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From My CP: I Wanna Party Like Charlie Sheen

We had a touch of winter in late October up here on the high prairie.  It abated for a couple weeks but it’s back now with a vengeance.  Halfway home on my 11 mile drive from work turned to utter and total shit.  Zero visibility, 50 mph winds, snow blowing like farts from satan’s ass.  I knew it was coming so its not that huge a blow, I’m just trying to communicate the impact.  Right now if I was having a heart attack I wouldn’t drive 30 miles to the emergency room.  I already have a sprained spinctner muscle from gripping the seat of my car while I was driving by feel trying to get home and now the leather seat is ruined.  If you’re nervous enough you can feel the bumps when your tire hits the dotted lines in the center of the road.  That was how I navigated the the last couple miles home, its damn hard on the muscles, nerves and the seat involved.

Harvest and fall tillage is pretty much complete, there are a few who aren’t done but there’s always a few.  There are more than a few combine and tractor seats with spinctner folds.

I check the news on a couple trusted sites during every break from work, I must admit I’ve been checking them gleefully the past couple weeks, wondering which leftist would be accused of leading an assault in the “War on Women” next.  Since Hollywood fell to disclosed perversion DC has been circling the drain right behind it.  Not really a big surprise there.  The left accused Judge Roy Moore, just like it accused Donald Trump, but the startling revelations (?) have been all democrat since then.  Ya know, the leftists wanna party like Charlie Sheen.  Apparently my very own Senator likes to take advantage of unsuspecting women.  Threats of impending death wouldn’t convince me to vote for his stupid ass but that doesn’t apply to the urban areas of my state.

Please allow me to introduce Scuzz Twittly, underground master of the bottle neck slide and judging from the video, descended from one of Vassar Bushmills childhood neighbors.  If Vassar learned how to play a six-string…  who knows?  But I know he’d have played a bottleneck slide like a bad ass….


I’ll bet Vassar cut a fine figure in bib overalls.

The timing of the Judge Roy Moore accusations struck me as suspicious, just like the accusations during Trump’s candidacy.  Then Gloria Allred showed up.  She, like Hillary, only tells the truth by accident.  Truth is anathema to her, hell she might burst into flames if that pitiful whore intentionally uttered truths.  But Harvey, Spacey, Franken and Conyers, well that opens a whole new can of worms.  There is a forceful undercurrent of State Legislatures reeling from accusations of sexual harassment.  Including Minnesota, while under the stewardship of ultra-democrat Mark Dayton.  The insufferable piece of shit who told me a year ago that I wasn’t welcome here.  I’ve never raped anyone, maybe you should revise your standards you pitiful, unflushable, corn-laden turd.

The only people shocked by the number of our aristocracy who are serial abusers are the truly innocent, god-bless their little pea pickin’ hearts.  Our newly declared aristocracy are swamp creatures after all, what would you expect?  When was the last time your government represented you?  We’ve been electing abusers and scumbags repeatedly for decades.  Unknown to us over those decades the new aristocracy hired bureaucrats and set them up for life.  How long has it been since we had a government that actually operated under the consent of the governed?  How long has it been?  I’m not sure but it’s a long way back to Hank.


If you’re thinking about our government, like today’s country music, yep, it’s a long way, back to Hank.  It’s a long way back to good governance.  It’s a long way back to when the government required the consent of the governed.

So Alabama fell to the democrat/leftist accusations.  I can’t blame anyone there, the voters made up their own minds.  I’m sorry they allowed themselves to be swayed by democrat lies, poor dumb bastards.

After Roy Moore’s loss my broken heart needs to hear a Hank Song…




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Bernard Chumm

Actually, I played the guitar and banjo, only nothing electric. Paying gigs, even. But even the stump-trained in my day were well-shaved. Just the fashion I guess. Winter well, my friend. And drop us a private line from time to time so you can tell us what you really think.

Allen Ness
Allen Ness

That’s awesome Vassar, I learned music playing the accordion, believe it or not. Went from there to the trumpet and later the saxophone. I spent a lifetime being clean shaven, I steer clear of that these days.