If the NFL #TakeaKnee people are truly trying to bring attention to an issue they want solved, (I have seen no evidence of this, but will give them the benefit of the doubt.) they can actually score a win on this issue. Next week, they could stand with hands over hearts for the anthem as is called for by tradition, the flag code, and NFL rules.
Before the game, they can make a big deal to the media about how they want their issues addressed, but this week they will stand in solidarity and respect the flag (which for a vast majority of Americans stands for the Constitution, the ideals of freedom, and those who have paid the ultimate price to secure and defend it). The narrative would change instantly in a positive way for them and regular people would have a motivation to listen to what they have to say.
I have literally read tens of thousands of words in news and commentary about the anthem protests and I would be surprised if the number of words referencing the reason behind the protests was over fifty.
Basically, these NFL players are spitting on America, the flag, the military, and my fallen comrades – and for what? They are angering the very people that they should be persuading if they truly feel there is an issue to be solved.
Everyone is free to protest peacefully, that is part of what defines America. The thing is, I have the same rights to my opinions and reactions. My entertainment dollars will go elsewhere as long as the NFL sanctions disrespect for the flag and by extension, for my fallen comrades. Boycotts are overrated, that isn’t what I am doing or calling for. I am simply voting with my wallet.
Parting thought: Your right to protest doesn’t make you any less of an a**clown for doing it.