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From My CP: 76 Years Ago Today, Kickin’ Out the Footlights With The 442nd Infantry Regiment

If I can steal and adapt a line from Robin Williams, the weather here is cold and shitty with further cold and shitty in the forecast.  Its been snowing since I left for work this morning and is forecast to continue till noon tomorrow.  Of course it started twelve hours before it was forecast to…  Hell, it’s like getting weather reports from Leonardo DiCaprio and manbearpig.  We’ll get what we get, it’s not like shitty weather is a surprise, this is Minnesota, the native Sioux told us stupid white people it meant “laughing water” and still laugh to this day because in the native Lakota language Minnesota means “shitty winter asshole-deep in snow and colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra.”  That’s a rough translation but it is accurate, why do you think the Black Hills are their sacred lands?  I’ll either go to work tomorrow or not, personally I’m hoping for not but I doubt it.  Last year we got a pretty heinous little storm, ten or twelve inches, I looked outside and decided I’d look like a pussy if I called in, so I left for work.  That’s the same reason that accounts for fifteen or twenty of my exits from an aircraft while in flight, I’d have turned around and told ’em to kiss my ass except I’d have looked like a pussy, at least if I died on impact folks would say, “That MF’er had big f’ing balls.”  Sometimes life only gives you a choice between shitty and shittier, it’s up to you to decide which is which.  So back to the snowstorm, two miles down the road I decided it was too shitty to continue.  There was only one problem with that decision.  I was following the tracks of an earlier travelling four-wheel drive truck and I could tell if I turned off those tracks I’d be stuck like Chuck.  The damn tracks led all the way to work.  Some days nothin’ goes right.

That rule holds true across the spectrum, some days nothin’ goes right.  I can’t find footage of Johnny Cash kickin’ out the footlights at the Grand Ol’ Opry in 1965 but here he is paying a little homage to that drunken, pissed-off brilliant moment.  God bless his rebellious ass.

I’m going to write about some other boys who were treated like shit tonight.  76 years ago today, the Democrat “champion of civil rights” FDR ordered 120,000 American Citizens of Japanese heritage into internment camps.  They were rounded up by men with guns, allowed to pack what they could carry with them and taken to shitholes across western America.  Their savings and business holdings were seized by the government, in many instances families were split up and sent to different camps.  Once in the camps it was not uncommon for 20 people to live in space designed to house four humans.  But according to the government these people weren’t humans, many considered them worse than animals.

A Democrat President and a Democrat controlled Congress(although the vote in Congress was bi-partisan) had robbed an entire race of people of their inalienable right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  The 1940 census counted 127,000 American citizens of Japanese descent, most of them second and third generation Americans.  The govt put them behind barbed wire fences and shot more than one “trying to escape.”  Then, a year later the govt came and asked young men of draft age to join the Armed Forces, many did, gladly even before the few who refused were sent to an early version of “super max” for refusing to fight for the country that had robbed and ass-raped them.

Most of those young Japanese-Americans were put into the 442nd Infantry Regiment led by white NCOs and Officers, and sent to the European Theater.  The 442nd had an assigned strength of 4500 men.  Interviews with the survivors proves that the vast majority raised their hands and took the oath hoping to prove to their Nation that they were citizens, true and trustworthy to the Nation of their birth.  Rather than something in Japanese or latin they chose for their Regimental motto the American phrase “Go For Broke.”

Go For Broke they did.  At one point during the fighting in southern France a unit of white soldiers, the 141st Infantry Regiment, known as the “Lost Battalion” had become surrounded by German forces.  The 442nd was tasked to rescue them.  Days of fighting followed, pinned down and taking horrific casualties the soldiers of the 442nd could bear no more.  If you leave out the humor while you use Popeye the Sailor’s quote it more sense than most descriptions.  “That’s all I can stands, I cant stands no more.”  Hundreds of survivors, still filled with fighting spirit rose as a man from their hasty fighting positions (commonly known as “ranger graves”) and charged up the French mountainside screaming “banzai” scaring the bejeebers out of the German troops and finally driving through the enemy to relieve the lost battalion.  Major General Dalquist, their Division Commander, ordered an awards ceremony after the battle.  Of the original 300 men, Company K had eighteen men in the formation, they were joined by the eight survivors from Company I.  General Dahlquist had a conniption fit demanding that all the men of the Company stand in the formation.  The freshly brevetted Company Commander informed his Division Commander’s sorry stupid ass that those twenty-six men were the entirety of the survivors of the rescue mission.

Between their arrival in the European Theater in June 1944 and VE Day, May 5, 1945 the 442nd suffered 93% casualties.  That casualty rate caused 14,000 men to rotate through the unit during those eleven months. Combined, those 14,000 hated and despised men of Japanese heritage earned 21 Medals of Honor, 52 Distinguished Service Crosses (19 of which were upgraded to MOH’s in 2000), 560 Silver Stars, plus 28 Oak Leaf Clusters denoting second awards, 22 Legion Of Merit Medals, 15 Soldier’s Medals and 4000 Bronze Stars plus 1200 OLC’s denoting second (or third) awards and 9,486 Purple Hearts.  The 442nd Regimental Combat Team stands today as the most decorated unit in the history of the United States Army.

These are the Medal of Honor recipients and their award citations:

Those 14,000 men, even after being robbed of their god-given rights by the government of the United States went for broke and exceeded every expectation in service to that same nation.

God Bless them each and every one and God Bless that Ragged Old Flag.

I just want to ask a couple questions before you go…

Do you think the leftists in America today would hesitate to put you in an internment camp if they thought they could?

Do you think your Second Amendment Rights are a major part of the reason they haven’t tried it already?

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Bernard Chumm

Allen, you’ve been reading my mail. We need to talk. I’ll get a note off to you this week, with contact.

Kenny Solomon

Answer to question one: I’m actually surprised those non-existent FEMA Camps didn’t open during El Guapo’s reign. If ‘that woman’ got elected, I’m 110% convinced the S would have HTF within a few short weeks of inauguration day.

Answer to question two: See answer to question one above.