All the news that’s fit to gather …..from the authorities.
Nobody wants a Pulitzer Prize anymore. Why is that? The Las Vegas Review Journal is whining and crying because the authorities won’t tell them anything about the Mandalay Bay shooting and thus they can’t know anything.

Well. While it may be that the LVRJ can’t know everything Sheriff Lombardo knows, here’s a little tidbit that shines a spotlight on the press’s incompetence and laziness these days. They complain that nobody will tell them ” …. whether the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay — where the gunman was staying — has surveillance cameras,….”.
Are you kidding me? How many people do you suppose are crawling about Las Vegas every day and every night who know whether the 32nd floor of the hotel has security cameras? How many past and present employees of the hotel do you suppose there are who know the answer to that question? For that matter, how many past and present guests of said hotel would know the answer to that question? For that matter, how many people just walking down the street at any moment in time could tell you that?

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