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Veterans’ Tales is now Live

Ok, now come kick the tires at We invite every veteran and child of a veteran to come visit and rummage through old letters …


This piece isn’t really about Stormy Daniels since something at the basic trial court level of her claim against Donald Trump stinks. For starters, she and …


Donald Trump has a habit of heading down a rabbit hole where only he knows he hopes it will lead. He keeps friend and foe …

A Bloody Nose, a Dead Rose Rosebush, is all it Takes

Constant outrage is not patriotism. It incites only more outrage. Tell us where their rose bushes are, find their rose bushes, and go kill them. And they will stop. 90% of them. It’s called pain, and they have never felt it. A bloody nose, fergodskaes, is all it takes.

Obama’s Separate Realities

During his “secret” speech to a sports conference earlier in the week, Barack Obama repeated a comment made years earlier that America is divided into two camps with “separate realities”. That much is true.

But Obama laid the blame on the advent of talk radio, i.e, alternative media and Fox News in the 1990s, for leading America astray. In other words, America had always been of “one mind” as he and the Left envision it, when we know which came first, our America, and their America arose in the 1990s.

Bottom line? A war to the death. All that remains is to determine whether those deaths will be ritual or real. Keep that in mind.