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I thought President Trump’s order of reinstating the Dakota Pipeline project and approving the Keystone Pipeline was good enough for one day, but he’s way ahead of anyone else in thought and actions.

But also today EPA, the agency many of us love to hate the most. Grown more radically powerful under Obama and caused misery to many, has gotten a huge smackdown by Trump.

According to Zero Hedge, beginning last Friday after Trump was inaugurated he had already sent emails to the EPA detailing specific prohibitions which include:

banning press releases, blog updates or posts to the agency’s social media accounts

You heard that right. No press releases, no social media or blog posts. They are to provide Trump with a list of upcoming webinars, external speaking engagements, no new content on their website.

They have also been told to halt all contracts, grants and interagency agreements pending review.

“Basically no money moving anywhere until they can take a look,”

One of Trump’s campaign promises was to slash regulations to get mining and oil drilling back to pre-Obama levels. This is a huge start.

Of course many are calling Trump a “dictator” but then probably don’t know the EPA was created by Richard Nixon. So if it can be created by Executive Order, it can be regulated by Executive Order. And if it needs to be basically shut down until all goings on can be reviewed and/or approved, then so be it.

Obama’s DOJ under Loretta Lynch had refused to prosecute the EPA when one its workers breeched a mine wall in Colorado, causing millions of gallons of water on the Animas River to become polluted. Citizens, towns, cities and even governments were declined monetary reparations. Now hopefully that will change as well.

On a related note, Trump has ordered the CDC to cancel a “climate change” conference

Git ‘er done, Trump!

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