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That List of Celebrities Who Promised to Move If Trump Won

An awful lot of celebrities including Stephen King tweeted and griped and groaned out their disgust at Donald Trump this year, especially when they were told by the lying media that there was no chance he would win. So they all said they would leave the country if he won.

Intentions and Results

There is a harsh reality of life that Republican voters sometimes understand and Democrat voters almost never do. That reality is that after all the …

The Best Way to Choose a President

There is only one sensible way to pick a leader. You have to compare intentions to results, and decide which candidate does what they say, and which candidate consistently disappoints. There are a lot of ways to make this list of Pros and Cons, but I’m going to explain a little method I call the BEST method.

Kipling: A General Summary

Let us not be fooled into believing that a government that lies in all things and acts to defraud and impoverish the people is anything new under the sun. It is the nature of all governments, everywhere, throughout all time. As Albert Jay Nock said with brutal simplicity, Rudyard Kipling poetized with elegance and humor.

Obama Says Kids Need to Hear Parents Speak Up About Risks of Guns

Last weekend the Pulse killer murdered 49 and wounded another 53 who were in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub (a mostly gay, Hispanic nightclub) in a 4 hour ordeal in which he also made 17 phone calls, texted his wife, checked his facebook news feed obsessively, made professions of loyalty to ISIS on his Facebook page, and told the 911 operator that he pledged loyalty to ISIS and was killing his victims as a religious work to his god, Allah.