The past few days have been a whirlwind of activities and adventures. Yes, it’s about the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. Specifically, the people we ran into while attending inaugural events.

My husband and I took the wonderful opportunity to attend the “Deplorable Ball” with a group of friends from across the country. Couldn’t get much better than that. We took a limo – managed by everyone contributing… and that’s where the adventure starts. First it was going to be a two block walk because the police had shut down several blocks surrounding the National Press Club because of protestors. The two blocks ultimately became 7 blocks, because protestors were causing more trouble and the unsafe zones were expanding, so no traffic was allowed. These are long city blocks – off came the high heels and hitching up the ball gown a bit, and I walked barefoot. One of our party stopped at the CVS and bought me a pair of booties to ease the discomfort. But we forged on ahead, and weren’t bothered until we actually reached the block where the ball was held. At that point, we faced the reality of what the police and security folks deal with every time the crazies “protest” when they don’t get their way. Obviously, Donald Trump winning the presidency wasn’t considered a “win” for them.

But these aren’t normal protestors – are there “normal” ones? These were radical, hate-filled people with signs – summarizing here – but “Nazi scum” describes the majority of the epithets thrown at us (and right into the faces of the police as well). Screaming and screeching in our faces as we were calmly protected and guided single file into the National Press Club building. The D.C. Police stood shoulder to shoulder, protecting us, We the People, from bodily harm. And make no mistake, these people were intent on harming us. The pictures you’ve seen published from Thursday night are real; those anarchists are real and vicious, and they only want to spew hate at innocent people, out for a celebratory event.

When Obama was elected in 2008, and again in 2012, we were disappointed and concerned, but we didn’t assault people or try to destroy property.

Second encounter. Husband and I stayed at a nice hotel in Ashburn, Virginia. We had comfortable accommodations and a great breakfast buffet. Saturday morning, I went down for a nice leisurely breakfast, and it was a few minutes before I realized that many in the dining room were part of the soon to be “Women’s March” on Washington. Most were just chatting with each other, and showing off their pink “pussy” hats. But then another group of them came in… and a loud-mouthed hag was among them. Once she sat down, she immediately began an incredible screed of hate directed at Trump and his supporters. Every possible thing wrong in her world was to be blamed on the 45th President.

I finally could take it no more. Hubby hadn’t joined me for breakfast until the final minutes. I stood up and spoke to the woman, asking her in a reasonable voice to quiet down, people were trying to enjoy breakfast. The vitriol directed back at me was astounding. Everyone was quiet in the dining room… I really can’t remember what I said, but by that time the hotel manager had already been alerted to trouble in the dining room. The screeching hag threw a roll at me, shouting expletives, and told me she was a Gold Star Mother (but why did she have 3 signs???). I told her I was sorry for her loss, but my husband and I were veterans, and what she was screaming across the dining room was unacceptable. She called me a “Trumpsucker” and said she would “take me down” – at that point the manager intervened and said she would call the police if the group did not leave right away.

I returned to my seat, shaking; it is not my usual style to engage with such a hater, but I will no longer let the Lefties attack without responding – politely, but firmly, that they are violating my right to live peaceably in this great country.

The election of Donald Trump gave us back the right to stand for our country, to stand for America, and most of all, to stand for OUR right to free speech. We will not be intimidated anymore.

[Gateway Pundit has a story of a hag who was thrown off the plane for harassing a Trump supporter]

Pic Credit – Right Wing News

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