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Forrest Gump, an Update

Forrest Gump, an Update

I saw “Forrest Gump” when it was first released around July 4th, 1994. I saw it the second time yesterday, July4th 2018. It’s aged much better than I thought. I was 48 then and things that were just a part of the passing show, the panorama of the times, have come into clearer focus.

Who knew that those maggot-infested hippies that stormed the Washington Mall in 1969, and featured prominently in the Gump film, would still be seen today, their children no doubt, in almost all the same haunts their parents tromped, singing the same insipid songs, the same unwashed clothes, taking the same drugs, and the same slogans? And the same self-indulgence.

I recommend you see it again. If you are over 50, it will amaze you how much you can see today that you couldn’t 25 years ago.

Bill Clinton’s Key to Success

Bill Clinton’s Key to Success

Quoted from Richard Brookhiser’s biography of Alexander Hamilton, about Aaron Burr, the vice-president who killed him:

“…an old man who had met Burr when he was young was asked about Burr’s rare attraction, and said it came from his ‘manner of listening’. ‘He seemed…to find so much more in your words than you had intended; no flattery was more subtle.’

Listening is a virtue of the judicious and compassionate. But narcissists (also) do it surpassingly well. We associate Narcissus with beauty and self-regard, but the key to his myth is that it is about surfaces. Narcissus was captured by his reflection because that was all he had. Narcissists must live through their interactions, because there is no one home. Burr’s charm, attentiveness, and promiscuity: his ability to get schemes going, and his failure to follow them through; his lack of principle—all flow from his character. He was like a new refrigerator—bright, cold and empty.

Brookhiser wrapped up one man in a paragraph, and we’ll wrap up another.

21 and Stupid

Every college kid remembers when he turned 21 because it was the day he could use his own drivers’ license to get into the Boom-Boom …