Citizen With Bark On
This isn't about politics. This is about murder; murder by indifference.
There's been a spate of these lately, where a kid carries a pocket knife to school, a school official discovers it, calls the police and has the kid arrested, when it would have been much easier just to walk up to the kid and relieve him of it. There is...
American first generation corporations are not fascist in aspect, but by third generation corporations usually are.
Anyone who has studied the least little bit of European history, or just watched a PBS series on any one of English monarchs, knows that "the state", in the person of the king, isn't a single entity. Some are official. Many are not. Every royal court I've ever encountered was...

Adopt a Yankee

Where are the True Yankees? The Yankees are all dead. They have changed their stripes.
That emotion is: hatred of the good for being the good.
Obama can not allow himself to stand before the American public and say that Islamic terrorism has been renewed
Yes, this is a fundraiser, Part II. I contacted Mimi and asked for more religious pieces, so she sent photos of a few Icons to go along with the lacquer boxes from the art colonies of Russia. They are included in this updated offer.  She also had  a second St...