Spring isn’t a season here, Spring is the end of “Winter’s Here” and the beginning of “Winter’s Coming.”  Winter’s Here is miserable, too cold to be outside, too long to spend that much time in the house.  Winter’s Comin’ is a furious rush to get everything done in an 85 to 110 day growing season, depending on our luck so we can be ready for “Winter’s  Here” again.  Soon I’ll be a slave to the garden and its never-ending demands for attention, weeding and tilling.  My Dad will add to this by commenting about the plethora of weeds starving out the plants, and on and on.  Now is when I rely on my desire for fresh home-grown food to carry me through till the Fourth of July, that’ll be fresh potato soup.  That’s only three and a half months of backbreaking, sweat and tear drenched labor for the first payday.  It’ll be a long run.

It is definitely spring, its been raining and foggy all week, the ducks and geese are loving life.  I’ve seen a canvasback, mallards, widgeons, tree ducks, pintails.  Every minute outside is an exercise in Waterfowl Identification, fortunately I began practicing that at the age of four playing hookey from Sunday School with my Dad, his buddy Russell Pilegaard and the dogs, Rim and Sadie, in the duck blind.  Russell always made me sing “Jesus Loves Me” at some point but I did get the occasional swig of Peppermint Schnapps so it kinda evened out.   There is at least one pair of swans nesting on Current Lake and our cabin!  The nesting geese were raising cain as they will til their eggs hatch, and I heard the diesel horn sound of a swan telling the geese to back off!  I heard a rooster pheasant declaring his love just a few minutes ago.  They’re all already busy, it is springtime after all.

Lets rant a bit about the snowflakes in colleges across the country, especially in Minnesota today.  If we’re going to bitch about the pitiful state of our youth, lets start out by pointing out the facts.  Hate Speech was formerly known as “politeness.”  Politeness was appreciated but not required or regulated.  You could be, or not be, polite as you desired.  There could be a societal penalty to pay, your neighbors might begin to shun your company but the sheriff wasn’t inbound with the lights on.  Colleges funded by you and I are denying opposing views to be exposed or spoken on their campuses.  Rush summed it up pretty well today when he said the left refuses to accept any authority other than their own.  I’m paraphrasing but you know where to find it.   There’s revolution in the air and sleep is interrupted and uneasy.

The greatest enemy remains government itself.   Ours has been unlocked from the chains that formerly bound it, its been feeding on exorbitant taxes and the outright lies of social security, gas taxes and politicians wet dreams for a hundred years.  It has become the “Leviathan” of legend.  “Here Be Dragons” should be printed on our money.

COL Mike Malone (RET), wrote a series of Small Unit Leadership books while I was a young NCO, I read and re-read them religiously.  One of them talked about an Infantry Company as a living animal.  A beast that rests but never sleeps.  It’s composed of the 120 odd men in the Company, they’ll work all day then coil in upon themselves at night, there’s always 30% on security, even when they rest overnight.  It can uncoil in a heartbeat and unleash hell like never imagined in human history.  It is notoriously difficult to sneak up on and uncompromisingly viscous in its response to a threat.

That description describes our government today.  When is the last day that you weren’t forced to think about the government?  “That gov’t is best which govern’s least”  has long ago died by the wayside.  Still a significant portion of the population desires nothing more than to beat us into submission with the cudgel of the government.  They are so insistent in their beyond constitutional rights they refuse to recognize the government when it is out of their control.  Well, ya know, “life ain’t fair and the world is mean.”

The millennials and their social justice leaders are taking up Bernadine Dorn and Bill Ayers’ ball and advancing down the field.  Their pitiful cries for safe spaces is a tool to shut down the free speech of opposing view points.  The leftist administration at the myriad schools rubber stamps the demands and smiles as the seeds they have sown sprout.  The American taxpayer the students and faculty show so much disregard for continues to foot the bill.

Its time to crack down on the left’s forays into violence, either the law cracks down or society will.  If society has to do it, it won’t be pretty.

Has anyone caught onto a common denominator in the music I post?  I just realized myself a few days ago.  How many Telecasters are shown in the videos preceding this one?  The winner get’s a limited edition print, of your choosing, from what I have to choose from anyway.  LOL.

So here’s Bill Kirchen, formerly one of Commander Cody’s Lost Planet Airmen with “Hammer of the Honky Tonk Gods.”  Awesome song, “They sold one to Luther, tossed him a pick and sent him out with Johnny Cash.”   Yea, that’s a honky tonk god if ever I’ve heard one.

Retired Paratrooper, Biker, Tattoo Artist