After eight onerous regulatory years, under the Obama administration’s war on fossil fuels, we have a new sheriff in town who is on the side of conservatives. Since Trump became president it’s been like Jesus turning over the tables in the temple.

And it’s making the envirowackos bat-shit crazy, the most notable is the Sierra Club.

Two of the items Trump immediately approved via Executive Order (unlike Obama who messed his up) were the Keystone Pipeline and also the Dakota Pipeline which is a project of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Several days later Trump ordered a full media blackout of the EPA, including social media, and ordered all contracts halted. Then Trump’s EPA Transitioner Myron Ebell advised halving the number of EPA employees. It was reported EPA employees were so distraught they were going and leaving their jobs in tears.

Soon after, Trump’s pick for EPA Chief Scott Pruitt was confirmed. Pruitt is the former Attorney General of Oklahoma and a climate change denier, at least humans as a causation.

So it warms my soul to see Sierra Club and all their buddies flailing around not knowing where to “resist.” Today they are part of a protest against the Dakota Pipeline in DC. Here is one of their many tweets:

And they are hopping mad about Pruitt as EPA chief. They and many of their followers have of course called for him to resign:

And of course Pruitt is stocking his EPA with like-minded employees, sending the Sierra Club into a tail spin:

Inhofe is a Republican senator from Oklahoma.

Our new Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, has announced an oil and gas lease of 73 MILLION acres in the Gulf of Mexico when Obama had ordered it off limits.

So far the Sierra Club must not yet be aware of this since I haven’t seen any tweets. But then they will discover and tomorrow will be another day.

Its great to see Trump taking the same play book as Obama did: overwhelm.

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