I spent the weekend at my Grandpa’s cabin with my son and his wife.  It’s our retreat from a world we are increasingly dissatisfied with.  We’ve got electricity but could easily adapt to the lack of it.  That kinda lets you know where we stand.  I was disappointed the swans were not to be seen, I’d have liked to see a family of swans but the geese are still there.  There was a sizable flock of Snow geese they’re not as common here as the Canadian geese.  They’re starting to nest now and I mentioned the ruckus they cause a couple articles ago.  They’re even worse now.  Apparently geese feel that our lake is only big enough to support one nesting pair.  Any goose that lands on the lake is immediately met with complaints from the established residents.  It causes a 24 hour a day ruckus, trying to chase off other nesting pairs and then bitching and squabbling with their unwanted neighbors after they moved in any way.  The lake that is only big enough for one pair of geese easily supports 50 or 75 pairs every year, but they don’t like a single minute of it.

Everyone has to deal with things they don’t like, mostly other people, for me anyway.  I do my best to not let those other people know that’s not polite, but too many folks ignore politeness these days.  For example the college professor who tweeted out the bullshit below…

There is a burning need in my soul to send this scumbag to an emergency room.  I spent 20 years of my life in the service of my nation.  I worked with some of the finest human beings you could ever ask to meet.  This scumbag college professor is “A Picture From Life’s Other Side.”

I’ve mulled this post over for several days, I thought about using Merle Haggard’s “Fightin’ Side Of Me: or “Ballad of Balad” by Toby Kieth, but after calming down and trying to look at things from a different view there is nothing that explains it better than a “Picture From Life’s Other Side.”  Marty Stuart and Hank Williams III say it all here.  Thank God I haven’t lived my life there, sure folks can say “There goes another boy down the Lost Highway” but I’ve never been the scum of the earth like this college professor.

LTC St Onge told me once while I was serving as a Drill Sergeant, “America’s mothers and fathers entrusted you with their sons” my God, what an act of trust.  I never forgot that, it lurks in the back of my mind to this day.  I judged my actions from then on with those mothers and fathers in mind.

Army manuals used to talk about various “power bases.”  An “Expert” power base was someone whose followers recognized as an expert in his field and wanted to follow him because he knew what he was doing.  One of the others they mentioned was a “Charismatic” power base.  That was the one I used, it was what I excelled at.  I was tall and proud, walking hard heeled through my career, described by my seniors as someone straight out of the Hollywood movies, Gunny Highway and R. Lee Ermy were mentioned more than once.  So I went with it, I was an NCO straight out of the Vietnam era fighting “kinder and gentler” from the get-go.  My Soldiers loved it, I was the biggest asshole in The Division and they were proud to serve under my leadership.  I worked with the absolute finest that America can produce and I loved every minute of it because of America’s children seeking to become men and the parents who entrusted me with them.

I spent two years of my life in combat zones, kicking down doors and killin’ mother-f*ckers.  I was an Infantryman, that was my job. We never woke up thinking “Hey, let’s go kill a sh*tload of civilians” but there were times that the civilians shouldn’t have been there.  There were times the civilians knew who had set off the IED but wouldn’t tell us.  There were times terrorists used the civilians as shields hoping that would save them.  It didn’t.

According to the Laws of Land Warfare and the Geneva Conventions, if a terrorist holds a hostage in front of himself, the terrorist has taken the civilians status as a non-combatant away from them. The terrorist took it and the only thing to do is shoot through the civilian’s body til you kill the terrorist.  Shit happens.  I stood nipple deep in the hole an IED had left in the ground, I stretched my arms out horizontally and there was two feet left on each side. There was an author writing a book riding with us, I don’t remember his name or his book, but when I said “we oughta plant a mine in the bottom of this hole”  he asked “could you do that?”  I looked down at the devastation I was standing in, exhaled and said, “No, we couldn’t, ‘cuz I don’t know who might come along and set it off, I won’t kill innocent kids like the terrorists do.”

The terrorist muslims of ISIS took those poor citizens of Mosul’s non-combatant status and allowed them to be killed. Shit happens. This butt-nugget college professor wants to blame every uniformed service member he sees. It’s a shame he doesn’t care about the trust America’s mothers and fathers have placed in him. He’s just a “Picture From Life’s Other Side.”

Retired Paratrooper, Biker, Tattoo Artist