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The Swamp Strikes Back

The Swamp has determined to take Trump out. Mueller has reportedly impaneled a grand jury, which indicates he believes he has evidence of criminality in …

William Shatner is still the best Captain Kirk, reason 38,341

Demonstrating once again why he is the best Captain Kirk and the only one who matters, William Shatner stirred up a storm on twitter this week when he let everyone know what a bunch of ignorant bullies the SJW / Snowflake / Antifa / Woke Crowd (pick one) are. They’re all about dividing people and making agreement impossible.

Natterings from the Notional National Swamp

Here’s how it works in Congress. There are two rules; (1) the Prime Directive is Get Re-elected; (2) You must get re-elected, which takes a lot of money, and either keeping 50-60% of the constituents happy, or keeping your constituents highly motivated and on the incumbent’s side.