Bannon, Koch Brothers, and How Conservatives Disappoint “Thought Leaders”

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Stephen Bannon now says that being anti-establishment is not going to work. Well, when you’ve had potential millions swept out from under your feet because you overstepped your perceived authority, those marbles in your head tend to clang. Mr. Bannon fell into the junior varsity trap of celebrity and power, that is to say, he believed he had more of each than was actually in his purview. Bannon on His ‘Revolution’: Never Mind

“People are starting to realize that the anti-establishment thing is kind of a luxury we can’t afford right now,” said Stephen K. Bannon, the president’s former chief strategist who six months ago said it was his objective to see Mr. McConnell removed as the Senate Republican leader.

That effort has been put on hold. And Mr. Bannon’s rebellion has considerably smaller ambitions than it did six months ago, when he was trying to recruit challengers to every Republican incumbent senator up for re-election this year, with the exception of Ted Cruz of Texas.

Of those Mr. Bannon worked most closely with, just two are still running: Mr. McDaniel and Kelli Ward in Arizona, who is competing in a three-way primary for the seat that opened up after Senator Jeff Flake announced his retirement”.

“It’s a fascinating and somewhat problematic shift of message and brand for the man who defined the “drain the swamp” persona of the Trump campaign. After vowing to unseat Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader, Bannon now agrees that maybe the GOP establishment is just fine if it means keeping a majority.

The “mastermind” behind Trump’s victory (if you believe Bannon’s own self-serving press leaks) has had a change of heart, that’s for sure.

Establishment publications are already claiming victory for Bannon’s flip-flop and they deserve a little glee in witnessing their bete noire’s cummuppance. But the real danger for Bannon is not the victory he seems to have handed his opponents, it’s the question of his own political relevance.

If Steve Bannon doesn’t stand for “Burn the GOP establishment to the ground” anymore, then what does he stand for?

If he’s not essential in reshaping and purging the Republican Party on behalf of Donald Trump and Trumpism, then what is he useful for?

At this point, why does anyone need Steve Bannon?”

At this point, why does anyone need Bannon? These so-called “thought leaders” of the Right believe conservatives are malleable. Malleable? No, they’re intelligent, hard-working people who are quite independent in their thinking. They don’t need the Bannons and Koch Brothers to tell them how to think or vote. Elitist “thought leaders” take their cues from the Left in this belief, and are disappointed when we prove them wrong. It was the Koch brothers who voiced this poor, pitiful notion about conservatives during the Trump run. Remember, under the TEA Party revolution of taking America back from the left, the Koch brothers trained thousands in how to take back power from the elected goons in Congress. When those same people, who by the way, had been screaming “NO” to amnesty turned to Trump to build the wall, they were shocked to find we had not forgotten our stance on illegal immigration. Politico: Libertarian Koch Brothers Recognize 2016 Defeat by Populists

In interviews, some [Koch]insiders traced the network’s decline — or at least its decline in growth — to its decision to sit out the presidential race, at first out of disagreement over whether to play in the crowded GOP primary, and then out of distaste for Trump…

Asked about his comments at the staff meeting, [Mark Holden] acknowledged that “we’ve had very little success moving the needle at the federal level. It’s always difficult.” But, he added “we have had a lot of success at the state level and we hope that we will continue to do so.”

Ironically, though, some Koch insiders and critics alike agree that the conditions that are now challenging the Kochs are in some ways of their own creation. By helping to empower the anti-establishment tea party protests in 2009 and 2010, these people say, the Koch network inadvertently laid the groundwork for a movement that turned towards a strain of anti-immigrant protectionism that is anathema to the Koch’s ideology, and that proved fertile ground for Trump’s nationalist brand of populism.

“We are partly responsible,” said one former network staffer. “We invested a lot in training and arming a grassroots army that was not controllable, and some of these people have used it in ways that are not consistent with our principles, with our goal of advancing a free society, and instead they have furthered the alt-right.” …

“What we feel really badly about is that we were not able to educate many in the tea party more about how the process works and how free markets work,” said the donor. “Seeing this movement that we were part of creating going off in a direction that’s anti-free-market, anti-trade and anti-immigrant — many of us are really saddened by that. Unfortunately, there is little in the short term we can do about that.”

Make note, that once again, we’ve let down our supposed intellectual betters. These stories always make me laugh as no one is an intellectual better to a common-sense conservative. The tool to success has always been common sense, intellectualism is a 30 foot high view of life, and never makes adjustments for changes on the ground. I, and millions upon millions more, will continue to let down the “thought leaders” of the Right because we don’t walk in lockstep to the tune of anyone. The job of common-sense conservatives, as United States citizens, is to not only protect and defend America, but to turn over a better country to our children and grandchildren. It is not to please anyone else. We’re not here to please the globalists. We’re certainly not here to do the bidding of the elitist players from our side – who, it turns out, aren’t much different in their manipulation and desire for power/control, than the Lefty side of the political spectrum. What the elitists don’t realize is that we’re willing to walk on broken glass to accomplish these goals. #MAGA, and the election of Donald J Trump in 2016, was exactly what the original Tea Party intended. Due to the perfidy of the likes of the Establishment GOP, Koch Brothers’ money, (and others) it took us a little longer to get there.

We’re not going anywhere…

We will always rise from the ashes, it’s who we are, it’s what we do.

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  1. PUMABydesign001 June 4th, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    “…What we feel really badly about is that we were not able to educate many in the tea party more about how the process works and how free markets work….” Dog whistle for how dare ‘we, the People, think for ourselves’…“we didn’t teach them to do that.” The likes of these arrogant nitwits stuck on drinking their own kool-aid is that they give themselves far too much credit.

    The one thing that elitists, on the left and right have in common is that they continue to underestimate the intelligence of those they deem beneath them. Stupid American voters, Conservatives are not!

    • Jaded ByPolitics June 4th, 2018 at 6:09 pm

      the difference between the left and right is we don’t stick with the lying losers once they’ve been outed!

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