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Is the Kim Jong-Un Regime on the Verge of Collapse?

Is the Kim Jong-Un Regime on the Verge of Collapse?

(revised app o90o 4/19/2017) Kim Jong-un is the third leader of North Korea, from the only family to lead that country since it was formed in 1948 as a Stalinist Read More
The Democrats

The Democrats’ Dire Situation Analysis, 2017-2037

Donald Trump became president because large numbers of traditional Democrat voters unexpectedly came over to his side. Some of them voted for Mr Trump, while many others did not bother to vote for Read More

The People’s Commission to the Republicans

Subject: What to do about a Republican Party that is so stockholmed with fear, fractured by ambition, tone deaf to its own people, culturally monochrome, buried in petty policy differences and Read More
Sean Spicer, Herding Journalists on The White House Family Feud

Sean Spicer, Herding Journalists on The White House Family Feud

My only complaint with Sean Spicer is that he has always given the White House press corps more credit than they deserve. Like uncivil students who take advantage of a Read More

The Republicans’ Savo Island-“Five Sitting Ducks” Defeat

When you get your butt kicked all sorts of lessons from history come to mind. But when that butt-kicking is self-imposed the analogies narrow The lessons I think most appropriate in Read More

The Jefferson-Hamilton Handshake, the 2 x 4 Version

The bulk of this essay was first written in 2010 when serious conservatives saw the GOP Establishment merely as shameless cravens, part- Stockholm Syndrome to their Democrat betters, across the Read More

Socialism: the Real Unaffordable Healthcare Plan

Long before Obamacare, was Medicare, which the government/health insurance companies eagerly force on you at retirement. You can’t even use a separate plan after 65, unless working. So that’s the Read More

To be American: American Exceptionalism and Assimilation

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I think there is a general misconception of just what assimilation means to the ideal of "to be American". To understand American exceptionalism you must first realize that it was created Read More

How Donald Trump Can Rescue the Economies of Latin America Using Mexico as a Model

A good story, by Kate Linthicum of the Los Angeles Times, A Tale of Two Cities, What Happened When Factory Jobs Moved from Warren, Ohio to Juarez, Mexico, should give Read More

War Gaming, Part II: The Flynn-Spin

(see Part I, Introduction, here.) In December, 1941, America went to war, and that war wasn't over until September, 1945. Almost four years. The whole nation went to war those Read More
War Gaming the Left

War Gaming the Left’s Next Moves, An Introduction

Prologue I've been saying for years that this war can only end one way, especially since it became apparent the political establishment had no taste for ending it at all. Read More
On Fascism

On Fascism

After several years, I'm still looking for a working definition of "middle class" from the Left and the Democrat Party that even remotely resembles the American private sector definition, as Read More
A Note to the GOP: You Ride With Criminals, You Hang With Criminals

A Note to the GOP: You Ride With Criminals, You Hang With Criminals

There's some talk that many Republicans in both the Senate and the House are getting wobbly about actually ending Obamacare. Suddenly, it's "repair", not "repeal and replace". My only question Read More

Women’s March in DC, The Harrowers From Hell, A Christian Apologist Perspective

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(Note to Christian apologists: This is why atheists are worth your time.) Mortimer Adler was the 20th Century's most prominent American philosopher, living almost the entirety of it, 1902-2001. Well Read More

Everyone Knows There is Illegal Voting

Just as everyone knew where the bootleg whisky was in 1930. So President Trump speaks a big truth. Media naysayers are either as innocent as church teetotalers were in 1930, Read More

On Donald Trump’s Inaugural Apologia to the American People

On Friday, January 20, 2017 Donald Trump strode to the microphone, looking out over a sea of citizens who had dreamed of this day, some for thirty years, and spoke Read More