You all know I enjoy watching football, and I love watching the Packers, and I have been bothered by the anthem protests enough to avoid NFL advertisers while still enjoying the game, but the NFL went too far this time. I may not watch another game.

I’ll say it…I don’t care about the kneelers’ issues. I am sure I could have compassion for someone’s struggles, even work to help make things right, but when they do what they have done, my level of concern for their issues drops to zero, zilch.

I have suffered for that flag, and I have literally seen men die for that flag before my eyes – white, black and Hispanic – some of this country’s best men and women. Too many people are ignorant in America…ignorant of the fact that over one MILLION men and women have given the last full measure of devotion in the name of Freedom under that flag. Every coffin that comes home bringing one of these fallen patriots is draped in an American flag. Their families are handed a carefully folded flag as these men and women are laid to rest. It’s a sacred ritual, solemn, and few words can assuage the grief.

I stand for the anthem and the flag to honor those sacrifices, and to celebrate the opportunities and freedoms we have here in America, unprecedented in human history. The flag represents everything good about the greatest nation on earth. America has its flaws – but to borrow from Benjamin Franklin – “It is the worst country there is, other than all the rest of them.”

Yes, you have the right to disrespect the flag, of course you do. I equally have the right to correctly identify you as gutter trash for doing so.

#NFL #PleaseStand

Veterans’ Group Superbowl ad rejected by NFL.

Scott MacHardy
Retired Army. Disabled Veteran. Constitutional Conservative. Ordained Minister.