It’s drier than a popcorn fart here.  Not as bad as the East River area of South Dakota but its gettin’ to hurtin’ time.  But what the hell, we’ve been on the rough edge of hurtin’ fer certain for a decade now.  You’d think we’d be used to it.  The garden is doing great, we also spend $150 a month to irrigate it.  I’ll be bending down, killing my back picking 2-300 lbs of tomatoes a day in the next couple weeks but I’ll be dining on them too.  One of my favorite meals is tomatoes and bread, just slice ’em up, smear a little mayo on your bread and go to town!  I’ve been known to eat a loafs worth of sammiches in a night.  You can’t beat that with a stick, you only get fresh tomatoes for a month or so, may as well gorge on them while you can.  We’ve got fresh peas(they don’t taste like out of the can btw.)  The green beans will be ready in a week or ten days, the turnip greens are awesome, I had hocks and greens on my birthday, ain’t that the shiznit?  I hate being a garden slave almost as much as I hate communists but at least the garden gives you some payback, communists only let you starve to death after you slave in the garden, ask the Ukranians.  I’ve always thought that was why democrats love Cuba so much, they say, “The people are so happy!” but what they’re thinking is “I’d give my left nut to be able to imprison anyone who speaks out against us.”

Republicans aren’t much different than democrats these days, we’ve allowed the rinos to breed and they’ve overpopulated their pastures.  Now they’re looking for more fodder, you and I are next.  Think of my musical accompaniment as Mitch McConnell speaking the truth to his constituents during the August Recess…

Jackson Taylor and the Sinners were banned from every honky tonk and motel in the country.  He moved to vegas and became a successful artist (it’s always the assholes that become successful, read up on Rembrandt van Rihn.)  He got his act together and they’re back with some damn fine country music.  It’s too damn bad Mitch McConnell isn’t banned from public places in this country, he should be.  I can hear his sorry assed accent proclaiming “When I’m in the Senate I don’t give a damn about you!”  He’d sing a different tune with a coat of hot tar and feathers while riding a 4×4 rail out of town.  You can imagine the rail vertical or horizontal however you prefer.

The republicans forgot about the “repeal” part of their campaign promises and are just raking us over the coals.  Everybody gets a cornhusker kickback this time.  Marco worked one out, Mikulsky got one for her state.  It’s pork barrel politics in the swamp and Donald isn’t smart enough to see it going on under his nose.  I’m disgusted by the entire bullshit.  Here’s Jackson Taylor and the Sinners presenting our solution.  Tell me we’re wrong…

“You’ve taken all you’re gonna take and I’ve given all I’m gonna give.”  Molon Labe Bitches.




Retired Paratrooper, Biker, Tattoo Artist