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Ouch.  I don't know how there can still be undecideds out there, but after debate #1, I think there are less of you.

One Nation, Under Obama

Well, what do YOU think is more important?  Fifty meaningless little stars, or the man that was sent to us from above to put gas in your car, make your house payments, and stop the rising of the seas?
Making money out of thin air... what could possibly go wrong?
Maybe instead of demanding a 35% pay increase over 4 years, they should focus on increasing student reading proficiency to 35% in that same time.
Can it be? Scientists have finally discovered a gun that 'Progressives' don't want to ban.
After NASA, Neil Armstrong taught engineering at the University of Cincinnati, my alma mater...
America needs some R&R, but there will be no time to rest if we are going to fix the mistakes of the last three and a half years.
Hope & Change has given way to Hate & Scare from this point 'Forward.'