Xzina caught a squirrel Sunday morning.  She was pretty proud.  It was quite a chase, 150 yards across the yard, the squirrel zigging and zagging, using every trick its wicked mind could dream up and Xzina continually closing the gap, her mouth snapping inches behind the bushy tail.  The gap had closed and jumping over a snow bank slowed the squirrel just enough.  One shake of Xzina’s head and it was all over but the cryin’.  Xzina brought it up to the steps and laid it at my feet.  She hates squirrels, they’re sneaky with all that tree climbing stuff and are always up to no good.  Kind of like Democrats.  So I cleaned it and fried it up with some onions and peppers, baked a squash and shared it all with the dogs.  They’re highly motivated to catch more of the hated squirrels now, it sucks to be a squirrel in my yard.  Saga Horribilus, the eight pound teacup boxer just caught a mouse.  It was like a scene from “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.”  I was Marlin Perkins hovering safely in a helicopter while Jim wrestled the rhino to the ground.  Saga likes her meat rare, good thing ‘cuz I’m not cooking mouse.

I shouldn’t have been surprised to see that the Left had taken over the Country Music Association any more than I should have been surprised by the politicization of the FBI, but I was.  Governor Huckabee, a noted social conservative accepted an invitation to join the CMA to promote their educational programs.  It was believed that his experience with education reforms as the Arkansas governor would be a useful addition to the team.  A couple members of the CMA had conniption fits.

“(Jason) Owen also criticized Huckabee’s views on gay marriage and other LGBT issues, making it clear he was personally insulted by the “grossly offensive” appointment. He and his husband are fathers to one boy and are expecting twins. Owen said his companies and clients would withdraw all support from the CMA Foundation if Huckabee was not removed.”  h/t The Federalist

I guess we know which side of the First Amendment Jason and his husband are on.  How much money does it take to control the CMA?

I’ve been waiting for a reason to play this song for a while, this one goes out to Jason and his hubby.  I’ll let Wynn Varble tell you about the song…

Whoa!  That bio sounded a mite… queer, didn’t it?

Jason and the hubby’s Leftist creds come from their refusal to allow a dissenting opinion, they damn sure ain’t conservative or fair minded.  It’s like the CMA has become a college campus.  Whitney Pastorek, a wannabe democrat politician in Nashville and another big money donor bitched about Huckabee’s association with the NRA.  Huckabee is a squishy republican at best, but he’s a good man doing what he feels is right.  He resigned with class.

The CMA has always been a political organization, run by big money.  Waylon and Willie pissed in the CMA’s wheaties back in the 70’s when they demanded to record their albums their way, with their bands.  Then Waylon actually had the gall to be the first country musician to earn a certified platinum album when “Wanted: The Outlaws” sold a million copies.

The CMA turned their back on Johnny Cash for the last ten years of his life.  Johnny recorded 4 albums, “American I, II III and IV” nothing got airplay, nothing was recognized, he was persona non grata to the country music industry.  After Johnny re-joined June they jumped on “Hurt” with both feet and milked it for everything they could get.  Four albums full of Johnny Cash’s music that nobody’s heard of because of the perfidy of the CMA, AMA etc.  But the CMA wasn’t promoting “America” they were busy with other things.

I gave up on country music associations, the CMA, the AMA, the Grand Ol’ Opry and all the rest of them years ago.  They’re all pitiful.  Hank Sr joined the Grand Ol Opry in 1948 but was kicked out in ’52 because his “Honky Tonkin’ Lifestyle” got the best of him.  Hank died on New Years Day 1953, before he could earn the Opry’s trust and be readmitted.  According to Hank Jr and Hank III getting kicked out of the Opry was one of Hank Sr’s greatest regrets.  They’ve both ran campaigns to get Hank Sr reinstated.  Hank III even became a member and tried to push it from the inside.  I’ll let him tell you about it.  If your granny or your kids are listening, it might be a good time to send ’em to the bathroom.

Hank III has the full support of Bocephus and neither of them have performed at the Opry since 2004.

One day in the early seventies some Nashville Record Producer, cut from the same cloth as Jason, the hubby and Witless or whatever her name is, told David Allen Coe that he wasn’t country.  David Allen always being good with a clever comeback told him to f*ck off (probably punched him) and went and found another record label.  He hit them with “If That Ain’t Country” then followed up with “Long Haired Redneck.”

I should have known the left was behind the pitiful state of Nashville and pop country music.  What part of America haven’t they been tearing down?  Leftist’s are worse than squirrels.  Stick with me, I’ll show y’all some music that they play with their britches on.

Retired Paratrooper, Biker, Tattoo Artist