to become conservatives in the first place? We’ve had this same conversation about Obama’s Christianity. The son of an atheist mother and a Muslim father, both communists, and raised in his early years by a Muslim in Indonesia, where and how did he have his Come-To-Jesus moment, since he claims to be a Christian? That event is film worthy, yet the biographies are silent.

As I alluded to at the very beginning, Baby Boomer Marxists never really had a come-to-Marx moment, either. They just went where their appetites took them, always taking door #2, and always refusing to turn around and go back because their vanities refused to allow them to admit they were wrong. Becoming leftists was almost an after-thought, but a very good paying one. Krauthammer is one of the few that I know who actually switched sides. David Horowitz another. They have stories.

I was raised to be a conservative but was a liberal-not-of-left until 1974 when Mary McGrory wrote I had to be of the left or couldn’t be a liberal. So I quit. But my Come-to-the-People moment, my constitutional epiphany didn’t occur until I saw those Soviet professors cry when I read them the Declaration of Independence.

I have no idea when or how our modern conservatives came to the altar of conservatism.  As I’ve mentioned before, stealing from a Billy Graham comment about Jesus, it causes one to wonder, if people call themselves conservative, why they don’t at least mention “the people” from time to time?

What were the ingredients that caused Stephen Hayes to become a conservative? Just picking Stephen out of a random list of about 50, when I still watched Fox, he was one of my favorites. But Donald Trump has turned him into a mumbling, sniveling oaf, so I looked him up on Wiki and found out he’s younger than my baby son. (The beard fooled me.)

It does seem  many conservatives chose their path for reasons having little to do with conservatism. In fact, their career tracks mirror those of the Left. And clearly, they seem to share common attitudes with the Left in their genuine disdain for “the people”.

The Syndrome and its Prompt

When so many people of similar education, circumstance and status all seem to be pulled in the same direction, in the same way, each of them casting aside the same roadblocks their years of training had taught them to deploy, all evoked by the same person, it would be fair to say, they are all being moved by the same agent. And that my friends, is a syndrome.

There does seem to be something swirling around inside all these people that they cannot control that is so compelling that they will transmogrify clear logic, dilute facts, and go to the ends of the earth to draw almost fictional moral equivalences between fundamental good and evil in order to justify their repudiation of a single man.

And if all else fails, they will even claim some degree of clairvoyance to know what is in the hearts and minds of their enemies (both Donald Trump and his inbred, snot-eyed supporters), so that when Donald Trump says he plans to do something after he becomes president, they can claim with certainty that he won’t, or will change his mind, or cannot because it is not within his skill level to know how to do it in the first place.

“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd”- Voltaire

This singular insight, clairvoyance, is their last line of defense against Trump, and that is the greatest absurdity of all. Because I look for such things, it has always been their degree of certainty about Trump that earns them a place on the couch. Even if I didn’t like him, which in the beginning I didn’t (very much), I still would have defended him simply because of the absurd things people I at one time or another respected, said about him. I won’t bore you with links, but you can back-track here to Summer, 2015, and see all the arguments I’ve written outlining Trump’s qualifications in critical presidential areas, which none, and I mean none, of his detractors have any qualifications to judge.

So it is for NeverTrumpsters. Donald Trump is their existential prompt.


In real life, everyone reading this has “prompts” buried away from the past. A prompt is anything, a smell, a color, a word, or name, that causes a thing from your past to rush forward from the inner recesses of your mind about and be freshly remembered. Most Twitter hashtags are prompts. I mentioned several prompts above that many non-intellectuals feel about Trump but have overcome simply by using common sense.

Donald Trump clearly is modern conservatism’s prompt, proving it is not real conservatism at all.

Most Christians seem to have worked that out. Regular people of common sense all seem to have worked that out. Me, I looked to people who actually know the man, versus those who only read about him in the tabloids or saw clips of what CNN and other media were feeding them. Herman Cain and Ben Carson’s opinions matter more than Glenn Beck’s. So do Diamond and Silk, come to think of it.

Again, what is most interesting is that the “brightest” of that generation, mostly Gen X and Gen Y, with a few old horses thrown in, are the lone hold outs, and the only way they can sustain their arguments is to abandon their intellectual base, and all common sense, and go with what has been culturally engrained in them, things they probably first began learning in 5th grade.


http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/19/64359/feed/ 0 64359
Publius Decius Mus Responds to His Critics http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/15/publius-decius-mus-responds-to-his-critics/ http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/15/publius-decius-mus-responds-to-his-critics/#comments Thu, 15 Sep 2016 15:32:26 +0000 http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/?p=64354 Just read

It’s only important to note that he did not once fall into vulgarisms, maintaining throughout the 20-40 year advantage in both manners and maturity he had when he began.

Good show, eh Wot!

http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/15/publius-decius-mus-responds-to-his-critics/feed/ 5 64354
The Missing “Buckley-Factor” in Publius Decius Mus’ Historic Essay http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/10/the-missing-buckley-factor-in-publius-decius-mus-historic-essay/ http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/10/the-missing-buckley-factor-in-publius-decius-mus-historic-essay/#comments Sat, 10 Sep 2016 18:49:43 +0000 http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/?p=64340 If you haven’t heard, a fellow (I assume) named Publius Decius Mus penned an anonymous, 10-page essay at the Claremont College website, entitled the Flight 93 Election It’s a near-masterpiece, even historic. While I have argued virtually every point raised by PDM for several years, his presentation is immaculate, chalkboard perfect in connecting dots with metaphors I could never match. This is a keeper, so print it, even highlight or diagram it.

It’s also long, but not above anyone’s head, even millennials, if they only put their whole minds to it. It’s what you might call a 4-dotter, where the author connects paragraphs with logic, one to the other, completing a nearly complete picture of the Trump candidacy and what it means to the nation and conservatism. (Then finally, with William F Buckley’s assistance, I add the constitutional position of the average American citizen.)

The essay is an explanation, more than an attack, on the position held by the #NeverTrump crowd, politely chastising the logic of their arguments more as a parish priest might a wayward soul than a fire-breathing Billy Sunday pounding on the pulpit. But as you can imagine, many took offense anyway.

Clearly, Publius Decius Mus’ logic isn’t shared universally.

Nor was it, for my conservative tastes, complete. As a unified theory, it missed a point, which I have raised below, but only after I’ve dispensed with the teat-fittery, for you see, whether intentional or nor, Publius Decius Mus’ arguments are largely generationally-resisted, between a group that has largely been around a long time, and have the benefit of experiences, and insights gathered by those experiences, that millennials and far too many Gen Xers, can’t claim…yet.

So, when Rush Limbaugh brought this essay to the general public’s attention last week, it caused a firestorm of controversy, while also possibly producing an irreversible sea-change in the election itself, in that it depicted the reality of a Hillary Clinton victory in November in stark, even harsher terms than anyone (other than me) has portrayed to them.

That so many anti-Trumpsters may be edging closer to voting for Trump anyway, based on PDM’s Flight 93 metaphor, may in part explain the vitriol that has been employed to counter its impact. The January 2016 “National Review” issue was dedicated to prevent just this very thing. Publius Decius Mus has proved that it didn’t work.

But I have this curious interest with millennials, especially its brightest, knowing that some day sooner than I’d hoped, we’re going to have to bequeath the whole conservative shooting match to them, one way or another. So even if we win in 2016 conservatism may well still face its own Flight 93 moment say 15-20 years from now. Their arrogance and vanity, and me-me-me’ism is so great they may never be able to grasp the finer we-we-we’isms of conservatism that well have passed with William F Buckley in 2008. In fact that’s how I measure conservatism-time, before- and after-WFB.

Which brings me to Ben Shapiro, who I still think is the cream of the millennial intellectual lot, even though he attended Harvard, which Buckley warned us about (below). My son, (45) who follows Ben more closely than I do, and, being closer in age tells me Ben had led him to think that he will hold his nose (God, how many times have we been asked to do that since 1992?) and vote for Trump anyway. But I didn’t get any hint of that in reading Ben’s screedposte at DailyWire, so you be the judge. I see some cause to believe that Ben Shapiro may have retrenched in the other direction, against Trump, which is teat-fittery writ large, since he may be arguing against his own logical inclinations.

I still believe Ben Shapiro to be the best of his generation, but unless he can look into his future and see himself as a big duck on a big pond some day in the future, after gaining experience, maturity, and heaps more knowledge than he currently possesses, not to mention just a dash of humility, and compare it with his current estate as just a big pissant in a shallow pool of warm pee today, while he truly is swimming at the top of his class, and quite profitably, I hold out little hope for him when he’s 45-50.

I’ve tried to save Ben in the past in this regard, but because of the urgency of the current election, I can only offer him my best wishes going into the final few weeks, for if things go as they seem to be, Ben, like that unlucky president of William and Mary, who went from first to worst by choosing the wrong side in 1776, going from the Great American Colonials list to Forgotten American Tories list in six short years, may find himself as one of the forgettable. But we simply have no time for foot-stomping tantrums. By 2017, should Trump win, all that will remain to be seen will be how many of these never-Trumpsters will become Great American Wreckers, as Ben Howe at RedState, and his duller-minded colleagues there have promised to assist Mrs Clinton in every way they can. (I’ve tried to save this other Ben, too, as I know him, and personally believe he could never have gotten through PDM’s essay without a cheat sheet.)

So, in yet another way, this election could indeed be many NeverTrumpsters own Flight 93, and they know it. This election is about their celebrity, their status, and their bank accounts. They’ve given less thought to true American conservatism than Milo has about kissing a girl.

About PDM’s Flight 93 metaphor

Now, I’m an historian and analyst, and my paying gigs for nearly 20 years was in using historical models to assess what are the possible and likely outcomes of certain kinds of political regimes coming to power. I learned my craft in the then-Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, 1991-2010.

It has long been my position, considering the clear intentions of the Left in this country, made manifest in the past 7 1/2 years under Obama, but even back to the Clinton years 1992-2000, that the Left is moving headlong toward one type or another of authoritarian government which will leave roughly 80% of the citizenry powerless in all the important things in our lives. There is at least 500 years of history, including recent history, which proves how these experiments work out. I came to know this intimately from the bottom-up in the old Soviet Bloc, where virtually every Russian believed that Lenin didn’t die, but was killed because he was getting a little too soft on the people.

So I have always proceeded under the assumption that there are no limitless number of tomorrows for the American people to restore their rights and power via the ballot box and electoral process. Ben Shapiro explicitly rejects this, and he is flat out wrong. But he is young and can be excused. Going up the generational ladder, to Erick Erickson, Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, Jeb Bush, and George Will, they are less excusable, although the private logic behind their reasoning may well be the same.

I have some friends over 60, who are full on board with Trump, but still cannot allow themselves to believe that such a thing could occur, to “think the unthinkable” about a complete razing of American culture and institutions, even as they’ve watched it plucked like a goose, feather-by-feather, for over 20 years now. I think Ronald Reagan could never have convinced himself to see “communists” in the eyes of Congress men and women when he gave a State of the Union address, or GW Bush could see in Congressmen a worse evil and threat to America than the one he was fighting in the Middle East. Reid and Pelosi were just harmless liberals. Barack Obama has proved him wrong, possibly fatally, and 2017 may well give is the answer.

Probably speaking for all of the anti-Trumpsters, Shapiro rejects the Flight 93 metaphor out-of-hand. But he only examined the one hand. You see, the doom was never a sure thing to many of the passengers on that aircraft. That logic was assumed by the few who actually took over the cabin and then attacked the cockpit. I’m sure many of the other passengers would not have been for it had they put it to a vote. They, like some of my friends, could never think the unthinkable and that in a few minutes they might be dead. But the one-in-a-million shot that they might actually be able to save themselves was moved to second place with the thought that if they did not take that risk, many more Americans on the ground, perhaps the Capitol Building, who knows, would also die.

If Publius Decius Mu were trying his Flight 93 metaphor in court, Shapiro would stand no chance with his arguments where the Rules of Evidence were in play, with a jury of adults not of the Harvard Law Faculty were sitting in judgment, for a survey of his entire generation’s political writings is a wasteland of “me-me-me” versus “they-they-they”. Circumstantial evidence would laugh any of that tribe, from Glen Beck down to Erik Erickson, who never quotes God without somehow glorifying himself, to the Ben’s, out of court.

Therefore PDM’s Washing5ton General’s analogy also works. You may not know the General’s, but I did as a kid in the 50s, as one of my college heroes, Bill Spivey, played for them. It works because the circumstantial case for a Flight 93 doomsday scenario, and the motives behind it, is better made than the puny notion that modern, post-Buckley conservatives are in the craft for “America and the other guy”, since clearly they are driven more by celebrity, status and money.  I can’t imagine George Will conceiving of a world in which he doesn’t have a full membership to Washington society, which was created and established by the 1930s Roosevelt’s: his ticket to all events paid for by the Washington Post.  I don’t think anyone argues that if one is to be successful inside the Beltway that their success will be as a satellite in a planetary system in which the American Left is the sun. So how can you try to destroy that which illuminates you.

Again, let a jury decide. But first, submit this final point to the jury:

What Publius Decius Mus missed was to establish the full a parameters

I don’t know how my millennials betters do it now, but when I was in my 30s I was a practicing Army lawyer and spent more time learning than telling people what I knew. I worked for senior officers who are in the history books. I studied just to keep up. And when I found an idea that was new or challenging, I immediately retreated to my closet (a little New Testament lingo there) to evaluate it. It was an acquired habit, and over the years Pascal, CS Lewis, Chesterton, and Tolkien have all sent me there. Lately Larry Schweikart, which I read nearly 10 years after “Patriot’s History” was published. But mostly I turned to “National Review” and William F Buckley, Jr.

One such comment of his is the basis for this essay.

I call it the Buckley-Factor, taken from his quote:

wfb faculty of harvard

After I came back from the USSR in early ’92 I wrote WFB and asked him if he actually meant those words.

He replied, as always, in a brief 4-word note probably typed on that little typewriter always sitting in his lap in the back of his car, while being driven to the airport, “You bet I did.”

I asked that question because of an incident that occurred to me in Ukraine around Christmas, 1991, at the home of a law professor: (I retell this story at every opportunity, as it was my road-to-Damascus moment about the Constitution, first driven home to me by WFB with that quote. In Ukraine that true purpose was revealed to me by some socialist college professors.

I’ve told this story before, of the time in 1991 I attended a birthday party for a law professor at a university in USSR Ukraine. Around three tables pushed together, in a dimly lit room, in early-winter, there were twelve, mostly academicians, all standing, glasses held high, while the host’s son would go around and fill each glass with a home-brew vodka in a very traditional Russian round-robin series of toasts. When this parade finally ended at the head the table, the host asked me to speak on his behalf. Just a little in my cups, and having nothing un-foolish to say right off the top of my head, I steadied myself and reached into my inside pocket and pulled out my trusty Cato Institute edition of the Constitution, and read from it aloud, more specifically, Jefferson’s famous lines of the Declaration, one slow phrase at a time, so it could be translated. “We hold these truths to be self-evident…”

At the time I didn’t know these words by heart, but I do now.

What happened next is why.

Common  words to many Americans,  I swear, I don’t think any of those Soviet professors had ever heard them before, for upon finishing, I looked up to see every person assembled crying, tears pouring down their cheeks. There wasn’t a single smug been-there-heard-that look in the crowd. I’m sure the vodka helped. Then after we had eaten, three of the professors, continuing a constitutional Q & A begun before the meal, rushed up to say “Mister, Mister, now we understand Amerika Constitution. Is simple…even Ivan Ivanovich (the Russian Homer Simpson) can pursue life, liberty, happiness without permission of state.” (Emphasis mine …and theirs.)

As Father Mulcahy of the old M.A.S.H. television series once said: “How can you experience something like that and not be changed?”

Only a day or two ago, Hillary Clinton called our collective Homer Simpsons “deplorable.” Last year, George W Bush called these same people, who elected him to office, “nativists” – and between the two Bens they have been called every name in the book, from hayseed, redneck, goober, hillbilly, illiterate, etc…

… and yet there is Bill Buckley saying he preferred being governed by them than Ben Shapiro’s faculty at Harvard. Who can better explain those law scholar-babes in Ukraine who heard Jefferson’s word and were moved to tears over the revelation of a simple truth.

I even published a book, “Famous Common People I have Known” (which is available at Amazon).

So, what does this highest of truths mean to our intellectual betters among the anti-Trumps?

Like our friend, Lady Penguin, who has said she will wear the name “deplorable” with honor, I think it is time we rededicate ourselves to the people about whom the country was created, its C-students, from whence all our A-students come, lest these little ungrateful sonsabitches have forgotten the shoulders they stand on.

They cannot be conservatives if they do not understand the miracle of both our creation as a free people, and our success as a nation, from C- to A-student because of it.

Evening Bells in Russian

http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/10/the-missing-buckley-factor-in-publius-decius-mus-historic-essay/feed/ 2 64340
Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly Has Passed; She Was America 1st, Last And Always http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/05/conservative-icon-phyllis-schlafly-has-passed-she-was-america-1st-last-and-always/ http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/05/conservative-icon-phyllis-schlafly-has-passed-she-was-america-1st-last-and-always/#comments Tue, 06 Sep 2016 00:04:33 +0000 http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/?p=64329 A woman who couldn’t be bought nor shut up by GOP Inc. has left her earthly body but her spirit is alive in this election cycle

Schlafly founded the Eagle Forum in 1972, a pro-family conservative group focusing heavily on social issues — it has about 80,000 members and, as of this week, Schlafly was still president.

“Phyllis Schlafly spent an astounding 70 years in public service of her fellow Americans,” said the Eagle Forum in a statement. “Her focus from her earliest days until her final ones was protecting the family, which she understood as the building block of life. She recognized America as the greatest political embodiment of those values. From military superiority and defense to immigration and trade; from unborn life to the nuclear family and parenthood, Phyllis Schlafly was a courageous and articulate voice for common sense and traditional values.”

She fought her own Eagle Forum board on her support for Trump.

Just one month after she endorsed Donald Trump for president, conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly says she is facing down an attempt to oust her from Eagle Forum, the grass-roots organization she founded 44 years ago.

“At 2 p.m. today, six directors of Eagle Forum met in an improper, unprecedented telephone meeting,” Schlafly said in a curious and specific statement sent to reporters Monday evening. “I objected to the meeting and at 2:11pm, I was muted from the call. The meeting was invalid under the bylaws but the attendees purported to pass several motions to wrest control of the organization from me. They are attempting to seize access to our bank accounts, to terminate employees, and to install members of their own Gang of 6 to control the bank accounts and all of Eagle Forum.”

They questioned her sanity due to her age, sadly she wasn’t the only person who has fought family members over their support for Trump this election cycle. So many know so much that they believe so strongly they will force it on you even if it means demeaning your life lived. Many younger family members of what Rush Limbaugh calls our oldsters have questioned their parents ability to discern their patriotism. Yet like Phyllis they have stood tall and followed their own intelligent thought, and not the emotional distress of their younger family members. She will be missed, she was one tough broad, and if I can be half the conservative warrior she was my life will have been well lived.

May the Lord open to the faithful departed the gates of paradise so that they may return to that home where there is no more death, but everlasting joy.

http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/2016/09/05/conservative-icon-phyllis-schlafly-has-passed-she-was-america-1st-last-and-always/feed/ 1 64329