Fellow patriot, Kenny, brought to my attention a new book written by a member of the cult of Hillary Clinton. Now our own Vassar Bushmills often reminds us about not judging, and that the state of a man’s (or woman’s soul) is in the Hands of God, the Creator. IOW, only He can know the heart of an individual…

When Mr. Kenny shared this with me, speechless was my first reaction, and then as any imperfect human being, my thoughts went the way of thinking how can this be?

Whatever it is, I’m not buying it, (pun not intended) but didn’t the Democrats intentionally take the mention of God out of their Campaign Platform at the Democrat National Convention? Yes they did, and not a single apology or “we made a mistake” was messaged out via the compliant malignant media. In other words, they meant to do it, with malice aforethought. As the Left took over the Democrat Party, it was simply a matter of evolving to this point of final denial of faith – at least Christian and Jew. (Although they’re still thinking they’ll get by with supporting Islam.)

In Kenny’s wonderful, quirky own words, and You can see the rest here:

Rumors are circulating that Mrs. Clinton’s foreword is one very short sentence: “Obey me, or else.”

The following devotions may or may not have been taken from the book:

1:01 Yea, though I walk into the valley of the shadow of treason, I shall fear no evil scary-looking guns, for I shall forcibly seize them from all bitter clingers.

2:03 Our Russians and Muslims, hallowed be thy names. Thy donations come, thy will be done in Congress as it is in SCOTUS. Give us this day our daily executive order and forgive us our usurpation of all individual and states’ rights as we take them from people who will be given a nudge to forgive us. And lead us directly into all temptations; Deliver us from evil Republicans, for thy Totalitarianism is the ultimate power and glory for every election.

5:02 Hail Hillary, full of grace. Our Lord Soros is with you. Blessed are you among womyn and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Chelsea. Holy Hillary, Mother of all, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of the founding document’s death.

So call me a heretic & non-believer, but a book of Hillary Clinton’s “Daily Devotions”? Now there’s a religion for you.

Picture credit: BusinessInsider.com

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