Charlie Gard: A Society Which Loses its Humanity, Loses its Soul

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Recently, William McGurn of the WSJ, wrote a thoughtful and compassionate article regarding the situation of Charlie Gard. WSJ has a paywall, here is another source:
I agreed 100% with Mr. McGurn’s perspective, and had some additional thoughts/perspective to add regarding this tragic story.

Let’s go back to 1930’s Germany. Hitler went through the hospitals and killed the old, the sick, the infirm, and the disabled. Family and friends of loved ones who they expected to return home or at least be cared for in the health institutions of that era, never saw them again. Essentially, the “undesirables” of society ended up as part of the millions killed in the Holocaust. Too few people study Germany and the changes in her cultural institutions before World War II, but that’s critical to ultimately understanding the onset of that war. Germany had to be groomed by Hitler in the 1930’s to pave the way for his plans of taking over Europe and initiating/completing his “Final Solution.” Those plans included not only Jews, but the weak, disabled, elderly and his political opponents.

Charlie Gard’s story gives us a glimpse of this same pathway. Britain’s National Health Service has been set up to “own” the individual – whether child or adult. When Charlie was born and had to be placed in neonatal intensive care, the NHS terminated the parental rights of Charlie’s parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard. The parents have spent precious months fighting for the right to take the baby out of the NHS and come to America where a physician was willing to try an experimental treatment. In baby Charlie’s case, it wasn’t even about money because the parents had independently raised the necessary funds, but it is/was about who has the RIGHT to determine what was best for Charlie.

The parents wanted to try anything possible to save his life – the State decided nothing was possible and took all control of Charlie away from Connie and Chris. This is what happens in a State controlled health service. The parents appealed to the European Union’s High Court, and the decision of the UK Court AND the National Health Service was upheld. Considering what is happening in the Netherlands – their open and almost gleeful embrace of euthanasia, assisted suicide – the EU Court siding with Britain’s NHS is no surprise. Read another WSJ article, “In the Netherlands, the Doctor Will Kill You Now” by Kees van der Staaij.

In America, we’re having creeping euthanasia as well. Oregon is proud of their assisted suicide law. Yet the naivete is going to come back to haunt them…people are finding out that if they’re on a State insurance plan, ie. Medicaid, they’re not going to be offered chemotherapy but a pill to give them “death with dignity.” California recently had a similar case.

As far as I am concerned, Terri Schiavo was a victim of this same kind of mindset, in that she had loving parents willing to care for her, but a husband who controlled whether she lived or died. Her case wasn’t even as complicated as Charlie’s, but when the State steps in and demands we withdraw nourishment and fluids, – which was all Terri needed to live – then that is State sanctioned killing.

Daily, thousands of life and death decisions are made in a family regarding life support issues for a loved one. It’s made between the physician, family members, and the patients themselves if they are able to participate. I don’t need to go into the medical details of these types of situations; suffice it to say, it happens, but it is in the hands of the patient, family and physician. Not the State.

The Affordable Care Act had a hidden nugget, outed by Sarah Palin, known as “Death Panels.” This is a fact, and as long as the ACA remains on the books, a non-medical bureaucrat is going to make a decision on whether one gets treatment and lives or gets a pill for pain, and simply dies. In 2008, a presidential candidate gave an example of a 90 year old woman needing a pacemaker…a woman who was alert, functioning and enjoying life, he said maybe they “should just give her a pill (not sure if it was ‘red’ or ‘blue’) for pain instead of a pacemaker…” I’m in the medical field, pacemakers are an everyday, reasonable option. Millions of people have them – rare for a person not to be able to get one. But in this candidate’s worldview, and others who think like him, a 90 year grandmother has no meaning or relevancy to society. That’s where he is not only wrong, but it shows the moral decline of a society. It’s our humanity and respect for life – imperfect as it is – which keeps us on a moral path. Once we lose that compass, we lose everything else.

Charlie Gard’s story is more than just the story of a baby needing life support; it’s also a tragic statement and ongoing travesty of what happens when a society slides down the slippery slope too many people thought would never happen. Yes, the same slippery slope Roe v Wade (“safe, legal and rare”) has brought us. Since that Supreme Court Ruling, 1972, we went from “safe, legal and rare” to over 50 million babies aborted. That’s not rare. Roe v Wade shows how State sanctioned killing begins. The National Health Service of Britain, Medicaid in states like Oregon and California, show us how it continues. Birth to death now controlled by the State.

The Charlie Gards of the world are important, just as the Down Syndrome infants are, or the disabled or the elderly – it keeps our humanity, our Soul. If we deliberately kill – when alternative resources or experimental treatments are available, we’re on our way to the same kind of thinking and mindset which engulfed the Third Reich. No difference.

Update: I want to add two perceptive remarks from the comment thread.

1) Kenny Solomon used the phrase: “genocidal theocracy” – which brings to mind the abortion industry and their rabid supporters.

2) Vassar Bushmills noted: “Never forget, that murder by indifference is the greatest sin before God.”

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13 responses to Charlie Gard: A Society Which Loses its Humanity, Loses its Soul

  1. Kenny Solomon July 25th, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    ‘Over there’, humanity is losing to an out-of-control dual-edge razor blade of leftist one-world totalitarian insanity and thoroughly typical peace-loving genocidal theocracy.

    It’s gone beyond simply an ‘us v them’ scenario.

    In 2011, I ran up something regarding a then-new ‘green’ trend in funerals – of course, it has zero to do with ‘green’ – that it could easily be weaponized, etc. Some folks called me crazy, ‘it can’t happen here’, etc. The link to that:

    Fast forward to today and an article at Breitbart regarding that issue being considered for Califailure in order ‘to fight climate change’. It’s of course being joked about.

    My opining on it still stands. Allow the left to get back in charge, it’ll get mandated nationally and weaponized.


    Kenny Solomon
    a.k.a. E. Phil Chew
    The American Survival Guide

    Yes, it’s me. Forgot my U.P. log-in, etc.

    • vassar bushmills July 25th, 2017 at 3:42 pm

      Right you are, Kenny. So good toy see you. Keep the knives sharpened.

    • Lady_Penguin July 25th, 2017 at 4:23 pm

      Kenny. One thing I’ve learned about your thoughts and written reflections, going back at least 8 years – including our days at RedState, most of what you noted has come to pass, you were just a little ahead of the time.
      Thanks for your input. That “genocidal theocracy really” is a keeper.

  2. vassar bushmills July 25th, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    Never forget, that murder by indifference is the greatest sin before God.

  3. bobmontgomery July 25th, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    The subordination of oneself and one;s family to The State, carried to the extent of life or death, or the enslavement of a segment of the population, is of course terrible to comprehend. It brings to question how this could happen in Britain, where we had the events of the 1600-1800’s and the evolution of some semblance of democracy. Is it that the culture over there was so inured to being “subjects” of the Crown that being “subjects” of The State was not unnatural for them? I don’t know, but I know the Statist Socialists are always handy at finding ways to capitalize on a population’s character flaw’s/
    On her majesty’s service rolled off the tongue well into the twentieth century, and since they no longer had to obey the queen’s every whim, I suppose they still had a hankering for some kind of …..authority.
    That some in the Republican Party are now starting to countenance the notion of “single payer” should set off alarm bells all over these United States.

    • Lady_Penguin July 26th, 2017 at 11:55 am

      Bob, I have thoughts about that serfdom mentality and belonging to the Lord of the Manor. Socialism really isn’t a surprise to me/us about Europe they have at least a 1500 year history of slavery and serfdom. America was the new idea and experiment in the concept of an individual’s freedom.

      Sickening to think how people are so willing to throw it away.

      • bobmontgomery July 26th, 2017 at 1:21 pm

        And we conservatives think we have it tough over here. Imagine the conservatives over there who understand freedom and what America means and having to somehow assimilate all of their history, still love their country, etc. and ply their way through all of that, still bow when appropriate, etc. Maybe the inner satisfaction of knowing they have a parliament, off track though it may be much of the time, aids in their coping.

        • nessa July 31st, 2017 at 7:22 pm

          My back nor my knees bend, I wore them slap out with “take a knee and face out” in the Airborne Infantry. I’m the equal of anyone walking the earth today and I won’t knuckle my brow either. Aristocrats make my trigger finger itch.

  4. kookooracharabioso July 28th, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    We had death panels prior to the ACA. Before the issue got too hot my local paper covered how our state’s version of Medicaid sacrificed a young mother of 3 needing a kidney transplant in favor of illegal aliens working in construction getting broken limbs repaired. I’ve always wondered how much interests of international law vs. huge corporations play in such decision. Closer to home – it’s difficult to to know who or what is interfering in your health care. My 77 year old spouse suffered 99% blockage and multiple visits to his regular doctors produced no results. He got the lecture (you’re old – deal with it ) to head scratching. Fortunately switching out doctors has saved his life – this time. Which leaves us wondering if perhaps in our current system doctors are allowed only one major save per patient? I have major medical untreated because treatment probably won’t make me more functional and the fact that I won’t directly die from lack of care makes their denial of care a non-risk. My functionality or quality of life is of no concern. So the humanity (ethics – soul) has long ago been sacrificed. Single payer may be enticing but when you spend 2 weeks in the VA’S ER trying to get care for a foot ulcer & neither you nor any of those waiting with you EVER get even triaged – well there’s your answer.

    • Lady_Penguin July 28th, 2017 at 7:48 pm

      If Obamacare remains, we’ll all have Medicaid low-quality care.

      Your story is like thousands, soon to be millions, of others. Obamacare was designed to destroy Medicare. They’ve stolen all that money already and talk about how it will go broke. Wouldn’t be going broke if they hadn’t robbed the Medicare withholding monies. Same that they’ve done with our Social Security monies. Now when we expect to use those funds, the government acts like we’re on the dole and they’re giving us something for free. No, we paid that money in.

      One reason why healthcare costs so much is BECAUSE of Insurance. It inflates the charges. If they took away the middleman from physician practices, one could afford to pay out of pocket because the docs would decrease their rates. Insurance for catastrophic would be the necessary purchase. People would also stop abusing the use of the emergency rooms for routine complaints.

      I’m sorry about you and your husband. Yes, as we get older, many doctors (and I’m afraid it will get worse) will be pressured to use a business cost/benefit to society model. Never mind that we have functioning, useful lives and relationships.

      Society will only want worker bees who can contribute to the STATE.

      • kookooracharabioso July 29th, 2017 at 12:51 pm

        Yep yep yep. . .it’s easy to think that single payer will eliminate the middle man & lower costs & I think that my VA truth example isn’t so much about single payer (cuz they take all your insurances just as any outside doctor does ) but more about government bureaucracy compromised – but capitalist corporations no longer have proper oversight or checks – I am needing help seeing good answer that I can get behind.

        • kookooracharabioso July 29th, 2017 at 1:08 pm

          Been wondering how that Medishare company (I hear on the radio ) actually works. How many people have left the ACA for Medishare. When I looked into it the costs were the same as I have now. Don’t trust anything anymore – been wondering if all those timeshares are getting bought up by birth tourism concerns.

  5. Beaglescout July 28th, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    Rest in Peace, Charlie

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