USA in 2017: Best at Reducing CO2 Emissions: EU Nearly Worst Polluter


Food for thought: Perhaps getting yourself all worked up over every week’s media-approved CRISIS TO END ALL CRISES blue-plate special is sometimes premature. And sometimes it leaves you just flat-out believing things that are untrue, and laying blame upon those who deserve no such blame.

So how about this one a few months back: Trump, the EPA, Scott Pruitt, getting the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord as part of two general presidential policies that Trump had campaigned on : skepticism of the Climate Change Hypothesis (I am being generous, so take a chill pill and get yourself untriggered); and put forth a bold, America-first approach to foreign relations, particular in economic matters. Both of these were polar-opposite to the Obamanista policies.

I’m going to show you a little computer-programming insider baseball, with a little trick we do. Token A = “the #DemocratMedia complex cried that a Trump World would accelerate global warming and the air would turn to smog as evil business empires wantonly belched pollution into the air in search of profit. Voters were urged to save the planet, and oppose this grossly irresponsible and evil bargain with Satan”;

So let’s wind the clock back a bit. Without getting into the merits of the Global Warming Hypothesis I hope, and without getting in to the merits of the Accord, I just want to show the hype versus the reality.

  • As Trump campaigned on all these things, and specifically spoke of getting out of the Paris Accord, [insert Token A here].
  • Trump won. He nominated Oklahoma Congressman and noted EPA-hater Scott Pruitt as EPA Director, and [insert Token A here].
  • Trump, Pruitt, and many under his direction went hard after Obama-era policies and regulations. And [insert Token A here].
  • In 2017 Trump announced and began the 4-year process of exiting the Paris Climate Accord, and [insert Token A here]. Add to it that the EU in particular targeted Trump for derision and blame.

And in March 2018, Scientific American reports that global CO2 levels soared after the 2015 signing of the Accord, specifically noting that emissions rose in Europe and Asia, and lowered in the US. Meanwhile, [insert Token A here]. Now this, a chart. Of note is the fact that the USA is at the TOP OF THE CHART in terms of diminishing CO2 emissions. China, India, and the EU (yes, *that* EU) LED THE WAY IN INCREASED EMISSIONS. And almost certainly, we will see that [insert Token A here].

This chart courtesy of AEI :

First of all, those unspeakably sanctimonious hypocrites. Second of all…for Pete’s sake, American #DemocratMedia complex, stress much? Cry wolf much? And all you people who go along on the hyper-stress ride with them. Aren’t you about ready to start not being manipulated and led along like sheep?

A counter-point: a fair argument can be made that after only one year as president, Trump and Trump policies deserve no credit for reducing CO2 emissions. Fair enough. I will counter that by noting that as of 2016, the Obama administration had taken essentially no steps toward coming into compliance with the Paris Accord, outside what was already being done. So they get no credit either. It is true that a future result of Trumpist dismantling of the regulatory state would probably diminish the stellar #1 standing of this chart. So be it. We would have to go a long, long way before we became net-negative, and still further down before we matched the wanton pollution level of those feckless you-know-whats, the European Union. Regardless, what the #DemocratMedia complex has screamed from the top of every hill simply isn’t happening.

Same as pretty much every other blue-plate special Crisis-of-the-Week they sell.

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Jaded ByPolitics
Jaded ByPolitics
July 16, 2018 6:53 pm

Well all that fraudulent climate change crap was about America redistributing her wealth not anyone else!

Larry Eastbay
July 17, 2018 12:00 am

The thing that most CAGW folks won’t admit is that this tiny trace element in our atmosphere is the ONLY substance that allows us “carbon based” lifeforms to exist. Also the current 400ppm (parts per million) is just barely twice the minimum level where plants cannot grow.

July 17, 2018 5:47 pm

The EU thought all those Immigrants were going to spin all their windmills that don’t work. Instead they just go to the head of the line in airport bathrooms with no one uttering a peep (yes I witnessed the latter in Paris).

I hope the new guy at EPA is a slash and burn type like Pruitt.