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Calling all Left Wing Media personnel! There is a front runner in the Republican bid for 2012. Get out your liberal playbooks! If you've misplaced your playbook, there is now an easier way to come up with your headlines... Introducing the 2012 Magnetic Democrat Playbook. Now you can...
Herman Cain must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, according to Janeane Garofalo. There is no other way to explain why he thinks for himself rather than doing what the liberals tell him to do. This kind of racist talk seems to be becoming her norm. Isn't she just a...
Background information is here: Obama is a Big Black Cloud, Says Ed Schultz and here: - NBC News Caught Red Handed Cross-Posted: (Conservative Political Cartoons)
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The D.C. Smurfs

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GE Gets X-Rayed

For some background information, see this CNN Blog story about GE moving jobs to China while GE's CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, is one of President Obama's advisers on U.S. job creation. Cross-Posted: (Conservative Political Cartoons)
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