What is this at USA Today?

Graham-Cassidy “Healthcare Bill” and the Obamacare/Medicaid bailout by the Feds with out tax dollars – continues.

It says it will keep much of Obamacare tax structure in place, but give the money to the states to allow them to create their own health care “systems” in the form of block grants.

So does that mean Medicaid is Kaput? Not according to this article:

Thirty-one states and the District of Columbia expanded Medicaid under Obamacare to people earning up to 138% of poverty. The Graham-Cassidy legislation would immediately block more states from expanding Medicaid and would stop the existing expansions in 2020. Instead, states would receive per capita block grants to address the needs of low-income residents.

So it won’t end Medicaid, just stop the expansion of it. Riiiiiiight! So now, we’re going to have to pay for Medicaid programs and we’re going to have to pay for Graham-Cassidy programs and we’re going to keep paying the Obamacare taxes that are inserted throughout the tax code.

So is this a win? Really????

Does letting the states create health care systems they want mean there are no strings attached? So that means no Congressional oversight, just dole out the money?

Does that mean Jeff Sessions doesn’t have a leg to stand on when he says when you municipal police forces get money from us you have to cooperate with us?

Is this like the United States funding the United Nations and they do whatever they want with the money?

Wait a minute…..is there a silver lining? Does this mean we can do away with the Department of Health and Human Services because the states will be handling all the administration of all health care and will make all the rules?

Well, no, because HHS still has to administer Medicare and Medicaid. (There it is, that Medicaid thing again. Tell me why we have to have ttwo health welfare programs for the same population of 320 million people, minus those who are on Medicare and those who have employer coverage?)

And if this is all a per capita block grant thing, and California is the biggest population state and they can do with the money what they want, assuming they don’t secede, then that means we will be officially and legally funding health care for illegal aliens, right?

Oh, yeah. we’re “winning” aren’t we!

p.s. One more thing – Will this mean all those Republican Senators up for re-election next year will campaign on having “repealed Obamacare”? Yeah, I thought so. Hand me the barf bag.

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