Safe Spaces For Veterans? A Reflection

Posted by on May 29, 2017 1:11 am
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    To Vassar Bushmills, in re your seminal “Bachelor’s Corner On Memorial Day Sunday”:


Amen. Contrast your story to this:
In the county where I live there is the obligatory “anti-tobacco” movement, which of course resulted in the smoking- in- public- places ban like ones you see all over the country. The definition of “public places” is of course the devil in the details. Government buildings, stores and shops, restaurants and bars, trains, planes and ferryboats and wherever you see the signs.
Well of course the enforcement arm of this ordinance had to be the Health Department. The Health Department routinely inspects restaurants, bars, etc. for code violations. Now, the county had previously targeted a lot of places as “public” so as to apply the anti-smoking ban to bingo halls, recreation venues and, inexplicably, venues like the VFW and the American Legion.
So even places which you would think are private clubs are subject to this ordinance. This being the 21st Century and all, the public outrage of subjecting places like this to the ordinance was muted.

So on a visit to the local VFW for a supposed routine inspection, did the Health Department encounter people smoking in violation of the ban?  No, what they found was dirty ashtrays on a table in the back of the kitchen.  Gotcha!  The VFW was cited for violating the no-smoking ordinance.  Because dirty ashtrays are just like DNA, you know, or fingerprints or gunpowder residue.  Those Veterans of Foreign Wars people were guilty as sin.

So as I read the post on this site concerning Memorial Day, the one by Vassar Bushmills describing how religious people in days of yore, and hopefully still in this day and age in scattered places around the country, treated the ‘rough men standing ready in the night’, versus the post the other day by Nessa about “self -righteous women” (and men, and left-wing activists and college snots, and busybody municipal officials dedicated to eliminating any traces of anything related to tobacco but incredulously ripe and ready to set up needle exchanges to assist heroin users in destroying themselves) and the way they turn up their noses at the Common Man, including the veteran, it reminded me of this VFW incident and the only thing I could think of was “What a contrast!”  And what a lie bleeding heart liberalism has been lo these last fifty years or so about how much they “care” about their fellow man, including those who have made it possible for these weasels to sleep soundly in their beds.

True Confessions:  I smoked for 35 years and quit 17 years ago, only because my wife developed breast cancer and some things are wakeup calls.  Smoking is bad for you.  It is especially bad for some people. It was a good thing when instead of romanticizing it, the trend shifted to educating about it’s dangers.  But when ostensible noble causes start getting hijacked by self-righteous power-grabbers and attention-seekers and when those who have served are harassed and scolded and literally punished in their own communities, incredibly and abominably even in their own private spaces, we’ve come a long way, baby, to get where we got to today.

I am also a veteran. I didn’t serve in a foreign war, but I served during the Viet Nam war and I lived through the upheavals in America surrounding that conflict. After the horrible way vets were treated coming home from that war, and after their efforts during said war were not only not supported but mocked and maligned and slurred and disrespected, you’d have thought the movers and shakers in this country would have seen the light and vowed that never again would the servicemen and veterans of our great nation be messed with. So looking around at the VA scandals that occur with relative frequency these days, you would be wrong wouldn’t you? And seeing things like that, and the abominable Rules Of Engagement and Politically Correct Non-Uniform Codes of Military Justice for our current crop of fighting men, often formulated by social justice workers pretending to be army lawyers, things like that, well, it’s not beyond the pale that a little old VFW club in flyover country would be toyed with by those who are sure they know what’s best for everybody else.

Yeah….wakeup calls.  There surely are things that ought to be wakeup calls. This is Memorial Day, a day when we honor some who gave all. But there are also a lot who gave some, and many who gave a lot. If you respect these men and women, you don’t mess with them. They deserve the sanctuary and the safe space.


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  1. vassarbushmills May 29th, 2017 at 7:52 am

    Amen, brother. (And thanks for your service.) I pause exactly two days a years (Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day) to remember the vets. And other 363, like you, I’m mad as hell. It’s the Viet vets who have already exacted their revenge by electing Trump, forcing the boil you’ve exposed, on the behind of this country, to a head. I think they will see it thru if they (we) can be supplied the rope from the White House.

  2. PUMABydesign001 May 29th, 2017 at 3:09 pm


    Thank you and all veterans at Unified Patriots for your service.

    I am not nor have I ever smoked but Jimmy and my son are former smokers. At the same time, I have always stood against power hungry money grabbing politicians telling people where they cannot smoke as if they cared.

    Your on point Bob, government bullies don’t care anymore about the negatives of cigarette smoking than they do when distributing hypodermic needles to the heroin addicts overdosing across the country after injecting poison into their system with government sanctioned needles.

    • Lady Penguin May 30th, 2017 at 11:57 am

      Good point, PUMA. They’re giving “government sanctioned needles” which does nothing to discourage drug use or abuse. Some places, including the state of Colorado, legalized marijuana and we do know that is a drug which can be abused, just like alcohol.

      Lesson: if the government condones, it’s okay, but if it condemns, it isn’t.

      Agree, of course, smoking is bad for one’s health. So why not prohibit tobacco products entirely? No, they want the tax revenue, one’s health be damned. Truth is, didn’t work with Prohibition of alcohol either, just went underground, so the Feds have got to get their money somehow.

      If the law says public places, that’s one thing, private is another. But California is leading the way to ban smoking in one’s home, so more to come in the future.

      Personally, I want to leave our veterans alone on this issue. They have little enough to enjoy in the end part of their lives.

  3. nessa May 30th, 2017 at 8:22 pm

    I consider the smoking ban one of the most egregious methods of control ever inflicted upon our formerly free nation. If I own a honky tonk isn’t it my decision whether people smoke inside or not? How in the sam-hell is the federal govt involved? If I owned a honky tonk it would be policy that democrats get beat up any and every time they are identified. You have to have some “Rules of the Bar.”

    • bobmontgomery June 1st, 2017 at 12:04 am

      It’s not the federal government, it’s local government. And they’re involved because the one-world, international socialist cabal realizes that doing things on the federal level gets scrutiny, but co-opting and corrupting private property, private ownership, private decision-making on a local level can be done through sleight-of-hand propaganda and maneuvering to make it appear constitutional, moral and popular and they know the populus has been dumbed down purposely by themselves so that people don’t know what their rights are anymore. If it was just a honky tonk, it would be bad enough, but they could say well a honky tonk is open to the pubic, so you gotta obey. But the VFW and the Legion are private clubs. If they can force them to kowtow, the next step is to go into your private residence and say you can’t engage in a legal activity (smoking) using a legal substance (tobacco) on your private property because we said so.
      Why should we be surprised they would deny privacy in a private place when they deign to classify certain acts as “hate” crimes, assuming unto themselves the authority not only to intrude into your private thoughts, but to define them?

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