March is comin’ in like a lamb, I’m reveling in six days of above freezing temperatures.  I did a little dance in the mud this afternoon just because it was 35 degrees.  You’ll have to take my word for it cuz’ I don’t video myself, but it was an awesome spectacle of rednecked-ness.  It was my pagan prayer to the gods of globull warmening.  The “leave like a lion” thing is really a buzz kill.  Its like seeing your ex-wife’s number on your “missed call list.”  It doesn’t matter what she wants it just pisses you off.  It always makes me think, “if I’d have killed her…  I’d be out on parole by now.”

Let me set the mood for this episode…  Hoyt Axton pretty much nails it.

…Three hundred thousand Yankees Is stiff in southern dust, We got three hundred thousand Before they conquered us, They died of southern fever And southern steel and shot, I wish they was three million Instead of what we got I can’t take up my musket And fight ’em down no more
But I ain’t a-goin’ to love them Now that is certain sure And I don’t want no pardon For what I was and am I won’t be reconstructed And I do not give a damn.”

Every so often we are treated to a change in the doomsday clock.  A group of geniuses have banded together and decided they can predict when the human race will destroy itself and the fake news media jumps on it with both feet.  I remember it from my childhood.  There’s another clock I’m a little more concerned about right now.  Its the same clock that stood in Thomas Jefferson’s house, it was on a steeple in Benjamin Franklin’s neighborhood.  Patrick Henry’s watch was ten years fast and Nathan Hale’s stopped suddenly.  We need to set our time to the Revolution Clock.  How close are we to when the people who are supposed to consent to be governed withdraw that consent?  There is a point on the horizon when America is going to say “You’re Gonna Change or I’m Gonna Leave.”

With the rabid anti-gun hysteria ginned up by the leftist media running at full-steam we are seeing the nature of the beast as we lose ground before it.  The truly stupid among us flock to the siren calls of the left and serve their desire to disarm us.  Only government can be responsible for our safety, only government can be responsible, only government can save us.  Government f*cked the dog 15 ways from Sunday with regards to the Florida school shooting but now the only possible answer is the punishment of law abiding citizens, the simultaneous ass-rape of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights while we place all our trust in the government.  The TShirt philosophers nailed that when they said “When Seconds Count, the Police are only 5 Minutes Away.”  They also say “I Carry a Gun Because a Cop is too Damned Heavy.”  The only reason you really need is “because I can.”  Politicians like to scream “Nobody Needs 10 Rounds to Kill A Deer!”  Need doesn’t have shit to do with it, its my god-given right and I want to.  Its time the Left came out and admitted what their goal is and why, “Cuz’ All I Smell is Gin and Smoke and Lies.”

The leftist state representatives from the Twin Cities introduced a bill last week.  It calls for a ban on all magazines over seven rounds, a ban on “assault rifles” with only two options, turn it in for destruction or take it out of the state.  They also demand the registration of all fire arms and the periodic inspection by the local sheriff’s department.  No need for a warrant, they just get to come in and snoop around anytime they like.  I guess the next bill will be quartering soldiers in my home.  They’ll only come to my house twice, I imagine the second time they’ll come with serious firepower.  I’ve got good fields of fire and they’ll have to work for the last 500 meters.

But now we know what they want, they want us disarmed by force of government if necessary.  I spent 20 years executing the last 500 meters of US Foreign Policy.  I understand how costly it can be.  So does the Sheriff.

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