Its been raining here, three inches yesterday, that’s on top of two the week before.  Not enough to damage the crops, maybe it’ll boost the yield but it makes the garden a mess.  I’m getting a five-gallon bucket of green beans every four days, the sweet corn is awesome, jalapenos abound, the onions are starting to tip and there are a dozen ripe tomatoes a day.  These are the fat days of gardening, four months of weed picking, back breaking slavery pay off. I’ve been eating like a king for two weeks, freezing and canning as fast as I can, letting nothing go to waste. Hopefully I’ll eat like a king in February too.

Y’all know the Confederate Soldiers are near and dear to my heart, I’ve written about them before.  I probably see a good many things differently than most folks due to my lifetime as a Grunt. Yes, they fought to support a government whose primary reason for rebellion was the desire to continue to enslave their fellow man. Evil, utterly and absolutely. No doubt about it. Let me attest to the oft stated fact that on the battlefield men fight for their brothers on their left and right. That man may well have a flag in his helmet but it lies forgotten during the “kill or be killed” and is only remembered with the rush of victorious adrenaline when you and your brothers are not the ones killed. It has little or nothing to do with politicians or even ideology. Leading men in battle is not done from behind as our previous president preferred, that’s why the Infantry motto is “Follow Me.”  Men like that are deserving of honor and remembrance. Yesterday was National Airborne Day as proclaimed by President GW Bush. So I bought a case of beer and “feasted my neighbors” actually my co-workers, but a good many friends and brothers were “remember’ed with advantages.”

Tearing down monuments to those courageous men and changing the names of their honored streets denies future generations the inspiration and lessons I have garnered from them and denies them the honor they are due.  Lets throw in a little classic country music to clarify my point.

“When Honest Abe heard the news about your fall the folks thought he’d call for a great victory ball but he asked the band to play the song “Dixie” for you Johnny Reb and all that you believe.”   Depending on where you place the emphasis on that lyric it could mean a couple things. I do not believe the songwriter or Lincoln intended to honor the Confederate government’s belief in slavery but the honor of those men placed in the most difficult circumstances and the way they dealt with those same circumstances. It’s not the same as sneaking up on someone with a bicycle lock on a chain.

The right needed white supremacists to “unite the right” like we needed another hole in our heads. It is strange how one idiot typifies every white male Trump supporter but the dozens of cop killing #BlackLiesMatter supporters are an aberration and masked, skulking Antifa is equated with the “Boys of Pointe Du Hoc.”   It brings the taste of bile.  But I have learned one thing over this past disgusting week and there’s only one white supremacist who can set it up. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Charlie Daniels in the good ol days, when we were both young men.

We sent Donald Trump to DC to “Drain the Swamp.”  Donald has worse odds than Harry at Agincourt.  It’s not the French he’s fighting its “swamp creatures.”  “Things that crawl, things that fly, things that creep around on the ground.”  And they say that the ghost of John McLame gets up and walks around, damn, that can’t happen soon enough can it?  Come on Cancer!  I have no trouble imagining Nancy or Maxine as “things that fly,” harpies in my minds eye.  The thing I’ve enjoyed most has been the Republicans outing themselves as Swamp Creatures. Mitt Romney, no wonder I choked back vomit while I voted for him.  I need to learn to trust my instinct. Rubio…I already trusted that instinct, he’s a piece of shit.  Mitch McConnell? Duh, unflushable turd, you know the one that circles but will not go down?  You have to ensnare it in toilet paper and flush again? Even then its questionable. Maybe cancer is contagious…

We bitch about Obamacare for eight years and get jack shit, leftists bitch about confederate monuments for six months and poof! they’re gone. Just in case there’s somebody out there I haven’t insulted…Here’s one more.

Retired Paratrooper, Biker, Tattoo Artist