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November 11

One of my favorite films from WWII is “They Were Expendable”, Robert Montgomery, John Wayne and Donna Reed. It was about the fall of the Philippines, Bataan and Corregidor, right after Pearl Harbor, a PT boat squadron and a romance that could never be because one of them had to be left behind. In fact, over 55,000 of them were left behind. Good history that captures the mood of the century. Worth the watch, available on several internet outlets.

Carnal Pleasures

I thought I was too old for this, but the sight of repugnant, arrogant men and women just having their asses kicked up and down …

The Trump Tithe

It’s estimated that Donald Trump has lost $2B, or 14%, of his $14B estate, since becoming president. He knew this would happen. Compare this with average congresspersons who come to Washington with small assets and retire a few years later as millionaires, almost all of it off the books. Finally, an American who has given back to his country a true tithe rather than plucking it like a goose. Cheerfully.

Is NFL Management Pulling a Skillings and Fastow act of Piracy?

With news that the NFL will not accede to fans’ demands about National Anthem, I’m beginning to think this may just be an ordinary act of piracy, much like how Skillings and Fastow cleaned out Enron. Fans continue to walk, CBS-Fox losing advertising dollars, and cannot wait 8 years to renegotiate. Expect nothing to be there when new management moves it.