It appears Malia Obama was trending on twitter for the better part of yesterday. She was smoking cigarettes, blowing smoke rings, and told the camera holder to film it. When I was young, I also could blow smoke rings, and by the way, it’s cool! (I don’t care if you don’t like cigarettes, that is your problem.) I think of Rizzo in Grease.

TMZ carries all the stories of her partying. Now there are certain circles of “conservatives” and a large contingent of the left who are screaming, “kids off limits.” Let’s get this straight – Malia is not a kid, she is an adult. I know America thinks adulthood doesn’t start until 26 – because you’re still in child daycare centers called colleges. But 19 is an adult. Let’s take this opportunity to walk America down memory lane. You see, when adult children of Republican Presidents are out and about, drinking, drugging, and generally being like millions of other college students, they’re considered to be “fair game” by the Leftist media. Remember Joan Walsh, who in 2001, was at Salon

Then there were randy National Enquirer photos of Jenna, a University of Texas freshman, and a beer-drinking pal, and a story about her alleged marijuana use. Yale freshman Barbara, supposedly the studious twin, had a false I.D. confiscated at a New Haven, Conn., bar. In April, the Enquirer featured a lurid tale of Barbara’s drunken spring-break binge in Mexico, and by the end of the month all major newspapers were carrying a story about Jenna being cited by police at an Austin bar for underage drinking, while Secret Service agents waited outside.

Let me repeat Ms. Walsh here, “and by the end of the month all major newspapers were carrying a story about Jenna.” Yes, that is correct, not just TMZ, nor the Enquirer, but ALL the major newspapers were telling stories about Jenna’s behavior, and made a big deal out of the youthful ignorance of the Bush twins. There was no rush to “leave the children alone.” No, my fine friends, it was a pile on by every major media in existence.

Those pictures were run everywhere. The media exhibited no moral or ethical restraint to NOT run them. Why? Because they were Republican “children.” So just remember when you are tweeting or retweeting others’ tweets or tweeting your own opinion on Malia Obama, she is still a public figure, and she is obviously having a bang up time at college. Those who ‘tut tut’ you, are the same people who’d destroy a Republican’s child in a New York minute. To Lefties, the “end justifies the means.” Do not return to a prevent defense posture. This war on culture, this war for the very soul of this country will no longer have the rules being made by the Left. November 2016 was the end of two sets of rules – one for them, and one for us (which they dictated). They want Alinsky? We are going to give them Alinsky – good and hard.

A little advice for Malia, stop filming yourself, take all your friends’ phones when you enter a party, and have a great time at college. Life is short enjoy every last minute of it.

But remember, especially in this age of instant and viral technology, what you so precociously flaunt will immediately make its way around the world – in a split second.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy