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Apparently Gaining World Control is a Lot Harder Than it Looks; History Once Again at the Crossroads

Apparently Gaining World Control is a Lot Harder Than it Looks; History Once Again at the Crossroads

This week marks a seminal point in world history, not just about what will happen, but how what happens will be recorded. History as Written I argued in November that Read More

Explaining America to Millennials

"You are lost to history"- George Orwell, 1984 Larry Arnn, the president of Hillsdale College, is one of the most influential conservatives in America. Moreover, he does more than just Read More

Christian Apologetics and Modern Atheism

In probably what is an annual Christmas spread, The New York Times published an interview: "Am I a Christian, Pastor Timothy Keller?" by their Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, Nicholas Kristof, with Read More

Why the Media Cannot Censor Itself Back into Credibility

If you have a truth or a fact, be able to assert it with evidence. If not, admit it's something else, something less; hearsay, or, as many media people like Read More
Fake News is Killing Real News...but That

Fake News is Killing Real News…but That’s a Good Thing

Trust none of what you hear, some of what you read, half of what you see-- attributed to various writers Why this is a good thing is that once Real Read More

Neither the Media Nor the Left can Delegitimize Donald Trump’s Win. Period

So hear me! Hear Me, Rush Limbaugh. Rush once said that the media cannot destroy what it did not create, and it did not create Donald Trump. Now he tells Read More

Is the Ohio State Slasher America’s First Islamist Snowflake?

Abdul Razak ali-Artan, 19-year old Somali refugee, shot dead on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus. After trying to run down students with his vehicle, he leaped from his Read More

Hillary and History, Why Prosecution May Not be the Best Way to Cement Her Place In it.

Item: Donald Trump, despite his promises to the contrary during the campaign, has announced he will not seek to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton over both her private email Read More
Right and Alt-Right

Right and Alt-Right

We really can't begin to understand this phenomenon of alt-right, until we understand the origins of "the right". The linkage of understanding is just one term; the Left, as being Read More

Winning Changes Everything

"A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse." (Richard III, Acr 5, Scene 4) "A man without a horse is a foot"-- Col Sherman Potter More than the view Read More

The Best Way to Choose a President

There is only one sensible way to pick a leader. You have to compare intentions to results, and decide which candidate does what they say, and which candidate consistently disappoints. Read More

When I See Trump’s Rallies, I See Americans…

So much has already been said about Donald Trump. So much has been spun, chewed and spewed out by the malignant media. The DC politicians themselves have managed to note Read More

America’s Lost Army; People Who Don’t Read

I haven't talked about my old Cold War mentor Moses Sands in a few years. He moved to the higher pastures, and I mean that literally, in 2006. But back Read More

Hillary Clinton and Nuclear War by Indifference and Incompetence

(For the next three weeks I can find no profit in writing about anything except what possibly may be the peoples' last opportunity to express their choice for who should Read More

Fifty Shades of Hypocrisy

In comparison to the acceptance of sexual predation that has arisen from the Democrat Party in both the political world and popular culture since the 1990s, I'd say Donald Trump Read More
Donald Trump and the People

Donald Trump and the People’s Existential Threat

This is an update on a theme I raised in February 2016, "Donald Trump and the People" as I think the people see their existential threat more clearly now than Read More