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I Remember Mama

Every Mother’s Day for as many years as I can remember, I crack open a bottle of wine, in honor of one of the stars of the film, Uncle Cris, and a box of Kleenex, to honor the rest of the cast, and watch the 1948 film, “I Remember Mama.” The first time I saw it I was as a kid in high school, and I never watch it that I don’t find something new I’d overlooked.

It’s just a story of a family of Norwegian immigrants living in San Francisco around 1900, and how they dealt with everyday life; paying the bills, raising the children, dealing with illness, extended family, and giving up the old ways of the old country and adapting to the new ones in America.

To me it is still a melancholy reminder of what America used to be when assimilation and becoming American was a Good Thing. Today it is also a melancholy reminder of what Hollywood once was, for I know many of the people involved in the production of that film were of the Left, but who still approved of the “becoming American” part.

John McCain’s Death Song

Almost all the Western tribes had death songs; one for when they were about to die in battle, to taunt their enemy, another to tell their fathers …

Avoid the Great Lie

Avoid the Great Lie.

No matter where you gather your news, the Drudge or Yahoo news aggregator, Twitter, Facebook, even your favorite blog, or Fox, NBC, CNN. Even me. The greatest lie is when a person alleges as fact a thing that he does not know, nor cannot know, to be true. The dictionary provides all sorts of terms for us to use to broadcast that what we are saying is only an “opinion”, a “belief”, “a hearsay”, “the evidence suggests”.

Science requires this. The courtroom requires it. So does the ticket booth at the Pearly Gates.

And yes, this lie is greater than the knowing lie we may tell others. It’s not “No, Honey, that is not lipstick on my collar.”

This is the lie we tell ourselves.

It is the oven in which the vast majority of our politics is now baked. For a civilization it is behavior that is survival-endangering.

I would warn you to steer clear, for if the shooting ever does start, I’d hate for us to be staring ourselves in the face.

We’d lose.

All Things Considered

All things considered, I think Frederica Wilson is more handsome than Maxine, don’t you agree?

Purty has nothing to do with it.